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Finally – A Glimpse of You at 80!

  • Laurie 

Picture yourself at 80: you are joyful, wise, grounded, peaceful, accepting, and compassionate. You have Blossomed!

You know who you are and you’re more connected to God than ever before. Your body has slowed down, sure, but you don’t mind because your spirit is alive! You know what it’s like to experience deep joy — and deep pain — and you know what it means to live fully.

You are lit from within. People wonder what’s up with you, an 80 year-old lady who is so happy and free! But you don’t concern yourself with what people think; you just adjust your favorite hat (the wide-brimmed one with the fuchsia flowers), kick up your cowboy boots, and keep moving.

she blossomsYou know your strengths, weaknesses, habits, personality, passions, failures, and successes. You are self-aware and insightful, wise and compassionate. You see yourself the way God does. You forgive, embrace, love, and care for yourself. You see the big picture of your life, and you know He really has been working all things together for your good the whole time.

Glory be, you are Blossomy!

So…what advice would your 80 year-old self give you today? Maybe you’re struggling with a big decision, a relationship issue, a family problem. Maybe your life is changing and you’re scared. Maybe you’re life hasn’t changed in about a million years and you’re bored. Maybe you’re allowing snakes to overtake your garden. Maybe you’re physically sick and emotionally exhausted and spiritually depleted…and maybe you just need someone to mother you.

Get a piece of paper and a pen, and ask your inner biddy for advice. Throw a few questions at her, ask her what to do about such-and-such, or what to say to so-and-so. She has a direct line to God, doesn’t she? Ask her how she got to know Him so well and why He loves her so much.


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