5 Ways to Deal With the First Anniversary After Divorce

How Do You Face Your First Anniversary After a Divorce?

No matter why you and your husband got divorced, your anniversary will always mean something to you. Whether the divorce took years to finalize or seemed to happen overnight, your wedding day will ring in your heart for the rest of your life. How do you deal with the first anniversary after divorce?
When Guilt Keeps You in a Marriage You Wish Was Over

When Guilt Keeps You in a Marriage You Wish Was Over

Are you staying in an unhappy, unfulfilling marriage because you feel guilty? You might not want to leave your husband or wife for good reasons: your husband isn't physically well, or your wife is unable to support herself. Maybe your children are too young to understand - and you don't hurt them or other family members.
What to Say to End a Relationship

How to Say It’s Over and End a Relationship

How do you find the right words? Ending a relationship with someone you once loved (and perhaps still love) is hard. It hurts to break up, but you can say good-bye with love and compassion. These tips will help you figure out what to say to end a relationship and say goodbye to someone you care about.