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About Laurie

Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen Vancouver blogger writer
Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

Greetings from rainy Vancouver, BC, Canada! My name is Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen; I’m a full-time writer and blogger. My degrees are in Psychology and Social Work from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, and I also have a Master of Social Work (MSW) from the University of British Columbia. I love learning :-)

I live in a treehouse overlooking the Pacific Ocean with my husband, two dogs, cat, and other assorted animals. We live across the street from a forest, and often run into bears, coyotes, owls, raccoons, skunks, bats, and even the occasional bobcat. Meow. I mean, Rooaaarrr!!!!!

Growing Forward She Blossoms Laurie Pawlik

My first traditionally published book is called Growing Forward When You Can’t Go Back and published by Bethany House. Growing forward is about moving through loss into a new season of life. I’ve been through a lot – and I bet you have, too. It hasn’t been easy, has it? But our stories aren’t over yet! The echoes of Jesus tell us that best is yet to come.

I created my She Blossoms blog and book family over 10 years ago. Talk about dreams coming true – and staying alive for a decade! I love blogging for a living. I started Quips & Tips for Successful Writers (now called Writing Blossoms) when I first started freelancing for magazines in 2008. My most recent blog is Echoing Jesus

A Glimpse of My Life

My mom struggled with schizophrenia and nervous breakdowns my whole life; I lived in three foster homes and was living on my own at 17 years old. My mom lives in a group home for elderly adults with mental and physical disabilities in Saskatchewan.

I follow Jesus but my dad is Jewish, born and raised in Jerusalem, Israel. He still lives there. I didn’t meet him until I went to Israel when I was 29 years old.

I lived in Kenya, East Africa for three years. I taught Grade 8 Language Arts and High School Journalism at Rosslyn Academy, an American school for missionaries’ and ex-pat kids in Nairobi.

My undergraduate degrees are in Education and Psychology from the University of Alberta, in Edmonton. My Master of Social Work (MSW) is from the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver, Canada.

I started volunteering with the Big Sisters/Big Brothers organization in 2012; my “Little” Sister was 11 when we were matched. Soon I’ll be visiting her in Quebec — her dream is to attend university in Montreal! I was a Little Sister myself when I was 10 years old, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I’m still in touch with my Big Sister today; she lives in Toronto, Ontario.

As a freelance writer, I’ve written for a wide range of magazines such as Reader’s Digest, Woman’s Day, MSN Health, Natural Health, Spirituality & Health, and sometimes More.

I didn’t get married until I was 35. I married Bruce, who I met when I was 18 and he was 21. He was a bartender at Chi Chi’s Mexican Restaurant, and I was a waitress. We were friends for a long, long time (17 years!) before we finally got married. We struggled with infertility and can’t have children because of azoospermia. We chose not to get in vitro fertilization (IVF), though we did try intrauterine insemination (IUI). Those fertility treatments didn’t work; we decided not to adopt or foster kids.

Laurie Pawlik Kienlen Blossom Tips ebook

I’ve written several “She Blossoms” books and ebooks, and have been earning a full-time living as a blogger and writer since 2008. My first ebook is How to Let of Someone You Love: 3 Powerful Secrets (and 75 Tips!) for Healing Your Heart.

Currently I’m studying Christian theology at Regent College in Vancouver, Canada. My goal is to earn my Master of Theological Studies degree within the next couple of years. I’m a full-time student, writer, and follower of Jesus.

After I turned 40, I got my Master of Social Work (MSW) and taught myself to play the flute. I also started painting with oils and acrylics (a dream come true!). I also went on my first mission trip to Haiti.

I’ll be 50 soon; I dream of wandering the world, seeing what the Holy Spirit is up to, and writing about stuff.

My “She Blossoms” Blog Family

I started blogging as a way to make money more than 10 years ago, which means I have a huge variety of articles. I’ve changed so much since I first started The Adventurous Writer and my “Quips and Tips” blogs – and I’m not thrilled with everything I wrote. I’m a new person now, but I don’t want to delete or erase my old blog posts. I’m trying to update them to reflect the new me (the Holy Girl God created me to be!), but it takes a lot of time to rewrite 2,000 blog posts!

