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5 Ways to Find Happiness in a Loveless Marriage

Some women stay in loveless marriages and are perfectly happy. These wives don’t need their husbands to love them, because they’ve learned how to be happy without love. This article isn’t for those women. These tips are for wives who feel trapped in loveless marriages and yearn for connection and intimacy…but can’t leave their husbands.

You’d be unpleasantly surprised at how many women stay married to unhappy husbands, abusive partners, indifferent men, unloving spouses! If you’re in a loveless marriage, you are not alone. You’re also not foolish, sick, weird or stupid for staying married to a man you don’t love. You have your reasons.

Walking away from any relationship – no matter how unhealthy or unhappy it is – is painful. Staying in a loveless marriage is just as difficult. If you can’t or don’t want to leave your husband, you need to find ways to be happy where you are. Some wives stay in loveless marriages while saving money to leave – as you can see in the comments section of my blog post about how to leave your husband when you have no money. Other women don’t have the energy or motivation to think about living, which is why they’re searching for help finding happiness with their husbands.

These ideas for being happy in a loveless marriage are based on the reasons you’re staying married. If you examine the reasons you can’t or won’t leave your husband, you’ll be in a better position to find happiness. Understanding why you’re choosing to stay in a loveless marriage will help you find ways to be content and even fulfilled where you are.

It’s important to remember that you – and your husband – are both making choices. You are both choosing to stay married without love. You’re both choosing to remain in the same house, living under the same roof as husband and wife, even though you know you don’t feel as happy or loved as you’d like.

It’s important to decide that you’re choosing to stay married because that empowers you to choose to be happy. 

How to Be Happy in a Loveless Marriage – 5 Ideas

In this article, I describe the most common reasons a woman chooses to stay in a loveless marriage. It’s not an easy choice to make! In fact, choosing to stay married to a husband who doesn’t express love can be the most courageous decision a woman can make.

Living with a difficult husband who treats you badly is demoralizing, disheartening, and demeaning. A loveless marriage isn’t just an unhappy relationship; it can kill your spirit and deaden your heart. Unfortunately, there aren’t any easy tips to be happy in a marriage that isn’t loving, but you can look elsewhere for happiness, fulfillment, and meaning.

1. Look at your fear of what people think

“I want to leave my marriage but the thought of that is too terrifying,” writes a reader on How to Break Free From a Controlling Relationship. “I would be all alone and what would people say?”

It’s normal to care what people say and think about you – especially if you’ve been unhappily married for a long time. The opinions of our friends, neighbors, family members, coworkers, and even our hairdressers matter. We feel sorry for and even pity couples whose marriages ended in divorce or separation. We don’t want to be subject of other people’s gossip, criticism, or judgments.

To find happiness, you need to discern the reasons you’re staying married to a man who doesn’t love you – or who you don’t love. Maybe you’re scared of losing your house, retirement savings, or even your children. Maybe you’re worried about living alone, about starting over with nothing. Different women stay in loveless marriages for different reasons…have you figured out the root reasons you’re staying? A root reason is the underlying issue, something that is hard to admit to yourself and others.

2. Challenge yourself to stop being “the good wife”

Girls are often taught not to make waves – to be demure, kind, polite, and avoid confrontation at all costs. This could be the number one reason why women stay in loveless marriages: they don’t want to be seen as a troublemaker or a disrupter of the family. Even deeper, they don’t want to hurt their children, disrupt their parents, and destroy existing friendships.

How to Be Happy in a Loveless Marriage

“I have gone back and forth in my marriage so many times, I’ve finally realized it’s never going to work and I need to just stay away,” says a reader on What to Consider When You’re Thinking About Reconciling After a Separation. “I always thought of myself as the “good”, “polite” and “cooperative” girl. That was the role I played in my family of origin.”

