10 Things You Need to Pack for a Resort Vacation at the Beach

What do you pack for a vacation at a beach resort? This list of essential items will help you travel light, yet take everything you need for a great holiday. You don’t need to be an experienced traveler to know what to pack for a beach resort vacation; you need only know yourself. I packed this list (ha ha, get it? packed :-) ) with the most essential items for a beach holiday.

I also included several non-essentials you don’t necessarily need but will be glad you brought on vacation. Remember that all-inclusive holiday resorts don’t mean everything is included. In fact, knowing what’s not included can be more important than knowing what is included. Knowing what you need and packing the right things for a beach resort vacation will ensure your trip is relaxing and enjoyable. You might also want to bookmark Bad Vacation? 15 Easy Tips for Fixing Terrible Trips for future reference.

My favorite all-inclusive holiday was in Costa Rica at the Secrets Papagayo near Panama Beach. No, wait, scratch that. We wanted to stay at Secrets Papagayo but it was too expensive so we booked our stay at the Allegro Papagayo near the Gulf of Papagayo instead. The Allegro Papagayo isn’t the most luxurious all-inclusive resort in Costa Rica, but I loved it! It was my first all-inclusive holiday and I had no idea what to pack for a beach resort vacation. Now that I’ve been on two other all-inclusive vacations, I know what I need to bring to a resort.

This packing list will help ensure you don’t forget anything on your vacation. The most important thing you can pack isn’t something you put in your luggage, though. It’s your willingness to be flexible and adaptable, and to enjoy your beach resort vacation no matter what you did or didn’t pack. You can’t possibly pack everything you might need, and you won’t know until you get there what you should or shouldn’t have packed. Remember that beach hotels and resorts have nearly everything in their gift stores and souvenir shops, and will happily sell you what you forgot to pack. But buying what you forgot to pack will be more expensive than what you’d pay at home, and it may not even be the product or service you really need or want.

But you already know that, right? That’s why you’re searching for what to pack for a beach resort vacation :-)

Before you think about packing your bags…

What to Pack for a Beach Resort Vacation

Do you have nestling luggage yet? The TravelWise Packing Cubes are my version of smart suitcases. You can nest them in each other, which allows you to take an empty suitcase on your holiday without paying extra checked baggage fees on the plane. Not only will the TravelWise Packing Cubes fit everything you need to pack for a beach resort vacation, they’re also the most popular suitcases on Amazon, and they come in a variety of colors. I usually take extra suitcases or soft duffle bags with me when I go on vacation. Depends where I go, though.

10 Things to Pack for a Beach Resort Vacation

I liked Jeremy’s tip on what to pack for a beach resort vacation, but I personally wouldn’t pack chilling cubes. I’m only 5 feet tall and weight 110 pounds; I like to keep my luggage super light and easy to travel with. I also don’t like clutter so my packing tips are practical and lean. If my husband was writing this blog post, his list of stuff to pack would be three times as long as mine!

At the end of this list of the most essential things to pack for a beach vacation I’ll share additional items. They’re non-essential to me but could make your holiday a wee bit sunnier and lighter.

1. In your carry on: A toiletry bag with at least your prescription medication and fresh undies

When I unexpectedly flew to Dubai last month instead of India (What to Do When They Refuse to Let You Board the Flight), I arrived without my backpack. Either the baggage handlers at the Kathmandu Airport mistakenly put my backpack on the flight to Varanasi or UAE Air didn’t unload it when we landed in Dubai. Doesn’t matter how it happened. The point is I landed in Dubai – with its sun-soaked, sandy beaches on the coast of the Persian Gulf – without summer attire. I wasn’t prepared to stay at an all-inclusive hotel, and hadn’t packed for a beach resort vacation.

Always fly with an extra pair of undies in your carry on bag. I also pack an extra T-shirt and a toiletry bag with a small toothpaste, toothbrush, moisturizer, and aspirin. Always take your prescription medication on the plane with you.

One of my readers goes on a hot holiday every year; when I asked her what she’d pack in her carry on bag she said her swimsuit and flip flops are a must. That wouldn’t have been my first tip on what to pack for a beach resort faction – until we went to Jamaica a few years ago. Our room wasn’t ready when we arrived at our all-inclusive hotel (the Holiday Inn Resort Montego Bay). I wish I would’ve packed more than a T-shirt in my carry on bag, but it was fine for a few hours.

