Your Attitude – Blossom Tip 10

When was the last time you took care of a sick pet? My little white 7 pound poodle is having tummy and bummy troubles. Not only is she refusing to eat her regular doggy kibble, she’s having all sorts of distasteful accidents in all the nooks and crannies of my house. This cramps my style. I’m distracted by anxiety (should I take […]

she blossoms tip 10

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The Promise – Blossom Tip 9

Promises, promises… The smell of baking bread brings the promise of a hot fresh loaf with a pat of melting butter (and perhaps a sprinkle of salt!). The feel of a puppy’s tongue and sharp little baby teeth brings the promise of play, joy, innocence, and a wee wee in the wrong place at the wrong time. The sight of the […]

The Ghosts That Haunt You – Blossom Tip 8

Halloween isn’t celebrated in Israel, so I missed the “Trick or Treaters” and cute costumes this October! What I didn’t miss, however, were the ghosts, ghouls and grim goblins that seem to be getting darker and scarier every year. Or maybe I’m just getting old 🙂 But I did get an interesting little Halloween message this morning. While running through my dark neighborhood, I saw a […]

Ghosts That Haunt You

How To Be Free Blossom Tips

How To Be Free – Blossom Tip 7

Just for today, what if you accepted everything that happens not with a sigh, but with a song? That, my friend, is the secret to freedom: flowing with the events of life instead of fussing, fighting, or freaking out.   Singing – not Sighing – in Israel We arrived at our Eilat hotel hot, weary, and thirsty. We’d gotten up at […]

When You Lose Your Way – Blossom Tip 6

I’ve been exploring Jerusalem, the Sea of Galilee, the Mount of Beatitudes, the Jordan River and other parts of Israel for a week. Have you been here? Even if you haven’t visited Israel, you’ve probably traveled. And if you’ve traveled, you’ve lost your way! We lost our way yesterday, traveling from Tiberias to Haifa. We also lost our way the […]

When You Lose Your Way – Blossom Tip 6

The Time You Failed Blossom Tip 5

The Time You Failed – Blossom Tip 5

Thank you for participating in the Blossomy Amazon Gift Card Draw by commenting on 30 Gifts to Surprise and Delight Your Older Parents or Grandparents! Bridget, you won the random draw; you’ll be receiving your gift card by email any second now. That time you failed Not winning a draw isn’t a failure…but you’ve failed in other ways, haven’t you? Me, too. We all […]

Miracles and Miseries

Last week I asked about the best advice you ever got; thank you for emailing me! I collected a Bouquet of Blossoms, which you’ll find below. But first, I want to remind you of something very important: Expect the unexpected Life is full of surprises, accidents, disasters, miracles and miseries. Moments you never saw coming that change your life forever. Good and […]

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You’ll Never Believe It! Blossom Tip 4

Remember how I gave away a $20 Amazon Gift Card a couple months ago, because I found $20 in Wickenden Forest and didn’t know what to spend it on? And I said if I found money again, I’d organize another Blossomy Draw? Well, guess what? Yesterday I found another $20! This time it was on the sidewalk. I was walking […]

You Can Stop Working So Hard – Blossom Tip 3

“I’m trying so hard to Blossom but I don’t know how,” said one of our She Blossoms Facebook Group members. “I feel like I’m sinking instead of growing. What am I doing wrong?” Her question has been haunting me because I’m in the same boat. Maybe you’re rowing hard and getting nowhere, too? It’s time for a change, my friend. Stop […]

You Can Stop Working So Hard – Blossom Tip 3