To survive a loveless marriage, give yourself permission not to be responsible for the happiness of everyone around you. You may not have to leave your husband to be happy – but you do have to find and do things that bring joy and fulfillment to your life. Don’t let your marriage have the last say. Maybe this means leaving your loveless marriage; maybe it means asking your husband for what you need. How are you a “good girl”? What do you need to break free from?

3. Look for healthy reasons to hope your marriage will become loving again

Are you hoping your marriage – or your husband – will change? Healthy hope is healthy and encouraging; it is based on reality and truth. Unhealthy hope is unhealthy and toxic; it is founded on deception and ignorance.

I lived in with unhealthy hope for months at one point in my life. I stayed in a loveless relationship with a boyfriend who wasn’t good for me. I kept hoping he’d get nicer, want to work on our relationship, and start treating me with love and respect. When I think back on how bad our relationship was, I cringe! I can’t believe I stayed with him for so long. I didn’t respect him and didn’t enjoy introducing him to my friends. Why did I stay in that relationship? I hoped he’d change. What saved me from falling into a loveless marriage? He broke up with me.

Is your hope healthy or unhealthy? Read 5 Signs It’s Time to Give Up Hope for Your Relationship.

Hope can help you find happiness even in a marriage without love. Hold on to healthy hope. Know that people do change. Marriages go through rough patches – and those rough patches can make relationships better and stronger.

4. Consider the alternatives to surviving a loveless marriage

You’ve stayed married this long for reasons that make sense to you. If you know you can’t or don’t want to leave your husband – and you want to be happy – then you must choose to focus on the benefits of your marriage.

But if you haven’t chosen to stay in your marriage and you resent the fact that you’re searching for tips on how to be happy with a husband who doesn’t love you, then you need to examine your options. You do have options…it’s just that they’re unpleasant, uncomfortable, and even painful. Leaving a loveless marriage involves being honest with yourself and your husband. You’ll also have to face your family, friends, and coworkers. You’ll have to face your own fears, feel like the “bad person”, and maybe even be seen as the one who ripped the family apart. That’s why many women stay in loveless marriages: it’s easier to stay in an unhappy relationship than it is to leave.

5. Look for help surviving a loveless marriage

How to Be Happy in a Loveless Marriage
How to Be Happy in a Loveless Marriage

Read The Emotionally Destructive Marriage: How to Find Your Voice and Reclaim Your Hope by Leslie Vernick.

Women in an emotionally abusive or loveless marriage do not need another book on how to have a good relationship. “Those books rub salt in raw wounds,” says Dee Brestin, author of The Friendships of Women. “No, they desperately need this book so that they can diagnose just how bad their marriage is and then, with Leslie’s clear expertise, develop a plan that will either begin to turn their marriage around…or give them a wise route of escape.”

If your husband is physically, mentally, sexually, financially or emotionally unhealthy you, then you’re not just in a loveless marriage. You’re being abused. Read How to Leave an Abusive Relationship.

Perhaps the best tip on how to survive a loveless marriage is to keep reminding yourself why you’re choosing to stay. You have good reasons – and the pain of leaving is worse than the pain of staying. Focus on the benefits and blessings of being married, and pursue healthy relationships that bring you joy. What do you think?

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279 thoughts on “5 Ways to Find Happiness in a Loveless Marriage”

