Do You Truly Know How to Overcome Setbacks? — Blossom Tip 25

So, Blossy and I wanted to tell you The Parable of the Lumberjack — it’s about facing setbacks in life, which is this week’s theme for “She Blossoms.” Then I asked my She Blossoms Facebook Group members how they cope with setbacks.

Their responses are better than an old parable (oops, sorry Jesus, no offense! What’s that you say? The Lumberjack Parable isn’t one of yours, so it’s okay? Phew.).

Here’s what Blossy and I decided: we’d share two responses from our Facebook group, and then share the parable. The best of both worlds! After the parable below, you’ll find Blossy “slaying” a dragon — it’s the first dragon I’ve ever drawn.


Overcoming Setbacks in Life

Here’s what C said, about facing setbacks:

“I think setbacks are part of the healing process. We all go through different trials in our life. I have been through many difficult things in my life, however the loss of my husband has by far been the most painful. I realize that grief in itself is a journey. The more we love, the harder the grief. When I find myself in tears, it is just a reminder of the profound, once in a lifetime love that I was lucky enough to experience. I focus on what I had vs. what I lost, and I look up for I know he and God are watching over me…always.”

And, B said:

“I’m 63 and not where I dreamed I would be at this place in my life. But I have been thinking, and I believe God has a reason for everything, so we must be where He wants us. There is no way to know His ways, so I have to accept where I am. It is so hard, but we need to look forward. Just remember God loves you!”


The Parable of the Lumberjack

Once upon a time, a lumberjack walking through the forest saw Mama Bird building her nest at the top of a tall tree. He knew the tree would be felled soon. She would lose her home and babies. So, the lumberjack pounded the trunk with the back of his ax. Mama Bird was disrupted and broken-hearted, and had to find a new place to build her nest. She chose another tree and started to rebuild.

But that tree, too, was slated for a fall. Again the lumberjack shook the tree so hard Mama Bird — getting annoyed — was forced to fly away. She landed on a third tree. The lumberjack returned and it happened again! She lost her nest. Confused and cross, Mama Bird built her nest atop a high rock, sheltered from the sun, rain and wind. She was finally safe, never to be shaken.

Every setback you face is the lumberjack shaking your tree, telling you to move to a higher, better, safer place. Instead of dwelling on the pain and discouragement of facing a setback, stay focused on the signs your broken heart is healing.


Blossy “Slays” the Dragon


When You’re Facing Setbacks in Life — Blossom Tip 25

Blossy “Slays” the Dragon



One more Facebook comment — I have to share it because it’s been making me laugh all day…

“I can’t wait for Glossy to dance into a book so I can read her everyday and share her with friends who are not on Facebook! Thank you Laurie for bringing her into our lives!”

Love it :-) Maybe Blossy needs a little sister called Glossy…


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With His love,


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  1. You remind me on a story I heard of a donkey that the owner was tired of and decided to bury it. He dug a hole and threw it inside. Every time the owner would throw back the dirt, it would shake it off and stepped on it. By the time the owner finished throwing the dirt, the donkey was at his level and it just worked away.