When You Can’t Trust Your Intuition – Blossom Tip 26   Recently updated !

Yesterday I was walking with my teenage friend, who is 17 years old. We’ve known each other for six years; she takes care of our dogs when we travel. Her favorite sport is rugby and the season has finally started. Yay! Mostly. “Last week, the substitute rugby coach patted my bum,” she said. “I didn’t feel right about it. I […]

Do You Trust Your Intuition Blossom Tip 26

When You’re Facing Setbacks in Life — Blossom Tip 25

Do You Truly Know How to Overcome Setbacks? — Blossom Tip 25

So, Blossy and I wanted to tell you The Parable of the Lumberjack — it’s about facing setbacks in life, which is this week’s theme for “She Blossoms.” Then I asked my She Blossoms Facebook Group members how they cope with setbacks. Their responses are better than an old parable (oops, sorry Jesus, no offense! What’s that you say? The […]

When You Need Strength — Blossom Tip 24

A reader asked a great question after receiving last week’s newsletter,  When You Feel Scared — Blossom Tip 23. “Laurie, you said to put on your white clothes especially when you’re scared. But what do you mean by wearing a silver suit of armor, a pretty ivory dress, or a white snow suit? I don’t know how to do this. I need […]

When You Need Strength Blossom Tip 24

When You Feel Scared She Blossoms Tip 23

When You Feel Scared — Blossom Tip 23

What is the biggest fear you face today? I was thinking about Blossoming despite fear yesterday, while jogging through my dark neighborhood at 5:30 am. Though dawn was nowhere in sight, I chose to cut through Myrtle Park. A dark park, with a few path lights here and there…and me, wearing a white jacket, light beige running pants, and a […]

When You Feel Sorry for Yourself — Blossom Tip 22

“If you show up every day, you’re a hero!” says Blossy. “It takes guts just to show up and do what you’re called to do. Keep moving forward, sharing what you’ve been given and saying what’s on your heart – without judging or criticizing yourself.”     Sometimes, though, it’s easy to start feeling sorry for yourself. You may have […]

When You Feel Sorry for Yourself she blossoms

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Picture This When You’re Lonely — Blossom Tip 21

How do you cope with feelings of loneliness? I’ve received a few comments from readers who are feeling a bit blue these days. February is the depths of winter for many of us…and Valentine’s Day can be hard. Here are two ways I flow through my lonely moments: Tiffy and Blossy!   If dogs and drawing aren’t your thing, what […]

How to Make Tomorrow Better – Blossom Tip 20

This week, Blossy and I are thinking about things that will benefit us tomorrow, or next week, or even next year. “Do something today that your future self will thank you for,” says Blossy — and I agree 🙂     We don’t know what tomorrow holds. Sometimes we can barely hold today together, much less tomorrow or next week. […]

How to Make Tomorrow Better - She Blossom Tips

Weaving Through the Darkness Blossom Tips

Weaving Through the Darkness – Blossom Tip 19

Today, Blossy and I are sharing tips that are rather disconnected. She wanted to encourage you to pause, take a deep breath, and make sure you’re going in the right direction. I wanted to talk about The Weaver. So, we decided to compromise! And do both 🙂       “Every day brings you one step closer,” says Blossy, “but […]

The Desires of Your Heart – Blossom Tip 18

“Let go of what is no longer yours,” says Blossy, “so you can pick up what God is giving you…”     “Look, I am doing a new thing!” says God in Isaiah 43:19. “Do you not perceive it?” That’s one of my favorite sentences in the Bible — and in my life. The desires of your heart What, my […]

The Desires of Your Heart – Blossom Tip 18