When You Feel Scared — Blossom Tip 23

What is the biggest fear you face today? I was thinking about Blossoming despite fear yesterday, while jogging through my dark neighborhood at 5:30 am.

Though dawn was nowhere in sight, I chose to cut through Myrtle Park. A dark park, with a few path lights here and there…and me, wearing a white jacket, light beige running pants, and a white toque.

Thump thump thump is the noise I hear, towards the forest on the other side of a clearing. Then I see a black wolf-like animal running across the clearing, heading for the trees. A black coyote? No, couldn’t be. A bear? Seems too fast. I stand for a moment, then decide all is probably well.

So I keep jogging along the dark path, alert but not afraid. Okay, maybe a little scared. It’s really dark, and bad things happen in dark parks.

Thump thump thump again.

“Good thing you’re wearing a white jacket,” he says. Who? I have no idea, because he’s wearing all black. A man in the dark park, talking to me from somewhere in the blackness.

And then a pitch-black wolf-like animal runs up to me, panting, a thick heavy stick in his mouth. Drops it at my feet. Wants me to throw it, so he can fetch.

“Oh,” I laugh, “it’s just a man and his dog.”


The Surprising Part of the Dark Park

Sometimes we run blindly (foolishly) into situations — like dark parks — wearing white clothes so we can be easily seen. I wear white when I jog in the dark, so people can see and avoid running into me. To me, my white clothing represents safety, peace, and freedom on the dark predawn streets.

My white running gear also represents the joy, love, and light of Jesus — and it puts me at risk. In the dark park, I risked being seen by people and animals I know naught of. I risk being noticed by dark forces that may not appreciate me treading on dark ground, through dark paths, around dark forests.

When you’re clothed in the light, joy and freedom of Jesus, you’re a target in a dark world. If you let your light shine, you will be seen by all manner of people…and you will be attacked by all manner of things, in all manner of ways.

Put on the White When When You’re Scared

Put on your white clothes — especially when you’re scared to walk through a dark park. Maybe you need a silver suit of armor to protect you against deadly diseases, chilling circumstances, toxic relationships. Maybe you need a pretty ivory dress to dance through a sticky situation, or a bleached-white snow suit to trek through a long, cold season.

When You Feel Scared She Blossoms Tip 23

Or maybe you need white running clothes, to run away from trials and temptations and dark parks you shouldn’t be walking through.

Wearing white may not protect you from dark forces that threaten — or it may protect you in ways you’ll never know until you meet Jesus face-to-face. Wearing white won’t guarantee you’ll get through the dark park unscathed, but it will fill you with peace and joy that surpasses all understanding.

Choose to put on your silver suite of armor, pretty ivory dress, or bleached-white snow suit. Before you zip and button up, invite the light of the Holy Spirit in. Give Him your fear, and decide whether you need to stomp, dance, or trek through the dark parks of your life.


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With the white-hot love of Jesus,

Laurie & Blossy


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