My Broken Arm and New Tattoo

While running this morning, I tripped on a crack in the sidewalk and slammed shoulder-first into the pavement! Hurt like heck; my hubby drove me to the emergency room and I’m slated for orthopedic surgery tomorrow morning.

So this week’s Blossom Tip is different than usual. But it’s fun because I’m sharing two short, sweet videos of me and Ruach :-)

Laurie's she blossoms Christian tattoo Ruach Holy SpiritI got a tattoo while I was in Nashville! I wanted to tell you about it today, but I’m typing with one hand (thank God I broke my left one, not my right!) and I need to go lie down.

I made two one-minute You Tube videos that show and tell you about my new tattoo. It’s my first “on camera” appearance, and it’s hilarious!

Here’s the link to my first attempt to show you my new tattoo – Laurie’s Funny Christian Tattoo.

And here’s the link to my second try, which explains it better- Laurie’s new Christian tattoo – Ruach (the Holy Spirit!).

Do you have any pre-surgery advice, tips or stories for me? I’d love to read your emails while I’m recuperating…even just a little “Greetings from Vietnam/Surinam/Scotland/Venus” would be lovely! Prayers are welcome too – pray for the surgeon, nurses, hospital staff, equipment, recovery, and God’s holy presence through it all.

Thank you. I love knowing you’re part of my lovely She Blossoms garden!

Warmly (and groggily),




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