2. Hand sanitizer for the plane and hotel room

What Do You Pack for a Beach Resort Vacation?
What to Take on a Beach Resort Vacation

Get a few travel bottles of hand sanitizer – such as the Hand Sanitizer Travel Pack – and distribute them in your various bags.

The first thing I do when I sit down on the plane – whether I’m going to a travel writer’s conference in New Orleans or a beach resort vacation in Maui – is sanitize my seat. The arm rests, tv screen, even the seatbelt buckle. You don’t want to know germy airplanes are!

Hand sanitizer isn’t just essential for the airplane. I smear it all over my hotel room: the tv remote control, the toilet seat, the toilet handle, the sink taps, the doorknobs and light switches. I actually should have put this as my first tip on what to pack on a beach resort vacation because it is directly related to your health.

Always wash your hands or use hand sanitizer after playing on sandy beaches. According to research from the University of North Carolina and the Environmental Protection Agency, children and adults who build castles and dig in the sand at the beach are at greater risk of developing gastrointestinal diseases and diarrhea than people who only walk on the shore or swim in the surf. No matter how luxurious and clean your beach resort is, sand carries all sorts of little critters and germs.

3. A versatile beach cover up

packing for a beach resort vacation
Beach Cover Up for Vacation

The Women’s Summer Beach Swimwear Cover Up is comfortable beach cover up for women of all heights, weights, and ages. You can also wear it to the beach resort’s restaurants or buffets at lunch or even dinner. Most resorts have policies about what you can wear to the restaurants. You can’t wear your bikini or swimsuit – you need to cover most of your body when you eat “indoors.”

Unless you enjoy changing your clothes before every meal, you’ll appreciate having a beach cover up that you can wear to the restaurants, lounges, and bars. Many all inclusive resorts have beach bars and food huts that allow guests to eat in their swimwear, but it’s good to pack a beach cover up that allows you to go in and out of the restaurants without feeling self-conscious.

4. Travel mug that doesn’t spill – for the beach and beyond!

travel mug for beach resort vacation

A Vacuum-Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Mug is an essential thing to pack for beach resort vacations. Get one with an easy-clean lid; it’ll keep your coffee hot and fresh for those bleary-eyed mornings after the resort’s late-night entertainment. A travel mug is also a great way to keep your blended beach beverages, wine cooler, or beer cold on hot days.

When we went to Costa Rica my husband took his favorite travel mug. I didn’t think it was necessary to pack a travel mug for an all-inclusive beach resort vacation. I regretted it as soon as we arrived at the airport and went for a coffee while waiting to board the flight! A travel mug isn’t just great for airports and even plane trips; insulated travel mugs keep your mai tais and diet Cokes icy cold, and your morning coffee hot and fresh. You can take your drinks to the beach or pool without worrying about spillage – and you can enjoy a bigger cup of coffee than the resort offers.

This packing tip seems counterintuitive (since “everything” is included on an all-inclusive beach vacation), but it’s a great idea. Also, as far as toxins and germs go, stainless steel travel mugs are better than plastic.

5. A Kindle Paperwhite or other electronic waterproof reader

waterproof kindle for beach vacation

The Kindle Paperwhite – Now Waterproof with 2x the Storage is perfect for beach and poolside reading. It’s perfect for a beach vacation because it comes with Audible, which means you can pair it with Bluetooth headphones or speakers to listen to your story. A single battery charge lasts for weeks, maybe even for your whole vacation, and the built-in adjustable light lets you read indoors and outdoors, day and night.

I prefer print books, even though they’re not essential an essential item to pack for a beach resort vacation. In fact, print books are the exact opposite of essential! But I find it more relaxing and enjoyable to read print books. I don’t like reading anything on screen. A holiday is supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable, right? So pack things that will make you happier and more relaxed on your vacation. Even beach resorts can be stressful if you don’t allow yourself to do what you really want.

6. Old clothes to leave at the beach resort after your vacation (?)

If you’re a runner or tend to sweat a lot, what do you pack for a beach resort vacation? You don’t want to worry about doing laundry, nor do you want to wear sweat-stained, smelly clothes at an all-inclusive resort! And you may not want to rinse out your running gear or sweaty beachwear (which is what I do. It’s a hassle, but I wash my sweaty clothes and jog bras in the shower after a run. I just use shampoo, soap or shower gel).

