Why You’re Safe Everywhere – Blossom Tip 56   Recently updated !

“You should tell people you broke your shoulder hang gliding,” my husband Bruce joked. “That’s more exciting than falling while jogging!” Images of daring adventures flashed through my mind: running with the bulls in Pamplona, rescuing people from burning buildings in Canada, tackling oppressive regimes in Saudi Arabia. So many […]

Why You Need to Take a Risk Today – Blossom Tip 57

How to bridge the gap between you and God she blossoms tips

Bridging the Gap Between You and God – Blossom Tip 55

Do you believe in God with your head, but not your heart? You know He exists but you don’t have a strong connection or personal relationship with Jesus. You believe, but you don’t enjoy a deep sense of joy, faith, and peace. Maybe your faith is lukewarm. Maybe you’re unfulfilled […]

4 Keys to Healing Your Brokenness – Blossom Tip 54

May you never know the agony of a broken shoulder and orthopedic surgery. Thankfully it was my left arm; I am typing with two hands and my right is doing the heavy lifting, but my jaw is clenched. My left arm will have lots to say about this foolishness later. But […]

Keys to Healing Your Brokenness blossom tips

Laurie's she blossoms Christian tattoo Ruach Holy Spirit

My Broken Arm and New Tattoo

While running this morning, I tripped on a crack in the sidewalk and slammed shoulder-first into the pavement! Hurt like heck; my hubby drove me to the emergency room and I’m slated for orthopedic surgery tomorrow morning. So this week’s Blossom Tip is different than usual. But it’s fun because I’m sharing two short, sweet […]

How to Loosen the Chains – Blossom Tip 53

Howdy from Nashville! This “honky tonk town” is full of big city surprises — all good so far. I toured the Belle Meade Plantation, the Ryman Auditorium (where I saw kd lang perform), the Nashville Farmer’s Market and the Country Music Hall of Fame. In a couple hours I’ll hoof […]

How to Loosen the Chains - Blossom Tip 53

What Do You Think? - Blossom Tip 52

What Do You Think? Blossom Tip 52

If we were sitting around the kitchen table – you, me, the rest of our She Blossoms group – what would you want to talk about? What questions would you ask? What advice might you share? I asked my She Blossoms Facebook Group this question, and was surprised and pleased […]

Get on Your Side – Blossom Tip 51

Have you ever wondered whose side you’re on? You’d think you’d be on your own side—after all, you’re a pretty cool person with a big heart and good sense of humor—but you find yourself sabotaging your own efforts, plans, and goals. Sometimes you even sabotage your relationships. Your life. Your […]

Get on Your Side – Blossom Tip 51

Letting Go – Blossom Tip 50

Letting Go – Blossom Tip 50

A year ago I was brainstorming titles for Growing Forward When You Can’t Go Back and I asked for your opinion. I offered three possible titles and you voted – and your choices helped me pick my title (which I love, by the way. Thank you!). Your feedback taught me […]