Your True Name Isn’t What We Call You – Blossom Tip 34

“I was praying myself awake this morning,” says Mary-Margaret, “when Jesus sat next to me on the bed.”

That’s my favorite sentence in the novel I’m reading, The Passion of Mary-Margaret. She’s a religious sister (but not a nun) who literally sees and chats with Jesus. Often. He appears at the most convenient — and inconvenient — times. 


Here’s my favorite paragraph (so far! I’m only on page 61):

“Jesus always provided what I needed to do what he sent me for,” says Mary-Margaret. “Even if it wasn’t always apparent at first glance. Sometimes Jesus is sneaky that way. He doesn’t always just hold it out there for us on a silver platter like tea sweets in front of the queen. He gave us brains for a reason.

I always thought God gave us brains because they’re pretty. Turns out they’re powerful, too!

And no, Jesus doesn’t “always just hold it out there for us on a silver platter like tea sweets in front of the queen.”

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No matter what it is — emotional or physical healing, better relationships, strength for today, a vacation for tomorrow —  we need to at least reach for it. Even Queen Elizabeth has to lift tea sweets to her mouth. I assume. She is pretty old and she does have staff. 


Here’s my favorite idea in The Passion of Mary-Margaret:

“T— is my true name and I don’t feel comfortable writing it down,” says Mary-Margaret. “It’s just for me. The name Jesus gave me. We all have one, just not many of us know what it is. Indeed, do you think God knows you as the name your parents gave you or the one He gave you before the foundations of the world? Don’t you ever wonder what that name might be?


What is Your True Name?

Mine is Blossom. 

What is Your True Name Blossom Tip 34


One of the most recent signs I’m blossoming is the fact that I’m reading and enjoying The Passion of Mary-Margaret!

I love reading, but I’ve only read one other Christian fiction novel that I actually liked (James L. Rubart’s The Long Journey to Jake Palmer, which I wrote about in How People See You – Blossom Tip 1).

What’s your true name? You have one, even if you don’t know it yet. Jesus knows. Ask Him what name He gave you before you were actually born. 

Ask God who He created you to be.  

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5 SMART Ways to Pray to God for Help, Healing and Hope was a fun article to write! I’m challenging myself to pray bigger and more specifically, so I thought I’d apply the SMART goal-setting formula to my prayers. It didn’t work, but it was fun trying 🙂 

May you enjoy this week, for all it brings. May you live into the name God gave you before you were created — even if you don’t know what your name actually is! You’re blossoming, and Jesus knows your name. That’s worth more than you realize.

With His love,

Laurie & Blossy


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