The “A” Word – Blossom Tip 41

She Blossoms Tip 41 AcceptanceOur theme on She Blossoms this week is acceptance.

What are you struggling to accept in your life? Maybe it’s a season that seems never ending, a hurt that isn’t healing, a decision you just can’t live with.

Maybe somebody you love left you, a wound reopened, a dream died.

It happened, and it’s hard. But you’re still here. And you’re want to grow forward into a new life. What’s the alternative, after all?

Acceptance is not:

  • Allowing other people’s choices to dictate your feelings, choices, or future.
  • Passively enduring abuse, toxic relationships, or mistreatment.
  • Tolerating behavior that is harmful to you and others.
  • Waiting for someone to rescue you from your own choices or mistakes.

Above all, acceptance is NOT telling yourself that you can’t move on, you can’t handle the pain, and you aren’t able to let go of a past loss. Those are lies! You have a beautiful, fulfilling life ahead of you – if you can accept the past and move into the future.

The more you tell yourself what you can’t do – the more you tell yourself that you’re lost, unhappy and broken – the worse you will feel.

Acceptance is:

  • Recognizing what you can – and what you can’t – change in your life.
  • Taking responsibility for your own pain, and working towards healing.
  • Acknowledging that you can’t change anyone’s opinions, patterns, choices or behavior. You can only take care of your own heart, choices, and words.
  • Surrounding yourself with healthy, supportive, encouraging people.
  • Choosing to heal and move forward into a new season God has planned for you.

Acceptance is our theme on She Blossoms this week.


Spirit Blossoms – Tip 6:

If you knew what God knows, you wouldn’t change anything in your life. Practice accepting what you can’t change with joy and peace, and changing what you can.

Heart Blossoms – Tip 7:

Heart She Blossoms Tip 7 Acceptance

Sometimes your world has to be turned upside down so your heart can change…and you’ll blossom in ways you’d never imagine!

Soul Blossoms – Tip 8:

“Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each.” – Henry David Thoreau.

Body Blossoms – Tip 9:

Choose to walk forward fearlessly, boldly, and humbly into the new season God has planned for you! You may not have chosen the past, but you can decide to take care of yourself today. Grow forward in healthy ways. Blossom into who God created you to be.

Brain Blossoms – Tip 10:

Acceptance doesn’t mean passive endurance of abuse, injustice, or pain. Acceptance means choosing which battles to fight, and which ones to walk away from.

Soul She Blossoms Tip 8 AcceptanceMy friend, I ask you again: what are you struggling to accept? Take a moment to turn your thoughts around. How would it feel to completely accept it?

This thing happened to you, and it’s terrible. But you’re still here – and you want to grow forward into a new life.

The beginning of true life-changing acceptance is acknowledging the circumstance and choosing to walk into a new season God has planned for you. Slowly, step by step, you’ll find your way forward.

Slowly, step by step, you’ll find your way forward.

And you’ll Blossom in big and little ways.

With His love,




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