How to Blossom When You Don’t Feel Inspired

Where do you find inspiration when you feel unmotivated, bored, and even empty inside? How do you create meaningful work – a meaningful life – if you aren’t inspired? Some writers believe that dreaming at night is the heart and soul of good writing. Other writers aren’t inspired by their dreams at all! Here’s how dreams inspire famous writers like Isabel Allende, Stephen King, and Amy Tan.

“You write a book and it’s like putting a message in a bottle and throwing it into the ocean,” says Isabel Allende in Writers Dreaming: William Styron, Anne Rice, Stephen King, and 23 Other Writers Talk About Their Dreams and the Creative Process by Naomi Epel. “You don’t know if it will ever reach any shore. And sometimes it falls in the hands of the right person.”

And it’s not just books! Your “message in a bottle” can be a home garden, work project, theme vacation, magazine article, blog post, family celebration or even a memorial service for someone you love. But how do you blossom and create something amazing when you have no inspiration?

The following quotes from famous authors reveal how they get and stay inspired to write. Maybe you’ll find something to increase your motivation and spark your creativity.

Maya Angelou

“I do believe dreams have a function. I don’t see anything that has no function, not anything that has been created. I may not understand its function or be able to even use it, but I believe it has a reason. The brain is so strange and wondrous in its mystery. I think it creates a number of things for itself – it creates launching pads and resting places – and it lets steam off and it reworks itself.”

Sue Grafton

“I have never seen any particular connection between the circumstances of my life and the dreams themselves. I do believe that often our dreams carry our emotional states, so that you can look at a dream in terms of its overriding emotion…but I have not been able to see any direct connection between events.”

Stephen King

“Every now and then dreams come in handy. When I was working on It – which was this really long book – a dream made a difference….I just took the dream as it was and put it in the book. Dropped it in. I didn’t change anything.”

Maurice Sendak

“Dreams don’t ever directly influence my work in terms of plot, movement, or even idea. Never. What dreams do is raise the emotional level of what I’m doing at the moment. They add color or counterpoint to the work, acting as an almost symphonic accompaniment to what I’m doing.”

Amy Tan

“The kind of imagination I use in writing, when I try to lose control of consciousness, works very much like dreams. The subconscious takes over and it’s fun. I discover things I could never pull up if I were really trying to. When I get into a dream world I can create fiction by going down surprising pathways.”

How do your dreams inspire you?

I’m inspired by making plans and talking about my future! For instance, yesterday I wrote How to Make Your RV Retirement Dreams Come True.

You are as powerful as you choose to be. You can show up in your own life, heal your broken heart, and take action. You can create a fulfilling, meaningful life. Millions of women don’t have any opportunities to choose, grow, move, or breathe freely…but you do. Millions of women are shrouded, oppressed, silenced and trapped…but you aren’t.

Choose to act and dream and create and be – even when you don’t feel inspired – simply because you can.



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1 thought on “How to Blossom When You Don’t Feel Inspired”

  1. Thank you Laurie! Dreaming is a great source of inspiration for me. When I go to bed, I remind myself that I want to remember what I dream about. I sometimes even set my alarm to go off every couple of hours so I wake myself up. If I’m dreaming it’s fresh in my mind.
    I also try to wake up slowly to stay in the mood of my last dream.
    Dreaming is a great way to be inspired to blossom!!!
    Early Summer