The Time Has Come — Blossom Tip 36   Recently updated !

“You have stayed at this mountain long enough,” God told the Israelites in Deuteronomy 1:6. “It is time to break camp and move on.” There are times in your life when it’s essential to move on. If you stay too long at one place, you stagnate and start to wander aimlessly. When you’re rebuilding your […]

Time to Move On Blossom Tip 36

Curiouser She Blossoms Tip 35

Which Pair Will You Choose? Blossom Tip 35   Recently updated !

Imagine sitting in the doctor’s office. You’re waiting for your test results and the doctor is 15 minutes behind schedule. The waiting room is small and crowded. Next to you a thin elderly man wilts in his seat, coughing hoarsely into his handkerchief. Beside him, a tear-stained toddler flails and wails on her mom’s lap. […]

Your True Name Isn’t What We Call You – Blossom Tip 34

“I was praying myself awake this morning,” says Mary-Margaret, “when Jesus sat next to me on the bed.” That’s my favorite sentence in the novel I’m reading, The Passion of Mary-Margaret. She’s a religious sister (but not a nun) who literally sees and chats with Jesus. Often. He appears at the most convenient — and […]

What is Your True Name Blossom Tip 34

Meeting God Face-to-Face

When You Meet God –  Blossom Tip 33

I’m working with my editor and literary agent on the cover of my book (Growing Forward When You Can’t Go Back) – and now I have a million more ideas for Blossy and “She Blossoms”! I’ll start sharing those soon 🙂 You’ll find Blossy at the end of this post, sitting calmly in a boat while […]

What Are You Struggling With Today? Blossom Tip 32

You’ll find two surprises in this blog post:  1) Blossy is back (yay!) with an important message about going slow. She’s up a tree at the end of this email. 2) I want to hear about you, your life and world. Guess what? It’s your turn to talk! I hog all the space in our […]

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What You Wish You Said — Blossom Tip 31

Have you ever woken up at 3 am, knowing exactly what you should have said to someone earlier that day? You didn’t have the right words during the actual encounter, but later you found the perfect response. Well, I’ve got good news! Here’s how to say the right thing at the right time.   What […]

Surprised by New York City — Blossom Tip 30

Yesterday, when buying my ticket for a tour of Carnegie Hall, I saw four $176 tickets for tonight’s performance. The Philadelphia Orchestra was honoring Leonard Bernstein, accompanied by a professional choir.  “Can you toss in one of those tickets with my tour?” I asked the ticketmaster. “Not unless you toss me $176,” he said. “Too […]

Surprised by New York City — Blossom Tip 30

When You Can’t Sleep — Blossom Tip 29

Sleepless in New York City — Blossom Tip 29

What do you do when you can’t sleep? Last night was my first in New York City; I’m here on a two week pleasure/learning trip. Since I love learning, it’ll be all pleasure 🙂 A sleepless first night! I tossed and turned until 2 a.m. Where should I go first: the New York Public Library first, […]

When You Feel the Fear — Blossom Tip 28

When I say “fear”, what do you think of? Even more importantly, how do you “feel the fear and do it anyway”? Below, Blossy has a ducky answer that will quack you up – but first, let’s talk fear… I have much to fear these days: My first book manuscript (Growing Forward When You Can’t Go Back) is […]

When You Feel the Fear — Blossom Tip 28

Growing Forward on Your Birthday — Blossom Tip 27

Growing Forward on Your Birthday — Blossom Tip 27

A few weeks ago — in Which Do You Prefer? Blossom Tip 14 — I asked you to vote on three possible titles for my upcoming book: How to Move Forward When Your Heart Keeps Looking Back When Time Doesn’t Heal: Creating a New Beginning From Your Ending Blossom: Growing Forward When You Can’t Go […]