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The One Thing That Makes You Blossom Into Life

I have a very serious job for you: find and value at least One Thing that makes you come alive.

One Thing that makes me come alive — in all my Blossomy glory — is listening to podcasts while running and walking backwards up hills at 5:30 in the morning! One of my recent podcast discoveries is HopeWriters; I listened to “God Rest Ye Merry Annie Downs” three times because it sent me shooting off in all directions, like fireworks on Canada Day or the fourth of July.

Here’s what I learned about One Thing that makes you come alive…

Our job this week – and forevermore

It is our responsibility to value One Thing in us that makes us come alive, no matter what it is. Silly, serious, artsy, athletic, creative, cognitive, big, or little…That Thing is whatever energizes and sustains us. Maybe it’s cooking, or creating a garden patch from a pile of dirt. Maybe it’s winning arguments in court, or nursing sick babies in a hospital. Maybe it’s flying a plane, or welcoming guests into your home through sites such as Air BnB.

What ever it is, we must do more of it because it sets us free. We must value at least One Thing, because it is a gift from God. It makes us uniquely “us”, and it is our gift to the world. 

If we can identify One Thing that makes us come alive — the thing that makes us uniquely, freely, creatively us — then we enter into a Blossomy life without even trying. We become ourselves, and we are a gift to the world. Sealed with a holy kiss from Jesus.

Your One Thing is valuable

You must value your gifts — at least One Thing that makes you uniquely you — before you can give it away. Valuing who you are and what you offer, no matter how big or little you think it is your way of honoring God and thanking Jesus for His sacrifice. He chose to die so you could be set free to be yourself, to Blossom into who God created you to be!

Don’t waste your One Thing. Only you stand in your way.

The One Thing That Makes You Blossom Into Life

The One Thing That Makes You Blossom Into Life

“Sometimes we feel empty,” says Gary Morland, co-founder of HopeWriters. “Because we haven’t given ourselves permission to be who we are. We think who we are is immature, or silly, or doesn’t count because were not like other people. So, we disrespect and belittle ourselves, and we don’t allow the fulfillment of our own wiring. We don’t appreciate that we might be made this way on purpose, to fit into our spot in the world, as a gift to other people.”

God wired you to Blossom in a way only you can. Don’t compare yourself to others. Don’t judge your gifts, talents, abilities, or circumstances.

Instead, do That Thing that makes you come alive…and keep doing it until you Blossom over into the lives of others.

How do you come alive?

Reach back in your memory…when was the last time you felt alive, free, full of joy, in the flow of whatever you were doing? That’s the One Thing — or one of the things — that makes you come alive. And that is something you must do more of.

I guarantee your One Thing is not drowning in Netflix or YouTube binges, scrolling through your friends’ Facebook feeds (unless you’re part of our She Blossoms Group!), or shopping Amazon for something else to add to your cart to get free shipping. Those are soul killers, not life givers.

So you tell me: what is at least One Thing that makes you feel fantastic? Go forth and Blossom, because the world needs you. Stand tall and reach for the sun, because God created you to glorify Him.

And in all things, give thanks. Every breath you take is icing on the cake…the real gift is that Jesus loves you no matter what you do. If you accept Him, you have riches, peace, and joy far greater than anything you could ever imagine.

Go. Be. Blossom!

In peace and passion,




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“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” – Howard Thurman.


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