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While proofreading the final manuscript of Growing Forward When You Can’t Go Back, I found the turning point. Chapter Seven: Reviving Your Heart With Hannah isn’t just pivotal, it’s also one of my favorite chapters in the book.

Reviving Your Heart is a chapter that transitions us from healing to moving forward. It’s time to accept our losses and spend less time in the shadows! Then we start looking ahead with hope, courage, and power.

I also love Esther’s chapter eight (Renewing Your Purpose) because she was so darn smart. Talk about turning points in life! Esther had a purpose, and she created conditions to achieve her goals. She didn’t know for sure if she’d succeed, but she was gonna do her best and maybe even die trying. What a woman.

I can’t wait for you to read Growing Forward! I’d love to hear what chapter—and which Biblical woman—resonates with you. I’m also eager to hear which Blossom Tips you tried, which ones you’d never do, and which ones bored or even irritated you.

Where, I wonder, will you find your own turning point? Maybe you already have.


Speaking of turning points…

“The holidays were terrible,” writes Darold Bigger in Journeying Through Personal Grief in Ministry magazine. “For the first time I learned firsthand what it is to be depressed. Time passes and brings change to the intense reality of our loss. Others told us time would heal. I don’t know that “healing” is yet the right word. “Change,” yes. Certainly change.”

Professor Bigger’s daughter Shannon was murdered during a home invasion. He describes how he, his wife, and his other daughter moved through the loss…and how they may never truly heal.

“We found that sometime between the fourth and sixth month after Shannon’s murder, reality began slipping to memory,” writes Professor Bigger. “We would go for a day or two at a time without thinking about Shannon or her murder. But that realization brought its own sadness. She was now part of the past, not the present.”

His turning point was realizing that his daughter was becoming part of his past, not his present. Or his future.


What was your turning point?

Recall a time in your life that you accepted the truth about something. Maybe you decided to let someone go instead of holding on to what you wish was true. Maybe you chose to leave an unhealthy situation instead of stubbornly and foolishly trying to create something from nothing.

Maybe your turning point was more natural and organic…such as realizing sometime between the fourth and sixth month that you really are moving forward.

Turning points:

Turning Point She Blossoms Tip 47

  • Are evidence of growth, healing, and change. They bring hope to life!
  • Reveal the power for change that is in you. Maybe it’s buried deep right now, but it’s there.
  • Signal a positive shift in your journey.

What was a turning point in your life? Hang on to it, especially if you feel stuck and lost. Remember how God brought you to that turning point, how He sustained you before and after.

Remember Jesus’ turning points? One was when His mom asked Him to take care of the “running low on wine” problem at the wedding. Another was when He spent 40 days in the desert, digging into His relationship with our Father.

The most important turning point in Jesus’ life was when He chose to die so we could have a personal relationship with God. This is also the most important turning point in our own lives, isn’t it?

May you find the strength, peace and joy of a healthy turning point in your life. May you choose to open your heart and mind to God, and to accept whatever He has allowed you to experience. May you move forward in love, look upward in gratitude, and go forth in joy!

With His love,

Laurie & Blossy


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