Recovering From Mistakes Freelance Writers Make

My latest freelance assignment is for a writing magazine in the U.S. – and I need experienced freelance writers to share their email blunders. This article will help both new and experienced writers navigate the ups and downs of a writing career! 

By the way, as I write this I keep wondering if writers should talk about their article or book ideas…

But I’m taking the plunge! Here’s the scoop for this project (aka the email I’m sending to freelance writers who might be interested): I’m a full-time freelance writer and blogger, working on an article for Writer’s Digest.  Publication date TBA. 

This article – “Recovering From Email Blunders” – is about hitting “send” — only to spot a glaring error just as the email launched into cyberspace.  This article will describe several embarrassing, funny, and/or unusual email mistakes made by writers.

If you’d like to contribute, here are my 4 questions…. If you don’t have an email blunder but want to share your mistake on my Quips & Tips for Successful Writers website, please feel free! I’ll include your bio and links, and send you the post when it’s live. If this works for you, please also include 3 tips for bouncing back from the type of mistake you made (because it’s a tips-based blog!).

  1. What were the details of your email blunder? Who did you send it to, what did it say, what was it supposed to say, and when did you realize your mistake?
  2. How do you fix your “failure”? Did you do anything to remedy the situation?
  3. What would surprise writers to learn about making mistakes in freelancing or writing in general?
  4. How would you like to be referenced in this article? (books published, credentials, etc). 

Please just answer briefly; if I need to, I’ll follow up with questions. Though I’d prefer to use real names, I’m open to protecting innocent parties. 🙂

And for the sidebar, called “Tips for Pitching Email Queries”:

  1. What are your 2 most important tips for pitching editors via email?
  2. How would you like to be referenced in this article? (books published, credentials, etc).

Also – feel free to pass this email to other established freelance writers, if you think they’d be interested.

Please respond by email, by Friday July 3. If I can use your information in this article, I’ll be in touch by July 16.

Also, if you’re interested in submitting a guest post for my blog, Quips & Tips for Successful Writers, I’d be happy to have you. Your previously published articles or blog posts are fine — as long as they’re tips-based and related to writing, blogging, freelancing, copyrighting, ghostwriting, publishing, editor, or even reading. If I can use your submission, I’ll send you the link as soon as it’s live.

Thanks for your time!


P.S. If you have any questions or thoughts on this source call for recovering from mistakes freelance writers make, please comment below…

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