  1. i feel for you i am kinda in the same situtiaon its been about a week and a half now my husband sit me down and said something has to change he cant handle my actions anymore i said some things they he took the wrong way and took out of context and he said he would stay and give me one more chance to change but if i couldnt he would leave, but i noticed a few days later he messaged a friend of ours and told her hes just staying for our son so i am not sure which way to go, he tells me one thing and tells someone else another hes not mean to me he talks to me when we are together even if our son isnt around and he does tell me he loves me back but only when i say it first, i understand hes very upset with me about some things but i am not sure if i should even try and fix the situation and get my marriage back on track because of the message i seen which i didnt tell him i seen it, i will pray for you and your marriage and hope you can find some comfort or some answers to work your marriage out or at the very least find out if you can save your marriage i feel everyone can save their marriage the longer you had issues the longer its going to take to get the pieces put back together, i am not lonely and i feel bad for you that you are lonely i am just confused on the whole situation one thing i have started to try and do is act like the woman he fell in love with 8 years ago and try everyday to let him know i am here for him i still do love him, its never been anythings hes done its always been outside drama causing problems for us cause i say something about it and he gets defensive over it, but i am gonna try and work on mine and i am hoping and praying i can fix it but if by the end of the year i am still in the same spot i am in now i wont be able to continue on its not fair to either one of us, you need to decide if you still want to hold on and see it throught and see if you can rekindle those flames i wish you luck and i hope your marriage gets fixed ill pray for you and your marriage i dont like seeing couples give up on each other

  2. I won’t tell my tale of woe except my husband is not the man I married. I am disabled and cannot work, so leaving him is not an option. I’m trapped, and he knows it and fully takes advantage. Thank God I do not have children. I wear a cheap wedding ring not as a reminder that I am married, but as a reminder of a promise I made to God. I just wanted to say thank you for the reminder to rely on Him, because with the love of Christ I can survive in a loveless and sexless marriage. God bless you <3

  3. I am also in the same situation. I married a man for security and stability. Not for love. After 13 years, we have 3 amazing children. But I still feel complete emptiness when I’m with him. I try my hardest to focus on my children and improving myself. But it kills me to know that I will never have the feelings a wife should have for her husband. Your term of “emotionally celibate” really resonates with me.

  4. Hi Wendy,
    I remember feeling like you described. Its so lonely. My husband use to tell me that sex was a ‘reward’ of sorts for when the relationship was going along smoothly (ours rarely ever was). I felt so unwanted and unloved. I am middle age now and we weathered many storms. I still am married to the same man, 26 yrs later. Is it better in bed, a little. He at least was willing to admit (yrs later), that sex is an important part of the marital relationship and that it was important to me. Perhaps a counselor, pastor, reading a marriage book together, writing him a letter explaining your feelings, maybe he needs to seek medical advice, maybe he fears rejection. I initiated all of the aforementioned, including having him consider reading articles on asburgers disorder. I tried just about everything. I felt good knowing I gave it my all at the worst times of our marriage. Had he not of been willing It probably would of played out different for me back then. Blessings!

  5. Thanks so much for this article. I’m a very unhappy wife — my husband’s testosterone is low and his libido is zero. I got tired of being the sole initiator, so I stopped and now we don’t have sex. He doesn’t care to do anything about this health concern, and is not concerned about how unhappy it makes me nor what it is doing to our marriage. I do have a sex drive and sometimes I feel like I’m going insane, with the intense anger and resentment this situation causes. We have children and I want to wait until they are grown to leave but I’m not sure if I can. Our marriage feels more like a friendship; I don’t think we were ever really in love.

    We don’t fight, so I feel like I have a hard time justifying breaking up the family. The kids are happy. I’m just quietly miserable, trying to find ways to be happy despite this. I look forward to reading more comments here of what other women are going through.

  6. In summary, my marriage is too good to leave and too bad to stay. He’s a Good Man, but he easily criticizes me, NEVER compliments me. He’s stingy with affection and money. I would leave but I can’t afford it. I gave up my high-paying career when we got married, thinking I’d get it back (moved overseas to his country). I didn’t want to necessarily get married, but virtually everyone in my entourage egged me on. Seriously, I wasn’t strong enough yet to re-marry, but I did, like a fool.
    He lives on the internet 24/7.
    I have given up trying. I work full time, work on my career, clean, cook, laundry, iron. I just don’t want to work when I’m not working. So now I live on the internet, too, but not 24/7.
    I buy a scratch ticket every month hoping to win enough to leave. One day, I’ll be gone. Maybe he will notice, maybe he won’t. I honestly don’t care anymore.

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