When God Opens the Door – Blossom Tip 49

In When God Closes the Door – Blossom Tip 44 I described how disappointed I was to miss a writers’ conference when I was in Minneapolis.

Sometimes God closes doors. He allows sad, confusing, and even tragic things to happen to us. He doesn’t always tell us why. But that doesn’t mean He doesn’t hear our prayers or understand our confusion. He feels our pain, but He doesn’t protect us from the storms…or even death. That’s the price we pay for life in this world, for freedom of choice.

When God closes a door, it often means the thing we wanted isn’t good for us…or we aren’t good for it. Sometimes it simply means a season of life is over.

But sometimes God opens doors.

Today I’m enjoying Day 3 of a week-long Christian Writer’s Conference in Portland, Oregon. I attended this conference last year—and I was standing in the exact same spot I am right now! I’m in the hotel’s coffee shop, standing at a tall table with a little white lamp.

Last year I was writing the book proposal for Growing Forward When You Can’t Go Back, which will be published in January 2019.

This year I’m waiting for my literary agent to give me feedback on my next book proposal. I’m more excited about this next book than anything else I’ve written! I can’t wait to hear her response. After this conference I’ll start writing the first chapter – which is the sample chapter we’ll send to my publisher. May God open this door wide and free, like He did last year.

A lot can happen in one little year. A lot of bad things, a lot of good things. A lot of pain, a lot of joy. I suspect you’ve experienced a little (or a lot!) of both since last summer.

What door has God opened for you?

Maybe He recently ushered you into a new job, freeing you from the old one. Maybe He moved you into a different home, giving you a new community and neighbors to meet. Maybe He let someone you love die, or gave you a new person to have and to hold.

Maybe Jesus spoke to you in a fresh new way, or gave you a new purpose in your life.

Maybe God opened a door that you’re scared to step through. Maybe you’re distracting yourself with the drone of daily life, the business of getting dinners prepared and chores done at home. You’re playing in the sunshine and relaxing in the cool evening breezes…and you’re not looking at doors God opened because life is fine where you are.

Endings are open doors. 

Breakups, divorces, deaths and losses are open doors. Maybe your kids are moving away to attend college or work overseas. Maybe your home is empty for the first time in years, your beloved coworker or boss retiring, your neighbor or counselor or mother is moving or dying.

When God Opens the Door Blossom Tip 49


Something is changing for you, even if you’re not aware of it. You are growing forward even if you feel stuck in the same old flower pot.

Be strong and courageous. Do not avoid or fear the open door; if God is calling you, walk through it. Run through it. Drive or fly through it—push yourself though it, if you have to! Ask someone to help you move through it.

Here’s how to start: Make a list of seven little things you can do that will move toward something you want in your life. God will open or close doors as He sees fit. Worry not about the future…focus on those little steps forward.

“Do not be too timid or squeamish about your actions! All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make, the better.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

And if you stay connected to Jesus, none of your experiments will fail.

With His love from Oregon,

Laurie & Blossy


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2 thoughts on “When God Opens the Door – Blossom Tip 49”

  1. You taught me to write better — and that opened up numerous doors, including starting my own business freelance writing for women’s health magazines. Thank you, Laurie. And thank you God for closing some doors and opening up others :-)

    1. Franny, thank you for your comments! It sounds like you’re growing forward and blossoming into who God created you to be…that’s awesome and so exciting. I hope you stay in touch, and let me know how your freelance work is going. I hope God is opening lots of doors for you!