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Your Attitude – Blossom Tip 10

When was the last time you took care of a sick pet?

My little white 7 pound poodle is having tummy and bummy troubles. Not only is she refusing to eat her regular doggy kibble, she’s having all sorts of distasteful accidents in all the nooks and crannies of my house.

This cramps my style. I’m distracted by anxiety (should I take her to the veterinarian? But it’s only been a day or two), distaste (cleaning up her accidents is gross), and frustration (I’m trying to write a book, not to mention articles and newsletters and blog posts!).

But something happened yesterday after I stumbled across her millionth accident in my music room: I cleaned it up without my usual feelings of anger, frustration, and impatience. I felt nothing negative! I was light, accepting, and calm. I wasn’t weighed down with the heaviness of resistance. I moved through the poop with ease — and I picked up my flute and peacefully practiced my music.

What was the difference? My attitude. The situation didn’t change…but my response did. (But yes, I’ll take her to the vet soon if she doesn’t improve! :-) )


Your attitude

What are you struggling with? Maybe you’re praying for a change in circumstance or a solution to a relationship problem. Or, maybe you need healing from illness or a win at work. Maybe you’re struggling with financial problems or household hindrances…or maybe you’re still struggling to let go of something that happened in the past. Something that is holding you back from Blossoming.

Here’s the thing: what if you’re suffering not because of your circumstances but because of your attitude towards those circumstances?

Changing your attitude is a heckuva lot easier than changing your situation. And, changing your attitude will, I suspect, have a powerful effect on your circumstances. Changing your attitude gives you the power to change your life.


What to Do

Think about the last thing that upset you. Were you frustrated with your coworker for not getting the report in on time, or angry at your kids for sleeping in, or impatient with the store clerk for charging you the wrong price for coffee?

Imagine yourself responding two ways: 1) with your usual knee-jerk reaction (anger, frustration, impatience); and 2) with acceptance, peace, and flow.

she blossoms tip 10Which feels better? Which response creates a better outcome in you, in the people around you, and in the situation? How do you feel when you walk away?

For now, don’t force yourself to respond the way you think you “should.” Simply notice your automatic reaction, and imagine how it would feel to respond in a totally different way.

That’s it! But this isn’t a “one time only” thing. Practice it every time your emotions get the better of you.

When you feel impatience rise because of a circumstance, imagine feeling peace and compassion instead. When you feel anger or frustration because somebody pooped, imagine feeling acceptance because you, too, poop.

Give yourself the gift of imagining a better way. This gift will help you Blossom into something beautiful…if you give it time.

In peace and passion,



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1 thought on “Your Attitude – Blossom Tip 10”

  1. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    You wouldn’t believe how many helpful tips I received after I sent my last email newsletter about my sick dog! And I got a few questions about taking her to the vet. No need to worry – she’s back to her healthy, happy, hungry, barky self.

    Sometimes time does heal all wounds :-)