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Wearing What You Want to Work – Whoopi Goldberg

Consider Whoopi Goldberg’s clothes. Do you wear what you want to work? Are you criticized for your clothing choices? Take Whoopi’s advice; she is genuinely a woman who isn’t well-behaved.

what Whoopi wears to work“Normal is in the eye of the beholder,” says Whoopi. Even if there is no golden standard of “normal”, there may be a cost associated with wearing whatever you want to work.

Did you hear Whoopi’s response on The View to the woman who criticized her clothes? Among other things, the woman said Whoopi’s clothes were baggy and unappealing; Whoopi told the critical woman to “Kiss my a–” and offered other choice words that don’t make her a well-behaved woman (my kinda lady!). Also – did you know Whoopi is into medical pot, and has invested in a business for women who have painful periods? Read Medical Marijuana for Period Pain – What You Need to Know for more info. It’s fascinating!

As a woman, should you wear whatever you want to work? Only if you don’t care about furthering your career or if you’re established in your profession – like Whoopi Goldberg is.

Here’s how wearing what you want at work can affect your career…and, to learn more about this successful woman, read Whoopi Goldberg: The Journey From Poverty to Mega-Stardom by James Robert Parish.

Whoopi Goldberg’s Clothes…and You

It’s not just about what Whoopi wears to work – it’s about how you dress at work, too! Read What to Wear to Work – 10 Business Casual Clothing Tips for Women if you struggle with your attire on the days you punch the clock.

“I don’t look like Halle Berry…but chances are she’s going to end up looking like me.” – Whoopi Goldberg.

Don’t get “no respect” at work? Check your appearance…

Like it or not, the clothes you wear to work affect the level of respect you get, the chances you’ll be promoted, and how credible you are to your colleagues.

“Before we even open our mouths, people have made a mental judgment about us based on how we are dressed, how we carry ourselves, and the demeanor with which we present ourselves,” writes Lois Frankel in Stop Sabotaging Your Career. “Within 30 seconds, a first impression is formed, so you’d better make that the best impression possible – it can make the difference in someone giving you the edge or simply dismissing you.”

I recently received a very interesting question from a reader about difficult coworkers and fashion, which I answered in When Your Coworkers Complain About What You Wear to Work.

But Whoopi Goldberg’s clothes are in a different class…or are they?

If you knew nothing about Whoopi and you came across The View, would her clothes (casual, comfortable, and baggy, like she’s hanging out at home) add to or detract from her opinions? Would you think Whoopi was a successful woman, based on what she wears to work?

Think long-term about what you wear to work

I love Whoopi Goldberg and I respect her for addressing the woman who criticized her clothes! But I do wonder how her clothes affect her long-term career potential. Now, I know that Whoopi is set for life and probably doesn’t have to worry about her next job or career step…but I also wonder if her appearance affects her long-term job prospects. If she was a young woman at the beginning of her career, would she dress differently? Maybe, because it would matter more what she wore to work.

We “normal” women at work need to consider our long-term career potential and think about wearing business professional attire if we want to advance our careers. This means thinking twice about what we wear to work. No matter what our fashion choices are, I think it’s important to be conscious of the fact that our appearance affects our colleagues, our income potential, and our future prospects.

Do you think Whoopi’s clothes matter?

And what about your clothes – do you wear what you want to work? Has your appearance, image, and fashion style furthered your career, or stalled it?

Your thoughts on what Whoopi wears to work are welcome below….I’m curious what clothes you wear to work? Business professional attire? Office attire?

I’m running shorts, a ripped t-shirt and a ball cap. As a freelance writer and blogger, I can wear my most comfy clothes – but I never wear pajamas when I’m working.

I’m also wearing sneakers because I have a standing desk.

An inspirational quote from Whoopi Goldberg: “Be an actor because you love to act. Don’t be an actor because you think you’re going to get famous, because that’s luck.”


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16 thoughts on “Wearing What You Want to Work – Whoopi Goldberg”

  1. Not being a “skinny Minnie” myself, I love the way Whoopi dresses. She looks good and she looks comfortable. I just want to know where she gets those wonderful oversized shirts.

  2. Bernice Morgenlander

    I personally think Whoppie Goldberg does not dress appropriately. She should choose better fitting clothing. The other women dress impeccably. Megan McCain wears the most beautiful clothing. Her makeup is flawless. She makes a beautiful impression. The other dress nicely as well.