Sometimes I pack my old clothes when I go on beach vacations – my husband calls them my “hobo clothes.” I exercise, walk or run every morning and get sweaty in hot sunny places. At the end of the holiday I’d leave my old clothes in the hotel room for the cleaning staff to use however they like. That also gave me space in my suitcase to pack the new clothes and souvenirs I bought on vacation. This packing tip may not work if you care how you look on your holidays. I don’t care what I look like, and would rather look like a hobo and have room in my luggage for souvenirs. It requires some planning, but knowing what to pack for a beach resort vacation involves knowing what you want to bring home and what you can leave behind.

7. A light travel mat for the resort’s fitness or relaxation activities

What Do You Pack for a Beach Resort Vacation Essential Items
Fitness Mat for a Healthy Beach Vacation

The Gaiam Yoga Mat Folding Travel Fitness & Exercise Mat is perfect for  for beach vacations, weekend getaways, extended retreats or trips across town. It’s not just for yoga; many beach resorts and hotels offer stretch classes, relaxation activities, and Pilates sessions. If your all-inclusive resort is in a country not known for its hygiene, you may not want to use the hotel’s mats.

The Allegro Papagayo Resort in Costa Rica is an all-inclusive resort that offered stretch classes when I was there. I loved the classes but the sanitizer had run out. I used my hand sanitizer (which is why it was first on my things to pack for a beach resort vacation!) but wished I had my own mat. It’s not just a travel thing. No matter where I am, a beach resort or a yoga class at home, I don’t like exercise mats that other people have sweated on.

If your beach resort offers fitness activities, consider taking your own travel mat. Also, be open to trying different types of activities! For example, I’d never taken a stretching class before Costa Rica. I thought why not, it’s free and I need a break from lying by the pool. One of the best things to pack for a beach resort vacation is an open mind and willing spirit.

8. Travel scissor and clipper set – not just for manicures and pedicures

10 Things You Need to Pack for a Beach Resort Vacation
Travel Manicure Set for Beach Vacation

A Travel Manicure and Pedicure Set is perfect for women like me, who are too busy to go for manicures and pedicures before leaving on vacation. I always take my own travel mani and pedi set so I can buff and polish by the pool, on the beach, or on my the balcony of my hotel room. Our all-inclusive resort vacation in Costa Rica had a spa but the manicure, pedicure, and massage prices were too expensive. Whenever I go on holidays, I always bring my own spa supplies. I enjoy doing my nails by the pool, especially since I never have time to do it before I go on vacation.

This travel scissor and clipper set isn’t just for manis and pedis. When I was in Nepal I had to buy a pair of small scissors for some individually packed medication I had to take twice a day. Those scissors now travel with me – they’re not just what I pack for a vacation at a beach resort, but for trips of all types.

9. Chilling cubes (the least essential item to pack for a beach resort vacation)

Here’s a reader’s tip on what to pack for beach resort vacations: “Pack your own re-useable ice,” says Jeremy on What You Need to Pack for an All Inclusive Holiday. “Some ice cubes are little plastic bags or stones. Use this with your travel mugs and you’ve got your own ice and cup! Most bars won’t mind putting the mixed drink in your cup for you. This way you don’t have to worry about drinking the water. Even beach resorts can have contaminated water and sloppy restaurant staff.”

Teroforma Whisky Stones – Handcrafted Soapstone Beverage Chilling Cubes keep your drinks icy cold without watering them down. Re-usable ice doesn’t melt and water down your margaritas or beer, which are a must-have drinks for hot days at the beach! If you have a fridge with a freezer in your hotel room, it’s easy to freeze the re-usable ice. This is an essential item for travelers who need cold drinks, or who are traveling with medication that needs to be kept cold.

U.S. cash is a must – even for an “all-inclusive” beach resort vacation, and even in a country that doesn’t trade predominantly in US dollars. Day trips, souvenirs, and extra activities aren’t included in even the poshest all-inclusive hotels. Check the credit card rates before you go – it may be better to take US cash than charge your credit card at an all inclusive resort (they charge extra for spa services, off-resort trips, souvenirs, etc).

I hope my list of essential items helps you! If not, tell me – what do you pack for a vacation at a beach resort? The most important thing is to know what you need and want from your vacation. Knowing yourself helps you pack the right things.

10. A list of additional items to take on your beach resort vacation

Don’t forget to pack your identification and travel documents! You’ll need:

what to pack for a beach resort holiday
A Sign for Your Door at Home or Work
  • Print or electronic documents for the flight
  • Print or electronic confirmation of your beach resort booking
  • Travel Identification (Photo ID such as Passport, Drivers License, Birth Certificate, or Proof of Citizenship)
  • Entry visa for the country you’re visiting (not all countries require prepaid entry visas. If you aren’t sure, email the beach resort you’re booked at).
  • Travel and/or Travel Health Insurance
  • US Cash for spending money (ATM Card, Cash or Credit Cards)
  • Exchange rate calculator or a currency app for quick conversion rates. I use an app called Currency App LLC, and can easily calculate how much things cost in Canadian or US dollars.

