The Time You Failed – Blossom Tip 5

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That time you failed

Not winning a draw isn’t a failure…but you’ve failed in other ways, haven’t you? Me, too. We all have.

One of our Blossom members failed her driver’s license test a few weeks ago. She was devastated and discouraged — but she had courage and strength to talk about her failure with us in our She Blossoms Facebook Group. She shared how much it hurt to fail the test, and how bad she felt.

So we came ‘round her. We hugged, comforted, and supported her. We loved her despite her failure – and maybe we even loved her more because of her vulnerability and courage! And, we encouraged her to try again. She wanted to give up on the whole crazy idea of getting a driver’s license, but we nudged her to put herself out there again.

Guess what? Yesterday, she PASSED her driver’s license test! She took the test again and this time she made it! She is officially and legally a driver of an actual car on the actual roads.

“Ever tried, ever failed? No mind. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” – Samuel Beckett.

The Time You Failed Blossom Tip 5I’ve tried and failed, gambled and lost, took a risk and was shut down. Lots of times. Now, looking back, I’m proud of myself for actually taking a chance. Whether I failed or succeeded is less important than the fact that I tried.

Simply trying is an act of faith, courage, and hope. What happens next is anyone’s guess!

Tell me, when was the last time you failed at something? Lost a game, broke in a new paintbrush, sent out your revised resume or business proposal?

When have your dreams been shattered, your hopes slashed in half, your mask discarded? That’s where your greatness lies.

Try again. Fail again. Start over, replant, restore, renew, refresh. Take the test again. Ask someone out for coffee. Make a public comment on a blog post. Join a new group.

For if not now…when?

In peace and passion,


PS I’m going to Israel today! I share a Blossom Tip or two next week as usual, but my plans sometimes get diverted when I’m walking with Jesus. Stay tuned :-)


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1 thought on “The Time You Failed – Blossom Tip 5”

  1. Thank you for your encouragement. Just today, I felt like a failure at work., I had been a few numbers off on my math and I fumbled a few time with other tasks, I am still a newbie in my work place. Your Blossom tips, encouragement and hearing how other people have failed too put a smile back on my face. I am now encouraged and happy again! Thank you so much. Hope your walk with Jesus in Israel is full of insight and love.