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Imagine sitting in the doctor’s office. You’re waiting for your test results and the doctor is 15 minutes behind schedule. The waiting room is small and crowded. Next to you a thin elderly man wilts in his seat, coughing hoarsely into his handkerchief. Beside him, a tear-stained toddler flails and wails on her mom’s lap.

You’ve been suffering from headaches, dizziness and low energy for weeks. You know it’s not just a cold.

Now, imagine you have two pairs of glasses. The first is a narrow, stiff pair of red reading glasses called Critical and Scared; the second is a huge funky green pair called Curiouser and Curiouser. It has yellow turtles painted around the frames.

Curiouser She Blossoms Tip 35


Put the Critical and Scared glasses on — the red pair — and look around the waiting room. What do you see, hear, smell, and feel? Maybe you see doctor talking to the nurse and feel a surge of anger because you’re still sitting in the waiting room. You hear the elderly man cough, and you lean away from the gross germs hurtling toward you. You feel annoyed at the mother who can’t quiet her toddler’s flails and wails.

But most of all, you’re tense and anxious about your test results. What if you have cancer, colitis, Cushing’s? You’re exhausted because you tossed and turned all night, scared and worried. Your faith is weak, your strength low, your spirit troubled.

Maybe you should take the red glasses off.

Put the green Curiouser and Curiouser glasses on — yes, the pair with the yellow turtles painted on the frames! Take another look around the waiting room. Allow the bigger, brighter glasses to color your vision with a sense of wonder and curiosity. Maybe even acceptance and surrender.

Now, you see your grandpa sitting next to you, and you remember the stories he told and the gifts he shared. You see your younger sister with her sick daughter. You recall how she looked up to you when she was a little girl, you feel compassion and love. 

And you see yourself. You realize that you chose to allow fear and anxiety to ruin your night and darken your day. You see the foolishness of focusing on yourself — your expectations, plans and dreams — instead of fixing your eyes on God’s love, freedom, joy and peace.

You start to feel the heaviness of exhaustion lighten, knowing that no matter what your diagnosis is…you have a strength and hope that surpasses any disease. You take a deep breath.

You remember that when Jesus said “Do not fear” to all those people in the Bible, He was actually talking to you.

Choose the “Curiouser and Curiouser” Pair

No matter what you’re struggling with — a difficult divorce, toxic work environment, depressed daughter, financial bankruptcy, an unexpected work trip to Mexico or the hospital (or an unexpected trip to a Mexican hospital!) — stop for a moment.

You don’t have to live in fear, anxiety, anger and bitterness. You don’t have to succumb to the heaviness of hopelessness or the insecurity of not knowing your true self-worth.

You have access to a deep, never-ending source of power. You can choose not to drown in yourself, in your own weaknesses, failures and regrets. Instead of choosing to focus on your expectations of how your life, relationship, work and family “should” be, you can choose a brighter and better way.

You can adopt a “I wonder what will happen next?” view of your circumstances.

This perspective has helped me cope with and flow through so many problems and pains. Instead of fretting and clinging to how I think things “should” be, I try to look around with curiosity and wonder.

“I wonder what’ll happen if the eye doctor somehow botches my laser eye surgery? That’ll suck, but I guess we’ll find out…”

“Hmm…last time we walked in this forest, my two dogs and I saw a bear. I wonder if he’s still here? Let’s walk and see…”

Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • If you’re struggling to find your purpose or passion in life, learn more about something you’ve always wondered about. For example, I’ve always dreamed of being an artist in a New York City loft…and so I started drawing, coloring and painting. And Blossy was born. She’s not a NYC kid, but she’s fun!
  • If you’re struggling to get over a breakup, be curious about your next relationship. Who will God bring into your life? When? Where? He has gone ahead and prepared the way…you need only walk forward, one step at a time.
  • If you’re depressed and disappointed that you’re not pregnant yet, promoted yet, healthy or happy yet…be curious about what will unfold. What is God doing? How can you walk with Jesus into a new season of life? Maybe your next step will start a whole new adventure in your life…

Put on the green “Curiouser and Curiouser” glasses, just for five minutes! Be curiousabout your situation. Choose to adopt a childlike sense of wonder, unknowing, open-mindedness to whatever God is doing in your life. Accept and surrender to His love, Holy Spirit, and freedom.

Put down the burden of knowing how your life “should” be.

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May you find peace, love and hope as you move through your week. May you enjoy the freedom of trusting God through the valleys and on the mountaintops! And, may you enjoy the awesome peace and joy that comes from living out of a sense of bright green curiosity.

With His Love,

Laurie & Blossy


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