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How to Find True Love and Happiness

These are the best tips on finding true love and happiness because they focus on choosing the right partner. Who you choose to love and be bonded to for the rest of your life is the single most important decision affecting your happiness, health, and whole future.

Love Will Find You: 9 Magnets to Bring You and Your Soulmate Together by Katherine Woodward Thomas is a valuable resource on how to find true love and happiness. I like it because it’s about getting emotionally healthy, so you can attract an emotionally healthy man.

The following tips on finding true love and happiness are from a man who has been married for 43 years. He is my pastor, and these tips are from a sermon he gave at church today. You don’t have to be religious or spiritual or even a believer to learn from his advice on how to find true love and happiness. All you need is an open mind, a willing spirit, and a peaceful heart.

10 Tips on How to Find True Love and Happiness

These thoughts on finding true love and happiness aren’t about where to go to meet people, how to date online, what to say to make someone fall in love with you, or who to flirt with. No! Rather, these tips on how to find true love and happiness are about being healthy and balanced, so you can recognize and choose a partner who is also healthy and balanced.

Go slow when you’re choosing the right partner

As I mentioned, these tips on finding true love and happiness are about finding the right partner. If you don’t choose the right man, your chances of finding long-lasting love and happiness are decreased. Choosing the right partner is the single most important decision you could ever make. Take your time, and keep your eye out for the test for true love that come your way.

Make peace with who you are

This tip isn’t from pastor Owen, actually – it’s from me, and I had to kick things off with it! I didn’t get married until I was 35 years old because I wasn’t at peace with who I was. When I finally married my best friend, I still wasn’t fully at peace with me. I was insecure, scared, suspicious, and uncommitted. This wasn’t good for me or my husband, and it didn’t help me build a happy, healthy marriage. Before you read the rest of these tips on how to find true love and happiness, ask yourself if you’re at peace with your life, your personality, your self.

Make a list of character traits of healthy, happy person

In 10 Qualities of a Good Man, I describe the character traits of a man you can trust and depend on for the rest of your life. When you’re thinking about how to find true love and happiness, don’t just look outward. Look at those qualities of a good man, and see if they apply to you. Pastor Owen offered a related tip for choosing the right partner: don’t be swayed by a potential partner’s appearance, education, profession, income, car, or bling. Look for character traits that you admire. That’s how you find true love and happiness – you choose a partner you trust and respect.

Look at your potential partner’s past behavior

The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Take a good hard look at your partner’s past relationships, habits, jobs, and interactions. What he did before is an indication of what he’ll do again. If you’re hoping to find true love and happiness, you have to choose a partner who has behaved well in the past. Of course you can allow for mistakes and moments of weakness – in both your life and his! – but pay attention to patterns of behavior.

Get emotionally healthy

how to find true love

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Are you narcissistic? Narcissistic people are unable to tolerate criticism and are only interested in others as a source of admiration. Narcissistic people are paranoid, anxious, and unable to feel empathy for others. Narcissistic people don’t listen, and are totally self-absorbed. Would you want to fall in love with someone like that? No – especially since it is very difficult to change! If you want to find true love and happiness, you need to get emotionally healthy so you can be loved by someone who is emotionally healthy.

Know the qualities that make a risky marriage

People who are shallow, unstable, lack empathy, and constantly need to be the center of attention will not help you learn how to find true love and happiness. Choose a partner who is thoughtful, emotionally stable, empathetic, and willing to share center stage.

Read How to Know if a Man is Emotionally Available for Love to learn how to discern if your future marriage is a risk. You want to find a man who will walk alongside you as you journey towards the life of your dreams.

Ask how you feel about yourself when you’re with your partner

Do you feel loved, supported, at peace, and cared for? Then you’re with the right person. If, on the other hand, you feel insecure, scared, jealous, suspicious, used, demeaned, or abused, then you have to think about choosing another life partner. Learning how to find true love and happiness is about being honest with yourself and your partner, and doing what is best for you in the long run.

Be honest about what “true love and happiness” means to you

This can hurt your relationship with your partner because honesty can drive a wedge between you. You need to find the balance between setting your boundaries and sticking to them, and compromising on what isn’t that important. How your body and mind is treated is VERY important, and should be protected. Finding true love and happiness is about being treated with respect – and about being honest with how you want to be treated. Can you be honest with your partner? That’s one of the most important tips on how to find true love and happiness.

Learn about your partner’s past relationships

In How to Deal With Your Husband’s Toxic Ex-Wife, you’ll find over 100 comments from women who are having problems coping with their partner’s past. If your partner is having problems with his ex now, then you won’t find true love and happiness with him in the near future. You’ll find more problems, and those problems will probably grow. Choosing the right partner isn’t just about chemistry and sex, it’s about embracing his past relationships.

Figure out where your source of true happiness, peace, and love is

Since I started with a pastor’s tips on how to find true love and happiness, I want to end with the Real Source of true love and happiness. God. You’ll never find peace and joy in anything but God. Holy love, sacred peace, and divine connection are the only real tips on how to find true love and happiness. Choosing the right partner is really the second most important thing you can do to be happy. The first is to develop a relationship with God.

If you’re scared to commit to a relationship, read How to Overcome Fear of Love.

What do you think of these tips on finding true love and happiness? Comments welcome below!

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6 thoughts on “How to Find True Love and Happiness”

  1. Well today unfortunately it certainly has become very extremely difficult for many of us to find true love and happiness. We’re good men very seriously looking to be happy, but this isn’t the 50’s and 60’s anymore! Women of today have really changed since then, unfortunately.

  2. Dear Junnaiya,

    If you have a feeling he doesn’t love you, then you are probably right. This doesn’t mean you aren’t beautiful or worth loving! No matter how much you love someone – or how wonderful you are – there is no way to ensure he’ll love you back.

    Here are a few more tips that you’re not in “true love” with a man:

    8 Signs He Doesn’t Love You

    Don’t lose hope. You will find true love and happiness! It just takes time, and patience. Have faith. Trust that God will bring you the right man at the right time in your life.

    Let go of what you think you want, and open your arms to something better.


  3. Thank you, It’s helpful, I am a person who is in love with a man who is not in love with me,probably. I am not sure but..It seems to be.

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