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The Secret to Blossoming  

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The longer something takes to evolve, the better – and more precious – it is. Be gentle with yourself when you’re struggling to create, find, or overcome something. Take a deep breath, and allow it to evolve naturally. Even better: Allow yourself to dream! I’m approaching my the second half of my life and often find myself daydreaming about where in the world I’ll go for my 50th birthday.

Taking a break from your daily routine, whether you travel somewhere new or just walk home from work on a different street, can help you see yourself and others differently. Dream about travel, even about traveling in faith to places that scare you! You might see your life from a new perspective and get to appreciate it more than before. You may even begin to understand and accept why some things happen.

Maybe you’re… 

What I’m Letting Blossom

Hallelujah! After years of frustration, wailing, and laboring I finally found what I was looking for. I love blogging, but I need to go deeper. I want to go beyond writing tips-based articles; I want to find my voice as a blogger and as a woman. Morphing my blogs from “Quips and Tips” to “Blossom” was the first step. The second step, now underway, is narrowing my focus to specific ways of serving specific people.

For Blossom in Love, my mission is to encourage women to blossom in their selves and spirits, to find their anchor in God, and to be free from the burdens of powerlessness, hopelessness, fear, and self-hatred. If we find ways to blossom and grow our authentic selves, our relationships will flourish. And, remember: to flourish, we must prune the garden and weed out the dead branches.

The Secret to Blossoming
The Secret to Blossoming

In Blossom in Life, my mission is to walk alongside women who are facing different types of loss: a life partner, job, relationship, family member, pet, dreams. I bind wounds, encourage different types of healing, and point out blossoms along the way.

On Travel in Faith: Tips and Tools for Travel That Transforms You I am living my dream of wandering, witnessing, and writing. This blog is for women over 50, who are more interested in meaningful vacations than all-inclusive resort holidays (but who also embrace the concept of “everything in moderation” – including beach vacations!).

It took a long time to get here.

Whatever you want in your life, give it time and space to grow. Nurture it, feed it, but don’t push it. Focus on what you want to blossom in your life, but don’t push it into existence before it’s ready.You will receive the desires of your heart. It may not appear exactly the way you expect or look precisely the way you imagine, but something will blossom.

And it will be better than you could ever have dreamed.

My favorite quote about blossoming

“Let your mind be quiet, realizing the beauty of the world, and the immense, the boundless treasures that it holds in store,” said Edward Carpenter. “All that you have within you, all that your heart desires, all that your nature so specially fits you for – that or the counterpart of it waits embedded in the great Whole, for you. It will surely come to you. Yet equally surely not one moment before its appointed time will it come. All your crying and fever and reaching out of hands will make no difference. Therefore do not begin that game at all.”

What game do you need to stop playing? How can you prepare yourself to receive the desires of your heart?

May you find the perfect balance between pursuing your dreams and allowing your Blossoms to unfold naturally. I welcome your thoughts below on my “secret to blossoming.” May you find the perfect balance between pursuing your dreams and allowing your blossoms to unfold naturally.

Blessings and Blossoms,


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