You Can Stop Working So Hard – Blossom Tip 3

“I’m trying so hard to Blossom but I don’t know how,” said one of our She Blossoms Facebook Group members. “I feel like I’m sinking instead of growing. What am I doing wrong?”

Her question has been haunting me because I’m in the same boat. Maybe you’re rowing hard and getting nowhere, too?

It’s time for a change, my friend.

Stop working so hard

I read self-help books, listen to brilliant psychology podcasts, and learn something new every day. Sometimes I even learn several new things in the same day!

But can I remember everything I learn? No way. Can I actually apply what I learned to my daily life, my interactions with people? Nope. Am I Blossoming into who God created me to be? Yes…but not because I’m working hard.

I’m Blossoming because God is growing me, despite my best efforts to elbow Jesus out of the way so I can get the job done “right.”

What are you wrestling with?

This is my primary struggle right now: I expect other people to say what I think, do what I want, and be who I deem proper. I’m shocked and amazed when people actually have different opinions than I do, and when they actually do things differently than I would.

You Can Stop Working So Hard – Blossom Tip 3I no longer call myself critical or judgmental, for that was my old way of being. When I accepted Jesus, I died to myself. I’m no longer who I was before — and I used to be extremely critical and judgmental of both myself and others.

Don’t get me wrong — I’m definitely not a saint now! No sir. I still have rather lofty expectations of people and situations and dogs and laptop computers. Of course I’m still disappointed and irritated when they don’t meet my standards.

But I’ve been working hard to accept and love people the way Jesus does.

Did you catch that? That’s the problem: “I’ve been working hard to accept and love people the way Jesus does.”

Are you trying hard to become who God created you to be? It’s time to stop trying to Blossom. Jesus has a better way!

Create the right conditions

I’ve been practicing this, so I know it works. :-)

  • Humbly bow your head and heart before the Lord your God. Absorb the truth of who He is: powerful, loving, wise, creative, strong, just, compassionate, graceful, strong and true.
  • Give Him your expectations of your relationships, life, work, children, neighbors, the world. Give Him your expectations of yourself, of how you “should” be Blossoming.
  • Tell Him what you dream of, want, and need.
  • Accept His will for everything in your life — including the painful circumstances.

When you spend time with God – allowing Jesus to be who He is and do what He needs to do in your life – your old self keeps melting away. You stop desperately clinging to how your life “should” be, and your heart melts with love and acceptance because you know your destiny is safe.

And — without having to work hard — you will continue to Blossom into who He created you to be. You will absorb the love, peace, freedom and joy of Jesus…and He will shine in everything you do.

What do you need to stop forcing in your life? Where can you get out of the way and allow God to do what He does best?

With His love,



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