It’s always a good idea to pack a photocopy of your passport picture and information page, even if you’re going on a beach resort vacation that you think will be 100% safe. Email your passport information and photocopy to yourself, as well as a friend or family member. Also, leave a photocopy of your passport and other important information with a family member at home.

A quick list of additional items to pack for a beach resort vacation:

  • Dress shoes for à la carte restaurants
  • Beach flip flops or water shoes
  • Walking shoes/running shoes
  • At least two swimsuits
  • Beach and restaurant cover ups
  • Light sweater for cool, breezy evenings
  • Cloth tote bag or beach bag
  • Hygiene products
  • Shampoo, conditioner, soap (though your resort will probably provide this)
  • Deodorant
  • Toothbrush & toothpaste
  • Hair care products
  • Brush or comb
  • Clips or ponytail elastics
  • Hair dryer with adapter
  • Shaving kit
  • Moisturizer
  • Cotton swaps
  • Lip balm
  • Make-up kit
  • Prescription medication
  • First-aid Kit
  • Aspirin or Tylenol
  • Band-aids
  • Sunscreen and some type of sunburn relief
  • Insect repellant and some type of anti-itch cream
  • Exercise or workout gear – running shoes, t-shirts, shorts, socks
Things to Pack for a Beach Resort Vacation
What to Pack for a Beach Resort Vacation

What have I missed? What do you pack for a beach resort vacation? If you have any thoughts on what to pack for an all inclusive resort vacation – or packing tips for beach holidays! – please comment below. I’d also love to know where you’re going for your vacation. Jamaica? Cuba? Hawaii? Costa Rica? Zanzibar??!!

One of the best things to pack for a beach resort vacation is an open mind and willing spirit. And the ability to enjoy every second, because you’ll be back home to the daily grind before you know it. Then you’ll want to read Rediscovering Joy When You’re Depressed After a Vacation.


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15 thoughts on “10 Things You Need to Pack for a Resort Vacation at the Beach”

  1. Travelling to Maui in late summer (if the travel ban is lifted!!) with our two kids (6 and 8). We are a fairly adventurous and active family. This will be the kids’ first time snorkelling (they have been practising in the bathtub and at the pool). I would like to know of some great (not so touristy) places where the kids do not have to go too deep but can still try out snorkelling and see lots of great fish. If you have any tips let me know. we do plan to do a snorkel tour to Molokini but would like to also find some cool places on our own.


    1. Hi Heidi,

      Maui is beautiful – and there are lots of beach resorts where you can relax, watch, and listen to the whales! Although I don’t know if whale watching is big in the summer. I think the whales are there from January to March.

      I wrote an article about vacationing in Maui, inspired by my own Hawaiian vacation. Here’s what I suggest…

      10 Best Things to Do in Maui – From Whale Watching to Hana

      1. Whale watching – a Hawaiian marine watching adventure. We went whale watching cruise at 7 am one morning, and saw at least a dozen whales above water. Other marine life to observe include dolphins, turtles, flying fish, manta rays, monk seals, and whale sharks. Whale watching is one of the best things to do in Maui, but they’re only around from January-March (or thereabouts).

      2. Molokini snorkel trip. I regret not going on this boat trip to the island of Molokini – I talked to people who did, and they not only saw tons of gorgeous coral and exotic fish, they saw several whales on their trip there and back! These snorkel trips include breakfast, lunch, drinks, snacks, snorkel gear, and scuba gear.

      3. Helicopter tour of Maui. This air tour gives you amazing views of waterfalls, rain forests, deserted beaches, volcanic craters, flowing lava, and more. This is a great Maui experience – and it’s also one of the most expensive. No surprise, since helicopters and small planes are very expensive to operate.

      4. Luaus and Polynesian shows. We went to the “Drums of Paradise” luau at the Hyatt (a beautiful beach resort, but I’m not sure if it’s all inclusive), and it was wonderful. You can’t have an adventure in Hawaii without experiencing a luau! Other things to do on Maui include magic shows, free hula dancing, Polynesian cultural shows and feasts, and even Cirque de Soleil productions.