  3. I love Whoopi and I love everything about her. Her style is next level fly for me it’s unique, funky, fresh and simply out of this world just like her personality. She is the only reason I watch the view and she is my shero. I have to know where she buys her clothing

  4. Usually I am intrigued with what Whoopi Goldberg wears and often would like to purchase the tops she chooses to wear. That is, of course, until I saw some of the prices. I still like her choices and hope she maintains her style.
    I have watched The View since inception and try to not miss any shows. I must admit since Megan came on the show my stomach churns as she talks over the rest of the women. I sincerely hope she can match the rhythm of the show. She is young and full of beliefs but it appears she feels like she has to fight to be heard. I like to hear the views of all. I have learned so much from the different guests as well as members of The View.

  5. I love Whoopi and she id also why I watch the show along with Joy. However I wish just once she would wear something appropriate for a talk show host. Could you imagine your Dr. showing up to examine you dressed looking like a bag lady. or your Lawyer showing up court to represent you dressed in big baggy clothes. It does matter what you wear to work!

  6. I LOVE Whoopie since I first saw her in her stand-up comedy Broadway show years ago; she’s very intelligent and speaks her mind and doesn’t care what anyone thinks, which is a delight. Whoopie likes to be comfortable so that she can go bra-less; that’s why the large clothing, to hide that feature. However, I love her shoes and bracelets, but, I do wish she would at least, once in a while dress more attractive. Love You Whoopie!

  7. Honestly, I intentionally googled “Whoopi Goldberg sweatshirt” after catching a quick glimpse of her on the television as I was leaving the locker room at the gym. What a slob! I am not a fan, ever since her “affaire de coeur” with Ted Danson years ago. She and Rosie O’Donnell are 2 of a kind with their ‘in-your-face’ attitudes and insufferable arrogance. To think that she has a television show and looks like an unmade bed provides sad commentary on the state of the nation. In general sweats in public, other than for working out, signal to the world, “I’ve given up.”

  8. I’ve been a fan of Whoopi for a long time. Since I was 5. Seriously. A. Long. Time. The one thing I love about the way she dresses is she always looks like herself. Whoopie never looks like she is wearing a costume. Whoopie Goldberg always looks like Whoopie Goldberg. Her clothes are what makes her Whoopi!!

  9. First of all, I want to say that I love Whoopi Goldberg–she is the main reason I watch the show. In spite of my enjoyment of her, I am always shocked to see those unusual outfits when she makes her entrance! They are the craziest clothes I have ever seen and they look so unappropriate for the show. Why does she dress like that? Whoopi also needs to clip her braids to keep them from covering her eyes. It is very distracting when she occasionally moves them out of her face. I will continue to watch the show but hope to see her dressing more appropriately. I understand Whoopi has a lovely figure–however, no one would know that because those huge and unsightly outfits she wears hide everthing.

  10. I love the different shoes Whoopi wears & I love the way she dresses. Where does she find her shoes? I love that her style of dressing looks comfortable and like she’s at home. That’s my style also but I do like color. Don’t hate on Whoopi’s style cause she got it like that! Glad to see her & Oprah get it together today on the Oprah Show. Two beautiful & talented Black Women/Sisters!!!!!!!!

  11. Say what you will or may — but it is ridiculous how Whoopi dresses on the View. I was watching today. All of the ladies ( as usual came out looking very gracious and classy — that is all but Ms. Goldberg. As a matter of fact, the camera panned away from her until she took her seat. When she sat down, she took her seat as if she were a guy! I DO like Whoopi Goldberg, but her style of dressing leaves much to be desired. I know to each his own – but when you are on a show such as the View, I would think she could at least show a little more class in her attire.

    So sue me -but this is my opinion and I am entitled to that. As a mater of fact – what the heck WAS she wearing ????

  12. Personally, I think Whoopi should dress a tad more feminine. I know she has been married several times in the past and I don’t believe she is gay?! With that being said, all of the ladies on the View come out looking very very classy and well dressed. Whoopi usually comes out last and it appears as if she is trying to hide or rush to her seat! My question is why on earth does she wear a white shirt and a black sweater or jacket everyday? Maybe if she were to add some color to her wardrobe, she would not draw so much attention to herself. However, whatever floats her boat!!! Whoopi is who she is!

  13. So I guess having the right qualifications and mentality does not matter as long as I dress myself up in Armani and Versace … Yeah thats right, I might be useless at work but if I show off for a while, in the long run I might get noticed and then promoted.

    I do not go to work looking like a bus ran over me but at the same time I do not pamper myself like going to a party. Keep it down to earth people. Maybe “respect” at work is not only about clothes….

  14. I, for one, would like to know where Whoopi gets some of her shirts. As for whether her clothes matter or not – depends on the situation. Whoopi Goldberg is a creative person, an entertainer, an artist. She expresses who she is, partly, by the clothes she chooses to wear. In general, people who criticize others for being who they are, tend to be ‘cookie cutter’ types with no imagination or originality. Do you, Whoopi!