Say “Meeeoowww” and Blossom Like a Cat

I recently spent 5 or 6 days wandering around Los Angeles, meowing like a cat.

“Meeeoww!” said I out loud every time I caught myself judging a person, place, or thing. For example, some areas of some Hollywood streets are smellier than others. When I found myself wrinkling my nose and wondering how the glamorous men and women of LA could stand the disgusting smell of old urine baked into the sidewalk, I would let a big loud “meeeeoww!” leap from my lips. Even if people were nearby.

Why meow? Because that’s what cats do. And I am becoming more catlike, like a pussy willow Blossoming into a flexible reed that may bend but won’t be broken by the winds of time or happenstance.

And because fighting stuff takes energy.

More specifically: trying to fight the past, or stuff I can’t change, or my regrets and mistakes, is draining the positive energy, joy, peace, and freedom from my life.

CAT is Curious Accepting Trusting

When I find myself judging myself or others, I say “meeeeoww” and remind myself that my energy and time is best spent being Curious, Accepting, and Trusting.


Instead of assuming I know everything, I ask myself questions.

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“Why are some streets so smelly? Maybe because people and dogs pee outside, and there’s been a drought in LA for 5 years, and they’re not wasting water washing the streets.”

When you find yourself judging yourself or others, ask yourself a few gentle questions. Who is this person you’re criticizing, what do you know about her, where has she been, what has she experienced, and why are you assuming you know better? Are you sure your way is better?

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but satisfaction brought her back.


Be gentle with yourself and the person, place or thing. Let go of your expectations, your “shoulds”, and your assumptions that you know better. Adopt an open mind and heart.

When you find yourself criticizing yourself or others, remind yourself how much time and energy you’re wasting on your own unrealistic and ignorant expectations. Instead of fighting reality (yes, some streets and people and situations are super stinky), just allow the thing to be. It has as much right to exist as you do. Who are you to say something should not be what it is?


Everything Belongs, even if you can’t see why or how. Everything Belongs, even if you didn’t put it there.

There is a reason your life is unfolding this way. There is a reason you chose to take that action, say those words, or go down that street. Trust God that even if you don’t know why something happened, it is there because it is supposed to be.

My friend, you don’t have all the answers. Worse – your unmet, unfulfilled expectations are tripping you up and bringing you down. Your expectations are wasting your time and energy. Your “shoulds” are distracting you from the peace, joy, and freedom that being catlike offers.

So, say “meeeoowww” out loud when you beat yourself up for this or judge her for that. Memorize and recite CAT to yourself – and I guarantee you will be surprised at how quickly your judgements and criticisms fade away! Peace and joy will be yours, you precious little kitty cat.

Meeeooowwww and Blossom. Out loud. Boldly.

In peace and passion,


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4 thoughts on “Say “Meeeoowww” and Blossom Like a Cat”

  1. I rescued my cat from the Hong Kong SPCA in September 2000. After many adventures in Asia, we moved to my home, North Carolina. My landlady said she walked her cat on a leash all the time, so I gave it a shot. Picasso is the slowest walker I’ve ever seen. I let go of the leash most of the time. She was busily observing, i.e. smelling, everything. If I were 10% as observant as she is, I would surely blossom. Right now she’s sleeping on the couch, though. Adequate sleep also helps you blossom. I haven’t tried meowing in public, but it would make those networking events more interesting.

  2. yes i really agree with you. i am sometimes intend to judge people that are different from me. we are being judge mental because the person is being different or being better than us. i hope that i can stop judge people and say meowww loudly and boldly.