When You Meet God –  Blossom Tip 33

I’m working with my editor and literary agent on the cover of my book (Growing Forward When You Can’t Go Back) – and now I have a million more ideas for Blossy and “She Blossoms”! I’ll start sharing those soon 🙂

You’ll find Blossy at the end of this post, sitting calmly in a boat while the seas rage around her. “Sometimes God calms the storm,” she says. “And sometimes He calms the sailor.”


On “She Blossoms” This Week

Before we meet God face-to-face, let’s look back to last week. In What Are You Struggling With Today? Blossom Tip 32 I invited you to tell me your troubles, trials and tribulations. I received comments about custody battles, marriage breakups, job losses – as well as fresh starts and new beginnings!

We’re all walking through different valleys — and even enjoying mountaintop experiences. Sometimes both at once. But no matter where or who we are, we face unknown futures, sad losses, and unanswered prayers.

These blog posts are inspired by readers’ questions. You may see yourself in any or all of these situations…

I’m always working my way through the comments I receive, and will share my articles with you. Feel free to share your stories or struggles in the comments section below! I don’t give advice, but I may be able to offer a few “Blossom Tips” to encourage you. I’ll never mention your name or exact circumstances if I include you in a “She Blossoms” blog post, so your privacy is assured.


When You Meet God

Have you heard of The Alpha Course, pioneered by a vicar called Nicky Gumbel? (I love the word “vicar” — and I’m waving at you, my British brothers and sisters! 🙂 ). I’m facilitating an Alpha group at my church. Last week was our first meeting, and the central question was:

“If it turned out there was a God after all, and you could ask one question, what would it be?”

One member asked a question that I’m still writing about today, a week later. He said, “When I meet God face-to-face and realize how holy, powerful and real He reallyis, I’ll ask, “Can I have a ‘do over’”?

Picture yourself meeting God face-to-face. What would it be like to experience His presence, power, strength and energy? How would you respond, what would you do, what would you say?

How would meeting God change who you are today, right now? How you live? What you spend your time thinking about and doing?

I found this incredibly powerful, especially when I wrote about it in my journal. If I truly knew and lived out of the depth, holiness and awesomeness of God, I wouldn’t let other people’s opinions affect me. I wouldn’t burden myself with the fears and anxieties of this world — and I wouldn’t hold on to pain, grief or fear.

If you met God face-to-face, do you think you’d ask Him why you lost a relationship, why a loved one died, or why your prayers weren’t answered? Maybe…but I doubt it. I think you’d be knocked to your knees by His power and energy, overwhelmed by His holiness and love, amazed by His light and glory! Everything else would fade away. 

And you may be left wishing you could have a “do over” so you could choose a more powerful, faithful, exciting way to live.

Meeting God Face-to-Face

Blossy in Stormy Seas

Don’t wait until you meet God face-to-face. Start enjoying His abundance today! Receive His love and grace, and allow His power to heal and energize you. Take time to get to know Him, to build a relationship with Him, and to Blossom into who He created you to be.

God won’t make the stormy seas disappear. He may not even calm them for a long time. But, if you let Him, He will calm you.

Sometimes God calms the storm…and sometimes He calms the sailor.

With the love of Jesus,

Laurie & Blossy

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