You Matter More Than You Know – Blossom Tip 11

Your presence makes such a difference! You matter to your family and friends, you matter at work and in your community, and you matter to me. I can’t see you, but I wrote this for you. See how much you matter? Your life is more important than you realize.

And you matter to God. He not only sees you, He knows your name. He knew your name before you or even your parents did! God knows every detail of your life, body, mind, personality, achievements, regrets, and future. He knows everything about you. Why? Because you matter to Him.


Don’t believe anyone who says you’re unlovable, unworthy, or unimportant.

You Matter More Than You Know Blossom Tip 11Avoid the trap of relying on others for your sense of self-worth. Don’t look to a relationship, job, body, house, or children to give you your identity. You are not those things. You are not what people, possessions or places say about you.

When you root your identity in Jesus’ love for you — when you see and experience how much you matter to Him — you’ll have an easier time coping with the hard parts of life.

Yes, you’ll still feel grief and pain. Yes, you’ll still struggle with health issues, relationship problems, family troubles, and losses that break your heart. But if you set your identity on Jesus and trust that God is working all things together for those who believe, then you’ll have the energy and strength you need to move forward.

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You are delightful!

Not only do you matter to God, He delights in you. Our awesome God actually thinks you’re cute 🙂  You’re an adorable, precious, lovable treasure to Him! You, my friend, are delightful – not just to your mom, not just your dad, but to the Creator of everything.

Imagine that.

How would your life change if you lived as if you were a delight to God – and the world? 

Pause. Take a deep breath and absorb God’s love, grace, energy, and spirit. The more of His goodness you inhale, the more beauty, joy and delight you’ll feel and exhale.

And the bigger and brighter you’ll Blossom.


– Laurie


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One thought on “You Matter More Than You Know – Blossom Tip 11

  • lillian

    I have been married for 18 years.. I have a strong relationship with God, I pray, meditate, sage my home for a clear, calm drama free life until my husband walks in and its as if the devil just entered .. I pray for him and wonder is God really with me? I feel so alone with no place to husband says terrible things about me to only those he knows since those I communicate with know of how kind and loving I really am,, my heart is braking..