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The Real Reason You’re Not Blossoming

I’m in a “support group” of sorts – it’s a recovery program that helps people overcome addictive thoughts and behaviors. We’re all dealing with different types of addictions, from overeating to overthinking.

The Real Reason You’re Not BlossomingOne of the women in the group – let’s call her Bliss – is struggling with her husband’s emotional abuse and alcoholism. They’ve been married for 24 years, and he was drunk the day they met. In hindsight she wonders why she chose to marry him. Now, she said, she’s stuck in the marriage because she doesn’t want her son to come from a broken home.

So Bliss is staying in an unhealthy, abusive marriage for her son’s sake. Later, as she and I were leaving after the group was over, she told me her son is 22 years old, attending university halfway around the world. And she’s starting to take her anger and unhappiness out on him because he isn’t grateful for her sacrifice.

What is the real reason you aren’t Blossoming?

You can see that Bliss is holding herself back. She is choosing to stay married to an abusive alcoholic, for “her child’s sake.”

She’s not the only one! Here’s how I’ve been holding myself back:

Ten years ago I volunteered at a sleepaway Christmas Camp for adults with physical and mental disablilities, through Easter Seals. The camp ran from Dec 22 to Dec 26, and the volunteers’ job was to help take care of the campers so their year-round caregivers and guardians could have Christmas off.

That was the best, most magical, most meaningful Christmas of my life! Maybe it was the snowy rural setting (complete with sleigh rides) and the campers’ childlike belief in Santa Claus (his reindeer-drawn sleigh landed on the roof on Christmas Eve, and the place went wild!!!). Maybe it was the Christmas crafts, cookie decorating, joyful gift opening, or the idea of giving up my Christmas so the caregivers could take some much-needed time off.

Whatever the reason, I Blossomed that Christmas. And yet…I never went back.

What are you holding back from yourself?

Look at your life, your hopes and dreams, your passions and wishes. What if you were the only thing standing in your own way?

“In middle age we are apt to reach the horrifying conclusion that all sorrow, all pain, all passionate regret and loss and bitter disillusionment are self-made.” – Kathleen Norris.

What if you really are in control of your own life?

Guess what I’m doing this Christmas? Going to Christmas Camp, y’all!

I’ve been talking about it for the past decade; every Christmas I tell my husband that I want to volunteer because I need to serve and give and help and be part of something magical again. And every year I ignore my most heartfelt desire – and we don’t even have kids! I don’t even have a child to “blame.” We spend Christmas with loved ones…but those loved ones are adults who we see and talk to regularly. It’s nice and pleasant.

blossom the adventurous writerI was holding myself back from a magical, purpose-filled Christmas because I wasn’t sure what people would think. And I was lazy and passive (because it sure is easier to relax throughout the holiday and let slide the work that needs to be done at Christmas Camp!).

My friend Bliss isn’t Blossoming because she wants her adult son who lives a million miles away to come from an intact family.

What is the real reason you aren’t Blossoming? Who or what are you putting in your own way?

How might you free yourself? It may be easier than you think. And more exciting than you could ever imagine!

In peace and passion,
– Laurie

P.S. We’re flying to Vietnam via Taipei at 2 am tonight for a 3 week vacation, so I may not send an update next week. We’ll see how Vietnam unfolds…take care of yourself while I’m gone!

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