The Winner and Puppies – Blossom Tip 15

Your vote mattered!

Last week – in Which Do You Prefer? Blossom Tip 14 – I asked you to vote on your favorite book title (for a book I’m writing on walking out of loss, into a new season of life).

Here are the results:

  • 62 votes for Rise: Moving Forward When Your Heart Keeps Looking Back
  • 48 votes for When Time Doesn’t Heal: Creating a New Beginning From Your Ending
  • 20 votes for Blossom: Growing Forward When You Can’t Go Back

It’ll be fascinating to see what we end up with! It’ll be a team effort with the publishing house; I’ll send this to my editor at Bethany/Baker House, and see what she says. And so the saga will continue :-)


Soulmates and kindred spirits

This week on She Blossoms I wrote Are You My Soulmate? How to Recognize Lasting Love.

Then I had to write How to Live After You Lose Your Soulmate — because the only thing worse than wondering if you’ve met your soulmate is knowing you met him…and you lost him.

Today, I planned to explore the idea of “soulmates” versus “kindred spirits” with you, but God blindsided me. Early this morning I sat down with my journal to talk to Him about my day, as I am wont to do. I wanted to hear what He has to say about grief, soulmates, and kindred spirits.

But then God sorta took over, as He is wont to do. I always start with praise and hold my plans loosely when I write Him, and He always surprises me.


Why are there puppies, God?

Here’s what unfolded in my journal today:

“Thank you, Father God, for a solid night’s sleep! What a difference it makes. And thank you for strong coffee, popcorn, Red Delicious apples, my delicious veggie stews, carrots to snack on, and cocoa. Just so much goodness.

Jesus, why is there beauty, delight, love?

We ask why we lose loved ones…but we don’t ask why we get to enjoy the ocean, mountains, flowers, babies, puppies, food, wine, sex, laughter, hugs, colors, hobbies, healing, and emotion.

She Blossoms Tips laurie pawlik kienlenWhy did You give us joy, delight, giggles, soft bamboo sheets, good sleep, funny stories, happy endings, weddings, bubble baths?

Why did You give us friendship, movies, jokes, insights, travel destinations, unique people, personalities, creativity, technology, dreams, DNA, memories, the universe, fish, ants, healthy bacteria, tastes, photography, comfy sofas, zebras, giraffes, and adventures?

God, I feel so ungrateful! Demanding, self-centered. Blind.

The good things You give far outweigh the bad. Yet we get stuck in the pits. We’re surrounded by delights all day, but we’ve become blind! Last year, a terrible thing happened to me….and a million good things also happened. And yes the bad thing hurt bad, but when I start thinking about all good You pour into my lap – for no reason, other than for my enjoyment – the bad isn’t as bad.

Jesus, tragic and sad things happen every day to your people, animals, and planet. We grieve and ask why, we let it change our relationship with You. But we don’t ask why we’re blessed with delightful experiences, sights, tastes, sounds, textures, emotions, and people to love. I don’t get it.

Flowers that blossom, bees that buzz, dogs that bark in their sleep (Georgie, be quiet! I’m writing to God), freckles and dimples and red hair and moss and miracles and wonders and warm fireplaces and surprises and thunder and lightning!!!”

Then I had to stop writing because it was time to go downstairs, get on my treadmill, and run backwards.

And I didn’t even get to Jesus, salvation, grace, freedom, forgiveness, love, light, God’s presence! Sheesh.

Try this. Write to God, ask Him why you get all the good you got today. Tune in to the little things: the sights, tastes, sounds, feelings of joy and surprise, hugs, kisses.

For those little things are bigger than you think.

Enjoy a new beginning in a new year, my friend! God has good things in store for you.




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