      5. Cycling the Haleakala Volcano. If you like to bike, this a great Maui experience. You won’t need anything you packed for a beach resort vacation, though :-) You’ll cycle past pineapple fields, farms, flower gardens, horses and cows, incredible views…and of course to the top of the Haleakala Volcano. This is a great way to work off all that luau food.

      6. “Snuba” and other ocean adventure tours in Maui. “Snuba” is a cross between scuba diving and snorkeling; you stay underwater for up to 20 minutes with your snorkel gear. Guided kayak trips, kite surfing, surfing, jet skiing, wakeboarding, waterskiing are also great activities for families.

      7. Dinner or cocktail cruise along the Hawaiian coast. Cruising along the coast of Maui gives you a gorgeous view of the beaches, resorts, beachside restaurants, hotels, and harbors. What a romantic thing to do – especially if you’re on a honeymoon getaway. Many of the Hawaiian dinner cruises have live entertainment…including hula dancers.

      8. Ziplining tours and adventures. There are two ziplining adventure tour companies in Maui – you’ll have an amazing time if launching off cliffs and zipping across valleys is one of your top ten things to do while traveling in Hawaii! I didn’t go ziplining in Maui, but loved it in Costa Rica.

      9. Hawaiian island pampering at local spas. After cycling a volcano or snorkeling the coral reefs, you might be read for a massage, body treatment with natural Hawaiian ingredients, manicure, or pedicure. Health spas aren’t usually my thing – but I definitely would participate if they were included in an all inclusive beach resort vacation :-)

      10. Drive the road to Hana – one of the best and most popular things in Maui. This adventure tour (or self-guided drive) isn’t for the faint of heart…the road to Hana crosses 52 one-way bridges and has crazy hair-pin turns. Along the way are botanical gardens, state parks, natural caves, ocean blow holes, massive waves, hikes, waterfalls, beaches, and secret Maui treasures. We drove the road to Hana ourselves, but I’d recommend going with an expert tour. Who wants to worry about the road when you could be gawking out at the stunning Hawaiian coastline?

      About driving to Hana: my friend’s son got carsick on the way there. Really carsick. Take Gravol if your family is prone to carsickness.

      Hope this helps! Remember that you’ll never get lost if you travel in faith :-)


      PS I hope the travel ban gets lifted soon.

    2. Hello Heidi,

      We spent two weeks at the Ka’anapali Beach Hotel in Maui just before Christmas. So thankful we got to have the beach vacation before the pandemic crisis!

      There’s a beach nicknamed “Baby Beach” behind the Lahaina Mall on Maui. I don’t have kids, but my friend does, and they really liked snorkeling there. I can’t remember the official name of the beach, but if you ask around about the beach near that mall, you should be able to get directions.

      A really popular snorkeling spot was Black Rock, on the Kanaapali stretch of beach. It’s crowded, though, and I didn’t think the fish were all that exciting. But, it’s a calm place to snorkel, and may be a good place to “get your feet wet.”

      There are also spots to stop and swim on the road to Hana — beautiful bays — but I don’t know how good the snorkeling is. We also drove along the coast for part of an afternoon, getting out at the look out points and watching the surfers! That’s another way to find the “best thing to do in Maui” — just let the wind, sun, and sand direct you :-)

      And, talk to your fellow travelers. Finding out what they did while they were there is a great way to discover the hidden treasures in Maui.


      Wendy & Jack

  2. I travel A LOT and am also a travel blogger. :-) These are my best tips for packing a carry on bag. They may not all apply to resort vacations at the beach, but I like to share them.

    Use your shoes for extra space in your carry on bag – Stuff your shoes with socks, underwear, anything that can be squeezed in there. Uses the space and helps hold the shape of the shoes. Another way to pack light is to pack a layer of clothes, then a layer of shoes. Even with rolled clothes, pack as neatly as possible – because neat packing is a space saver, which is exactly what you need when you’re packing a carry on bag for air travel. Also make sure your ziploc bag with liquids is easily accessible.

    You are allowed one personal bag in addition to your suitcase so make good use of it. I use my computer bag and put my wallet, pens, etc. in it while my empty purse is packed in the suitcase. Anything you think you’ll need during the flight should go in here, where you’ll have easy access to it from under the seat in front of you.

    Remember that you don’t need to wear a different outfit to the beach every day. Some clothes, such as swimsuits and beach coverings, can be worn more than once. Lightweight tops and underwear can be hand washed in the sink at night, dried the next day, and worn again. Why worry about washing and drying your stuff when you’re on a beach resort vacation? It’s better to pack light, and wash your clothes regularly.

