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How to Blossom When You Don’t Feel Inspired

  • Laurie 

You can’t heal her – the daughter, niece or neighbor who is trying to fill the hole in her soul with food, sex, drugs, clothes, cutting.

Blossom for Her SakeYou can’t bring them back – the mother, sister, or best friend you lost. The brother, uncle, father who was taken from you too early, unfairly, heartbreakingly.

You can’t set them free – the archeology professor who is detained and imprisoned in Iran, the innocent journalist who was beheaded in Syria.

But you can free yourself. You can recover, rebuild, heal. You can bring yourself back.

You may be powerless to change the lives of the sad or depressed people you know, the self-destructive girls in your city and country, or the oppressed women in Iran…but you have access to all the power you need to change your own life.

You are as powerful as you choose to be. You can show up in your own life, heal your broken heart, and take action. You can create a fulfilling, meaningful life.

Millions of women don’t have any opportunities to choose, grow, move, or breathe freely…but you do. Millions of women are shrouded, oppressed, silenced and trapped…but you aren’t.

Choose – even when you don’t feel inspired – simply because you can.



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May the peace and joy of God, which surpasses all understanding, guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. And may you Blossom!


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