Seeking Successful Published Authors

My newest book idea – which I’m totally in love with! – is tentatively titled 25 Published Authors Reveal Their Biggest Blunders — and What They Learned. I’m gathering true stories from well-known writers about their failures and fixes, so other writers, fans, and readers in general can see resilience in action!

Participating in this project gives published authors the chance to help other writers, make themselves more real (and therefore liked!) to your fans, and take a break from their own projects.

This book idea springs from my own blunder. I was recently asked, “Do you always write the same article for different publications?” by a magazine editor, with whom I worked regularly.  I’d written two embarrassingly similar articles for two different publications — one for hers, and one for a major national website. When she caught this (and they always do), she tore a strip off me.

See the scar? It symbolizes what professional writers should never do, but also serves as a reminder that some bridges can be rebuilt. Despite my blunder, this editor is still giving me assignments! (phew)

If you’re a successful published author, will you contribute a similar experience to this book?  Author Blunders is currently at the pitch stage; I’m represented by Jon Sternfeld of the Irene Goodman Literary Agency.  Here are my four questions – you can answer generally at this stage, but when this book sells, I’ll follow up for more details:

1. What was your biggest writing “faux pas”? (anything from leaving the only copy of your manuscript in the back seat of a taxi to ostracizing a group of readers)

2. What steps did you take to fix your blunder? Were you successful – or does your mistake still haunt you?

3. What would surprise readers (who are new and pro writers, fans of published authors, starving artists, etc) to learn about your writing career — or writing in general?

4. How can I refer to you in this book? Please give me a 2-3 sentence bio, including your credentials, books published, and most recent title.

Email or comment below if you’re interested. I’d love to hear from you!

And, if you’re interested learning more about writing blunders, read 5 Signs You Can Trust Your Boyfriend After He Cheated.

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