Squeeze Us, Jesus – A New Christian Blog

Ta da! I hereby announce my new Christian blog! Finally, I’m blogging about the one thing that means more to me than anything. It only took me seven years of wandering around the online desert as a blogger. Good thing God is patient.

christian blogs vancouver bc writers bloggers“Squeeze Me, Jesus” is a Christian blog that offers practical tips and encouragement to believers who feel squeezed by the world. It’s not even a week old yet, but I’ve already written articles such as:

It took me so long to start a Christian blog because I didn’t feel like I knew enough about God, the Bible, theology, or Jesus Christ. It wasn’t until recently that I realized that God wants me to share MY experience of Him! He isn’t asking me to formulate academic theories about Christianity or interpretĀ the first translation of the Bible.

God is just asking me to be me, and to share my relationship with Him. I’m a very practical person, and I feel like my Christian blog might be a helpful resource for believers who have some theological and theoretical knowledge, but need practical tips for Christian living.

Squeeze Us, Jesus – A New Christian Blog

I’ve learned alot in the past year about having a personal relationship with Christ. My heart has been softened, and my whole outlook on life has changed. Not only that – my outlook on myself, my husband, and the people in my life has also been impacted! For the better šŸ™‚

Two factors have changed my relationship with God: Lynn Valley Full Gospel Church in North Vancouver, BC and Tim Keller’s sermons. Keller is the pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City; I listen to his sermon podcasts almost every day when I walk the dogs. I’ll share more specifically how my relationship with God is unfolding on Squeeze Us, Jesus.

I welcome your thoughts on my new Christian blog below – and I hope you come visit!

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May you be inspired and encouraged today, to create and reach and dream…and to be the you God wants you to be.


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4 thoughts on “Squeeze Us, Jesus – A New Christian Blog

  • Christy

    I am new blogger. God has given me an idea of how to spread His message across the United States using free online public education. With this restructuring, students will have the opportunity to receive academic and spiritual education on church campuses. We will finally have the chance to put God back into public education. Please visit my blog to learn more. If you would be willing to link my information to your blogs as well, I would be very grateful. Please help me spread the gospel and reclaim America for Jesus!
    Many Blessings,


  • Glee

    Hi Laurie, itĀ“s so nice to hear that youĀ“ve recently created a place where you can share your experience about Jesus. IĀ“m a long time reader of your blog and every now and then I come over here to see what youĀ“ve been up to. This news is particularly special to me coz like you, Ive also wandered way too long as a blogger, 5+ years of full-time blogging, before I finally listened to GodĀ“s calling of sharing my Christian experience to others. Initially I felt unworthy, even apprehensive of the idea, but last year I launched my Christian blog + magazine and itĀ“s been a fulfilling journey. IĀ“m sure you will find more joy in this new endeavor. God bless to your ministry.

  • Farrell John Conejos

    Hi Laurie,

    It really is refreshing to see your newly made Christian Blog. We all know that religion is a very sensitive topic from time to time. However, it does not mean that creating a blog purely base of your religious belief and a spiritual desire to help others be inspired through the word of our God is prohibited in the internet. May our father God bless you more and may you continue to post sensible, informative and engaging blogs in the future.