When God Closes the Door – Blossom Tip 44

Sometimes God doesn’t just close a door, He seals all the windows and draws all the curtains.

God closes a door Blossom Tip 44

Me at Bethany House

I’m in Minneapolis for a meeting with my publisher about Growing Forward When You Can’t Go Back (my first book, to be released in the New Year).

I decided to spend a few extra days here, wandering the city and keeping my eyes peeled for the Mary Tyler Moore statue.

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Then I saw it. A Facebook photo of my very own literary agent with a group of writers and editors at a restaurant less than an hour away from me! They were having a grand old time together after an writer’s conference at Northwestern University, which is within spitting distance of my hotel (if you can spit far).

There was a Christian writers’ conference less than an hour away, and I completely missed it. Not only did I somehow overlook it in my regular search for writing conferences, I also missed the Facebook updates, emails, and references in my other writing groups.

I love writing conferences, being around other writers, learning how to write better, and meeting professionals in the publishing industry. I’m not joking when I say I regularly search for writing conferences. In fact, I’m going to a writers’ conference next month, and again in September. I’d go every month if I could.

To make matters worse, my publishing house scheduled our meeting for this very week because of the writers’ conference. Three other writers and two agents went to the conference and then met with my publisher the next day. Because it makes total sense. Only a fool would miss this opportunity.

I knew right away God chose to shut this door on me…but I’ll never know why.


What doors has God closed for you?

Sometimes they’re big, like death or divorce or disease. Sometimes they’re little, like missing a conference or not being invited to a party. Sometimes they’re medium, like not knowing what your purpose is or how to get over a breakup.

And sometimes they seem totally random, like this one. But nothing is random. God does not allow coincidences or happenstance – He’s far too orderly, loving, and involved for that.

He didn’t want me at that writing conference, and I don’t know why. But this I know for sure: He was protecting me — or someone else — from something. I don’t know what, but I trust Him. I believe He is always working things together for our good, even when it seems like He’s absent, silent, or uncaring.

God closes doors, He allows bad and inexplicable and even tragic things to happen, and He doesn’t always tell us why. But that doesn’t mean He doesn’t hear our prayers or know our confusion. He feels our pain, but He doesn’t let us live like fragile roses in a hothouse. He loves us far too much for that.

When God closes a door, it means the thing we want isn’t good for us…or we aren’t good for it.

What doors has God closed for you? For the rest of the day, accept what He has allowed – and what He hasn’t allowed – into your life. Know that if you knew everything God knows, you wouldn’t change a thing.

With His love,



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2 thoughts on “When God Closes the Door – Blossom Tip 44

  • Trinese Sterling

    Love this article and thank you very much for your blog. It popped up just seemingly at the right time as I am going thru transition as well with a 36 year marriage coming to an end initiated by me. Its so hard because for so long I was afraid of closing that door. I have found the courage to move on and know there are still challenging times ahead. I always vowed I’d stay till death parted us. I LOST both my mother and father within 6 months of each other this year and WOW what a mortality wake up call. Without going into too much…..thank you for you words….they strengthen me each time I read them. U are amazing and your insight and foresight helped me to know that I am not the first woman nor will I be the last to go thru trials and challenges such as I am facing. Appreciate YOU…keep blessing others thru your writing and experiences. U rock!

  • Preston Richardson

    I do believe in God’s plan and His will but sometimes when God is doing something like shutting the door , sickness, etc., it’s painful to accept but it ends up good and He wants you to overcome it.