Which Do You Prefer? Blossom Tip 14

Your opinion matters more than you know! Last week (Open Doors – Blossom Tip 13), I mentioned that I’m writing a book to help women walk out of loss, into a new season of life. I’m stuck on a title, and I need your help.

Imagine you’re in a bookstore, looking for a book to help heal your heart and move forward. Which of these three book titles do you like best?

  1. Rise: Moving Forward When Your Heart Keeps Looking Back
  2. When Time Doesn’t Heal: Creating a New Beginning From Your Ending
  3. Blossom: Growing Forward When You Can’t Go Back

Which title grabs you, makes you want to pick up the book? Comment below, tell me if you prefer 1, 2, or 3.

If none of them appeal to you, let me know! That’s important feedback. And, if other ideas pop into your head, feel free to share. For example, one reader suggested “Arise”, instead of “Rise.” I’d love your thoughts – big and little, positive and negative.

How Merry is Your Christmas?

The holidays can be bittersweet if you’re coping with a difficult relationship, the loss of a loved one, or a major life change. Even long-ago losses and memories can resurface at Christmastime, making it a little less merry and bright.

How are you feeling this Christmas season?

Coping with loss over the holidays is a recent discussion on our She Blossoms Facebook Group. Feel free to join us, whether you need a hug or have comfort to share. We’re a welcoming, friendly group – and we offer lots of encouragement, hope, and light.

blossom tip 14 she blossoms blog laurieTwo readers recently asked for tips on how to find peace when you’re struggling with anxiety and fear. I know well those anxious, fearful feelings — they were unwelcome visitors on many a dark night. In 3 Ways to Find Peace When You’re Anxious and Afraid, I share three of my most Blossomy tips.

When you’re dealing with death, divorce or a difficult time, the hardest thing is to keep trusting in God — and in His plan for your life. Learn how to hold on to your faith and hope in How to Trust God After a Heartbreaking Loss. A heartbreaking loss feels like it ruined your life, and it can take years to truly recover and heal. Sometimes it takes even longer to start trusting God again.

A Christmas Blessing

May you enjoy unexpected Blossoms of love and light this season. May your eyes and heart be open to surprising bursts of joy, hope, and grace! May your spirit be filled with the love and peace only Jesus can bring.

If your Christmas isn’t bright or merry, I pray you find comfort and love in the people around you. May you delight in our Father’s presence even if your life isn’t exactly the way you want. May you take time to seek the beauty of Jesus’ face and be filled with guidance of the Holy Spirit.

May your heart be filled with love, your body refreshed, your spirit revived! And, may God show up in your life in unexpected, delightful ways.



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11 thoughts on “Which Do You Prefer? Blossom Tip 14”

  1. Laurie
    You asked which title we prefer foecyiur new book
    I like moving forward when your heart
    Keeps looking back
    Jackie L

  2. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Thank you for your thoughts – it’s great to hear from you! I’ll email you a little note of gratitude :-)

  3. Dear Laurie,

    My suggestion for your book title combines #1 and #2:

    When Time Doesn’t Heal: Moving Forward When Your Heart Keeps Looking Back

    It will be 2yrs on Feb 15th when I lost my husband. He was my childhood sweetheart, wonderful father of my 2 sons and my best friend. I keep holding on to yesterday ( a beautiful song by the way). I feel so empty and frozen and wonder how I could every feel that amazing warmth again. He was my sunshine! We were together 53 incredible years. He speaks to me in songs on the radio, clouds in the form of hearts, a flock of butterflies, and two carrots caressing, his shoes moved to my kitchen and felt him in bed with me twice.
    Our love for one another was so wonderful I stay in the past. Please feel free to reach out to me.