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The Promise – Blossom Tip 9

Promises, promises…

  • The smell of baking bread brings the promise of a hot fresh loaf with a pat of melting butter (and perhaps a sprinkle of salt!).
  • The feel of a puppy’s tongue and sharp little baby teeth brings the promise of play, joy, innocence, and a wee wee in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  • The sight of the moon and stars high in the sky on a clear dark night brings the promise of mystery, beauty, and majesty.
  • The rich taste of dark chocolate with raspberry or caramel, melting in your mouth and perking up your belly brings the promise of comfort and simple gifts.



What promises are you holding on to? What promises in your life have been kept, broken, forgotten, or set aside?

Me, I never felt I was promised anything by anyone. Not my parents, not the world, not my car or body or house. This, I think, is why it’s so easy for me to adapt to change and be grateful for the little things in life! The smell of baking bread, the pleasure of puppy love, the sight of the stars, the taste of chocolate, the warmth and freedom of Jesus, and the feeling of a productive writing day. Bliss…especially if they all happen on the same day :-)


What have you been promised? Were those promises kept or broken, honored or cast aside?


The promises God has for you

Freedom. Healing. Joy. Hope! Grace. Love, compassion, eternal protection for your soul.

promises she blossoms tipGod may not have shielded you from the promises broken by your family, spouse, friends, work colleagues…but He will keep the promises He has made to you.

God promises that you’ll find healing for the emotional wounds you’re struggling with. He promises hope for your future. Jesus promises freedom from whatever is burdening you, from the chains that are holding you back. The Holy Spirit promises wisdom, guidance, and help whenever you reach out.

Those, my friend, are the best promises in the world. God’s promises make the promises of man and the world pale in comparison — yes, even the smell of baking bread, the taste of melt-in-your-mouth chocolate, and the soft lick of a puppy’s kiss.


How do you get God’s promises?

You spend time with Him. You put down your phone, you turn off the television, and you make time every day to listen for His promises and accept what He is waiting to give you.

It’s not easy, I know. You’re distracted, busy, responsible for a dozen things. Or maybe you’re like me: a little too lazy to give the God who created you and gives you breath a simple little nod of recognition.

Maybe you could blow God a kiss right now…I promise you won’t regret it!

The only way to enjoy the gift of His promises is to learn what they are, and open your heart to receiving them. That, my friend, is how you will continue to Blossom into who He created you to be.


Talk to me about promises

What promises are you holding on to? What promises have you made and failed to honor? What has God promised you…and how is He working out those promises in your life?

Remember that you yourself are a fulfillment of His promise to the angels and the world!

God created you for a reason…and He is working out His promises through you, for the benefit of everyone around you. You were put here for a purpose, my friend.

Meet God halfway; do something promising in the world today.

In His light and love,

– Laurie



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