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3 Surprising Things About Your Past

Regrets? Sure, I have a few. And so do you.

“I regret loving him,” says Anna on Words of Comfort When Your Heart is Broken. “I wish I hadn’t spent ten years with him. I knew I it wasn’t a good relationship from the start, but I stayed with him. I feel like I lost a huge chunk of my life. How do you get over your past when you wish it had never happened?”

We all regret things we said or did. One of the biggest regrets is spending time in a relationship, job, or place when we knew deep down that we shouldn’t be there. Another huge regret is not spending more time with people — and in places — we love.

How do you let go of your regrets and failures, mistakes and bad choices? By holding on to these surprising truths about your past…

1. The problem isn’t your yesterdays…it’s your today

If you’re allowing your present moment to be overshadowed by regrets from your past, then you’re making the biggest mistake of your life. You’re dragging yesterday’s old baggage into today.

Your past — those old choices, regrets, mistakes — isn’t the problem. The choice you’re making today is the problem. If you’re allowing your past to drag you down and hinder you from living fully now, then your problem isn’t those old regrets and failures. Your problem is your refusal to let go of yesterday and start living today.

2. Your past is perfect just the way it is

God’s fingerprints are all over you – and your life! His handiwork is in your joyful smile, gorgeous eyes, unique shape, strong muscles, kind heart. Just like He flung the stars across the sky, He sprinkled your body with the little freckles and moles that make you unique and different than anyone else in the world. His love shines through every pore of your skin, every word you speak, every move you make!

Whatever your past, let it go. It’s perfect because it made you who you are today. God will redeem it by using it to make you stronger and smarter. You learned from your mistakes and regrets — they weren’t a waste of time or energy! They are part of who you are today.

If you’re struggling to detach from someone in your life, read How to Let Go of a Past Relationship.

3. Your past is the key to your future

Look back on the biggest regret in your life. How have you dealt with it?

3 Surprising Things About Your Past

Let Go of the Past

If you haven’t resolved it by accepting it, learning from it, and incorporating its positive lessons into your present life, take time to sit with it. The longer you avoid dealing with your past, the bigger and darker the shadows will grow.

If you find positive ways to process your past regrets, you’ll find yourself embracing your future. You’ll be lighter, you’ll feel free, and you won’t be burdened by things that don’t even exist anymore.

The best way to deal with the past? Hand it over to Jesus. “My yoke is easy and my burden is light,” He said in Matthew 11:30. This means that if you’re a believer, you and He are tied together. He’s got you. You have nothing to fear in the future and nothing to regret in the past.

And — about your past — do you want to know the biggest surprise of all? God had you the whole time. He was with you, even as you fumbled and stumbled. Maybe you dropped the ball, maybe you wandered off the path, maybe you hurt people. But God had His eye on you the whole time, and He was protecting you.

Whatever you’re carrying, set it down. Accept the love, sacrifice, and salvation of Jesus Christ. Live in joy, peace, and freedom today…for today is all you have.

In peace and passion,



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