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What Do You Think? Blossom Tip 52

  • Laurie 

If we were sitting around the kitchen table – you, me, the rest of our She Blossoms group – what would you want to talk about? What questions would you ask? What advice might you share?

I asked my She Blossoms Facebook Group this question, and was surprised and pleased at all the responses. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

What Do You Think? - Blossom Tip 52Imagine sitting around a table — or in a cozy living room with sofas, a fireplace, hot chocolate and biscuits — with a group of people who want to blossom into who they were created to be. People who want to dig deeper into their faith, heal quickly from setbacks and disappointments, and live out of joy, freedom and possibility.

What would you ask or discuss, if you could talk about anything? Who would you grow into, if you could become who you really wanted to be? You wouldn’t have to worry or fear what others think because we’d all be too busy blossoming. We wouldn’t have time or energy to criticize or judge!

  • What advice would you share? Maybe you’d tell us what you recently learned.
  • What questions would you ask? Maybe you’re struggling with a Big Decision and need guidance.
  • What insights would you offer? Maybe you recently discovered Something New and Exciting about yourself or the world.
  • What tears would you cry? Maybe you’d finally let your guard down and just weep for the brokenness in you, in others, in the world.
  • What joy would you celebrate? Maybe you’d boldly share your Big News — you finally achieved that goal or made that decision!
  • What secrets would you confess? Maybe you’d tell us that you stole, lied, cheated, wounded, abused, or even killed.

If we were sitting around a kitchen table, we would welcome everything you said. You’d be free to share your deepest secrets and most exciting insights without fear. You’d be eagerly welcomed, accepted, and loved for who you are right now. Questions, flaws, weaknesses, prides and joys! It’s all part of who you are, and you are part of us.


You’re invited to a better table.


There’s another table — even better than the one I describe! At the head of that table isn’t a child like me. It’s not a woman of faith, or even a teacher or preacher. It’s Jesus.

When I sit at Jesus’ table every morning, after I make coffee for me and Jesus and God and the Holy Spirit (it’s a big pot of Tim Horton’s!), I dream the dreams I dare not tell anyone. I ask the questions nobody can answer, I confess the secrets I withhold from people, and cry the tears I hide from the world.

That’s the table that is set for you. The table that holds no judgment, condemnation, despair or argument. It’s a table filled with God’s divine council of angels, His Son and Holy Spirit, and all the believers who walked before us.

Your Father is eagerly waiting for you. He is watching you with love, compassion, joy, and acceptance.

Go. Open your heart. Unburden yourself, break free from the chains. Turn your face to the Heavens, and rejoice for the blessings that fall! Remember all He has done, and all He has promised to do.

Keep coming back to His table, for it is your oasis of joy, freedom, love, and peace. And good coffee. :-)

With His love,

Laurie & Blossy



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