    Pare down your beauty routine to the basics. A travel sized bottle of baby shampoo can wash your hair and be used to hand wash clothes. I take one moisturizer with SPF on my trips, and use it both day and night. When  you’re packing a carry on bag for air travel, learn what’s available at the beach resort. Most hotels provide shampoo/conditioner and blow dryers, sometimes even toothpaste and toothbrushes.

    Be strategic – packing light means thinking “outside the box.” Think of packing your carry on bag like it’s a puzzle. If everything isn’t fitting, trying putting it in a different order. Roll your clothes instead of folding, and spread out the weight. It makes it easier to lift overhead to put in the bin when all the weight isn’t at one end. This is especially easy when you’re packing for a resort vacation at the beach because your items are light, right?

    Traveling Tate

    1. Thanks, Traveling Tate, for your tips on how to pack a carry on bag. I, too, use shampoo and/or soap to wash my clothes when I travel. My husband brings detergent, but I don’t want the extra weight or stuff in my bag.

      I find that packing for a resort vacation at the beach is easier than packing for the trip to took to Nepal a couple months ago. It was cold and possibly rainy (but it rained far less than I expected), and I wasn’t sure I’d even have flush toilets or running water, much less the luxury of a pool or resort restaurant! I look forward to packing for my next all-inclusive vacation…or perhaps a cruise. Haven’t gone on a cruise yet.

      Bon voyage!


  3. I think the best tip is the travel mug and reusable ice! Did I miss something though? Where do you refreeze your reusable ice at an all inclusive resort??? And of course, I love the yoga mat idea – something I would have intended to practice while on my beach vacation but not anticipated the ick factor until it was too late.

  4. Thanks for sharing this information and tips on what to pack for a beach resort vacation. I don’t think the ice cubes are “essential” but to each his own :-) My father had to take medication that requires cold water for digestion purposes. I suppose the re-usable ice cubes would help with that. And he wouldn’t have to worry about parasites or bacteria in the frozen water. So I take it back. Perhaps refreezable ice cubes really are an essential item to take on vacation, even to an all inclusive beach resort.

  5. I’m going to Mexico for my first all inclusive resort beach vacation, and I can’t wait!!! It’s not until october 22 but I’m already searching for tips on what to pack. I want to start gathering stuff now so I’m not stressed with packing later. :-) Thank you for this article.

  6. Having travelled to a number of all inclusive resorts in the last 10 years or so, on company trips, I recommend you pack one comfy but dressy (read sparkly/sequins) outfit -you never know when you might have the urge to really dress up for a fancy dinner or date night. Also,I suggest bandaids and polysporin and bug spray -they have these at the resort, but the prices are ridiculous-and everyone gets a blister or a bug bite at least once while away from home!

    1. Thanks for your tips, Bev! I’d like the idea of packing a dressy dress for the nightlife at the resort – if I didn’t get up at 4 am every day. No nightlife for this introverted writer.

      Your band-aid tip is one I can stick with, though :-) When we were at our all-inclusive resort at Montego Bay in Jamaica, I got bad blisters from my new flip flops. The resort gave me lots of band-aids for free. We brought our own polysporin and bug spray, though.

      Happy travels! Our next vacation is Peru next month – not at an all-inclusive resort, though. I want to go backpacking this time. Trekking.

  7. Thank you for these tips on what to pack for a beach resort vacation, they’ll be helpful for my trip to Cuba next month!

  8. I bring travel sized personal care products (shampoo,bodywash,mouthwash,soap,razors) to leave to chambermaids & cleaning staff when we go to Cuba or Dominican Republic. They appreciate the gifts.

  9. Lovely list for what to pack for a resort vacation! You didn’t miss anything important. I love making a checklist before I travel or move to somewhere.

  10. Another packing tip for an all-inclusive resort vacation is band-aids. I got a really bad blister from the flip flops I took to the Jamaican resort, and the nurse was never in when I went to ask for band-aids! Luckily my husband found a couple of band-aids from other guests.

    Remember that even if you don’t pack everything you need for your all-inclusive vacation, you can always ask someone if they have the item you need. Some things aren’t easily shared – such as a yoga mat or travel mug – but often, other guests are happy to help a fellow tourist who needs something.

  11. I’m going to Mexico in September,I want all the information I can get about what to pack for a beach resort vacation…plus what to wear, what to eat & not to eat, etc….