How to Propose to Your Girlfriend at Christmas

wedding proposal at christmastime

Surprise your girlfriend with an engagement ring on the Christmas tree! (image by jdpage, flickr)

What better way to say “I love you” at Christmas than with a marriage proposal? These tips will help you propose to your girlfriend without freaking out.

A Christmas marriage proposal is particularly romantic because of the warmth, joy, and love the holiday season brings. Plus, family and friends may have traveled far and wide for the holiday festivities — and would love to celebrate the joy of a wedding engagement with you!

But, proposing to your girlfriend at Christmas (or any time) is easier said than done. It’s stressful – what if she says no? What if you’re moving too fast? What if you’re making the biggest mistake of your life? What if you have to take back the engagement ring?

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If you’re worried it’s too soon to propose, read Premarital Questions – What You Need to Know Before Marrying. Don’t skip this step – it’s worth the time and energy it takes to really get to know your girlfriend before marrying her!

How to Propose to Your Girlfriend at Christmas

Here are a few suggestions for a simple, romantic marriage proposal. If you’re a woman who wants to propose to a man, read How to Propose to Your Boyfriend – 5 Tips for Gutsy Girlfriends.

Avoid Searching for the “Perfect Way to Propose to Your Girlfriend”

There is no one perfect way to propose to your girlfriend at Christmas! The most important part of the proposal is saying a sincere “I love you” and “I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” The rest — diamond engagement rings, getting down on one knee, picking the right spot, picking the right time — is gravy.

Instead of getting anxious about setting the perfect scene, focus on expressing your sincere love and desire for a life as husband and wife.

Make a List of Reasons You Want to Marry Your Girlfriend

Why do you love her? Why do you want to spend the rest of your life with her? Making a list of reasons you want to marry her solidifies your intentions. Sharing those reasons for proposing will show her how much you care, strengthen your relationship, and make her feel great about herself, you, and your upcoming marriage.

Propose to Your Girlfriend the Way She Would Want to be Proposed to

Is your most romantic idea of a marriage proposal a big flashy sign at a NY Knicks basketball game? Sounds exciting, but it may not be the best way to propose to your girlfriend at Christmas. Put yourself in her shoes: what is her favorite way to be loved and wooed? What’s her “love language”?

The best way to say “I love you” at Christmas is to put yourself in her shoes. Match your marriage proposal to her personality and lifestyle. Ask her to marry you in a way that reflects your love and relationship.

Let Your Personality Shine Through Your Proposal

When you propose marriage, include your own personality traits and lifestyle — not just your efforts to use her “love language.” For example, I don’t like to play fight or wrestle with my husband, and we have different senses of humor. So, to remain true to who I am, my marriage proposal wouldn’t just involve wrestling or his comedic style. I’d try to find a way to propose that reflects my personality, his personality, and — most importantly — our relationship.

A marriage proposal should remain true to both partners’ perspectives — just like a happy marriage celebrates both spouse’s personalities and lifestyles.

Expect to be Nervous – and Be Honest About Your Feelings

My husband was shaking when he proposed to me; he said he couldn’t believe how nervous he was! Proposing to your girlfriend is a huge life decision. So, you can expect to get a little sweaty and nervous. Be honest about how nervous or scared you feel. I loved that my husband told me how nervous he was when he proposed because it showed his vulnerability and love for me. So, don’t just expect to be nervous…share your feelings about proposing to your girlfriend at Christmas.

The most important parts of a marriage proposal are saying “I love you” from your heart and sharing your reasons for wanting to marry your girlfriend. A romantic Christmas gift is special, but it’s the words from your heart that makes a Christmas proposal most meaningful.

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