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Which Do You Prefer? Blossom Tip 14

Your opinion matters more than you know! Last week (Open Doors – Blossom Tip 13), I mentioned that I’m writing a book to help women walk out of loss, into a new season of life. I’m stuck on a title, and I need your help. Imagine you’re in a bookstore, […]

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Believe in Open Doors – Blossom Tip 3

Believe in Open Doors – Blossom Tip 13

When was the last time a door opened in your life? Did you leap through it, or hold back because it was kinda scary? “Open Doors” is one of the Big Ideas in Chapter 5 of my new “She Blossoms” book, tentatively called Rise: How to Move Forward When Your Heart […]

The First Book in the “She Blossoms” Series Will Be Called…

Blossom: Finding Hope and Healing for Your Heart After Loss is the working title of the first “She Blossoms” book in my series! Of course, “working title” means it could change in 15 minutes. But it’s been the working title for over a month, so it may stick for another […]

First Book in the She Blossoms Series