Travel in Faith: Tips and Tools for Travel That Transforms You

Traveling in faith means everything belongs: missed flights, sketchy hotel rooms, confusing directions, and lost passports! I’m Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen, a Vancouver-based travel blogger, freelance writer, and published author. I share tips and tools to encourage, inspire and transform travelers of all sizes and shapes, cultures and creeds. Since I’m a woman over 50, my articles are probably most interesting to other women over 50. But all are welcome here – especially travelers who are more interested in meaningful vacations than all-inclusive resort holidays (but who also embrace the concept of “everything in moderation” – including beach vacations!).

For years I dreamed of being a travel blogger who helps people — especially women in the second half of life — learn more about faith, life, and their true selves. I’ve also been yearning to learn more about spiritual pilgrimages and solo journeys. Finally, the time has come to put it all together. 

Travel in Faith: Tips and Tools for Travel That Transforms You isn’t just a travel blog. It’s a metaphor for life, for a more meaningful journey in this world. This is the blog I wanted to start a decade ago, but didn’t feel qualified. To be a “real” travel blogger, I thought, I should travel regularly. Often. Maybe even live on the road, or as an expat in Africa or Australia or even America. In the past I’ve written travel articles such as what to pack for an all-inclusive resort vacation in Jamaica and even offered tips for overcoming homesickness for women traveling alone. But things are different now. 

Travel in Faith blog adventurous writer
Me – Traveling in Faith!

I’m turning 50 years old this year, and am ready to challenge myself as a blogger, writer, and traveler. I also want to keep growing into my true self and experience God’s presence on a deeper level. And finally, I’d love to encourage women over 50 to travel in faith and grow spiritually.

That, my dear fellow traveler, is what Travel in Faith is all about — and I’m glad you’re here! Feel free to ask questions or share your thoughts in the comments section below. If you need travel tips or advice for a specific destination, I’ll help if I can.

To learn more about me, read About Laurie. In the meantime, here are my plans for my new blog…

Tips and Tools for Travel That Transforms You

Traveling in Faith isn’t just a blog, and I’m not just a travel writer. This blog represents my journey into the second half of my life. After 12 years of full-time writing, this the first time I’m blogging something I’m truly, deeply, personally passionate about! I really want to share tips and tools for travel that transforms you, my fellow traveler.

This blog is organized into three main categories: Before You Go, On Your Trip, and Home Again. The fourth category is Tips and Tools, which will share travel gear, resources, apps, maps, groups, guides, health tips – anything related to traveling that transforms us.

I don’t have a mission statement for Traveling in Faith yet, but I do have a promise.

Traveling in Faith blog posts:

All articles are designed to encourage travel that is transformational — even life-changing — in some way. Personally enlightening, spiritually inspiring, emotionally healing, socially connecting, physically challenging. 

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The Adventurous Writer – Traveling in Faith

My most recent trip was a month-long solo journey in Nepal, Dubai, and Hong Kong. I’ve also been to Israel, Haiti, St Maarten, Peru, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Venezuela, Cozumel, and Mazatlan. In Europe I’ve traveled to Austria, Germany, Croatia, Italy, France, Scotland, England, Ireland, Spain and Portugal. 

I lived in Kenya, Africa for three years. I was a grade 8 Language Arts and high school journalism teacher. During my stint there I traveled to South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, and Ethiopia. In North America I’ve been to Quebec, Toronto, Edmonton, Winnipeg, New York City, Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Maui and Waikiki. 

The more I see of the world, the more I want to see! I’ve barely scratched the surface, and am ready to go deeper and longer. See why Travel in Faith is the blog I was destined to start?

Feel free to share your comments, stories, and questions below. If you’re part of a travel group or follow a travel blog, please give us the link or information. Your tips and tools are welcome here.

You’ll never get lost if you travel in faith.

In peace and passion,



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  1. Daniel J. Boorstin

    The traveler is active; he goes strenuously in search of people, of adventure, of experience. The tourist is passive; he expects interesting things to happen to him. He goes “sight-seeing.”