You Are Not Alone – Blossom Tip 42

Last week someone I love died.

You Are Not Alone She Blossoms Tip 42Ralph was a kind-hearted, joyful, compassionate old soul – he and his wife Dorothy took me to church every Sunday when I lived in Africa. He was like my grandpa, yet he was also the principal of the school I taught at. He was encouraging, accepting and comforting, yet he ran meetings and assigned tasks. He balanced love and warmth with discipline and clear boundaries.

Now, Ralph is resting in peace. Even better, he’s enjoying every moment with his wife Dorothy, the angels in Heaven, and Jesus Himself! And I can’t wait to see them again one day.

Grief is exhausting, isn’t it? It takes a lot of energy to say goodbye. Even if a death is expected and perhaps a blessing, even if a good man or woman goes to Heaven…they aren’t here anymore. And that hurts.

Heart She Blossoms Tip

As I wept over Ralph’s death, I found myself saying “no” a lot. I resisted and fought the truth, instead of accepting and allowing it. And the more I denied it, the worse the pain got.

You are not alone

Today I learned that one of the Hebrew meanings of “commitment” is to “roll towards.” This, my friend, is another form of acceptance. Rolling towards something means accepting a death or loss, weeping through the pain, and moving into a new perspective. Rolling toward the pain means you can also roll through it, into a new season of your life.

Today I have a greater compassion for and understanding of sorrow and loss. I know grief, but it’s been years since someone I deeply loved died. Now I have a renewed understanding of the pain of loss and grief…and it will make me a better guide for you.

She Blossoms Soul Tip 13You are not alone. I know I’m not alone as I grieve and let go of my beloved old friend, Ralph. We’re in this together, you and I.

Let’s fly to Jesus, and hold on tight! He felt the depth of grief. He knew darkness like we’ll never know — and He chose to walk into it.

Jesus rolled toward and through the depths of darkness so you and I could be free. This is good news! Jesus took the hit so we could live with joy, peace, and light. We can allow grief and pain to grip us for a long time…or we can move through it until we get to the other side.

Keep moving, keep looking for the bits of sunshine and joy in the dark places. Open your heart and allow God’s light to flood the dark places. Reach for His peace, wrap yourself in His love, and choose to walk forward in joy.

With His love,




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