My past is part of who I am today, and who God is creating me to be. Thus, my past articles and blog posts reflect who I was when I first started writing. They aren’t who I am now. Though I’d love to rewrite all my old articles (for both writing/editing practice and to reveal who I am today), it’s not a top priority because I’m no longer concerned what people think. I know who I am in Christ, and that’s all that matters.

My two most popular blogs are: 1) How Love Blossoms – articles about marriage, relationships, and healing from breakups, divorce, and other losses in love; and 2) Blossom Tips – articles about life, work, family, career, and spirituality.

Laurie Pawlik Kienlen Vancouver blogger writer Blossom
Jackson and Me

Originally called Quips and Tips for Love and Relationships, She Blossoms contains my first love and relationship articles. That blog grew too big — a victim of its own success — and I had to plant and grow a new garden.

Once called Quips and Tips for Achieving Your Goals, Life Blossoms has all my first articles about goals, life, family, and work.

Originally Quips and Tips for Successful Writers, Writing Blossoms is the first blog I started, back in 2008! My goal was to share my writing journey and help my fellow scribes get published.

And finally, I started Quips and Tips for Couples Coping With Infertility when my husband and I discovered we can’t have kids. Health Blossoms contains my articles about trying to get pregnant and deal with childlessness.

Farewell – For Now!

Your thoughts are welcome on any of my blogs – I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to introduce yourself in the comments section below, or on any blog post.

Take good care of yourself, for you are a child of God…and that means you are worth taking good care of.

In peace and passion,


35 thoughts on “About Laurie”

  1. Very interesting. What is your attitude toward Biblical prophecy today? I know sincere Christians who have no idea of how today’s events are prophecy unfolding but know they are missing a lot and try to get everyone interested. The Late, Great Planet Earth was just an appetizer and the feast is in full swing now. I hate for anyone to miss it.

    I’m glad you got to meet your father; I love the Jewish people and have been called a Noahide gentile. .

  2. Dearest Laurie ,

    It is with a grateful heart I write this. Your blog has empowered , encouraged and enlightened me.
    Your blog has taught me to take an honest look at myself and my marriage.
    I reas various articles about abusive marriages and husbands who criticize their wives . By the time I finished the article Bkit husbands who criticize their wives … I suddenly got a lump in my throat and thought OH OH, my behavior does warrant his criticism.. I’m late, unprepared, disorganized, lose or misplace things CONSTANTLY, spendthrift and spoiled rotten by my husband.
    We had a huge blowup this morning(and he just had surgery for a GIST tumor removal ..(cancerous ) I was FURIOUS that his son (my age) came to visit and spoke to me like crap in my house .. & my husband didn’t defend me! I was MAD. I defend him if anyone hints at treating my husband poorly. It just enraged me .. I said horrible things ..I asked(screamed) “why can’t you apologize to me for your son speaking to me like crap..?” my husband ignored me and said I’m a piece of sh* and he is not apologizing for anything.. meanwhile I am here caring for him and making sure he is ok.. that is my wifely duty and honor . Sickness and in health! I guess I’m writing because I feel lost. Sad, confused, unhappy and feel my husband is right. Maybe I do deserve what he says ..
    I’m in need of prayer .& like you .. I’m half Jewish, raised in a highly dysfunctional family.. damaging childhood, a mom who was def with issues..(never drank or smoked or left us to fend for ourselves ) but a manipulator & not a nurturer.. encouraged me with not so great decisions (being with a married man) I never did deugs, drank or acted in a disrespectful way to these.. just myself..
    I’m lost today.. and not sure what is right or wrong ..
    Again, your blog has helped to ease my heart, be rational in my thoughts & brutally honest about myself and my faults.
    I pray Thai too shall pass..
    by the way I’m 52 and my husband is 78 . I’ve been with him since I was 26!
    Who knows? You can follow me on IG .. my handle is Flipinista .. get an idea of who I am.



  3. Ive stumbled across your site in the small hours of another wakeful night – London UK. Struggling with attempting to reconcile with a long term partner after he cheated. Laurie, you’ve certainly got a varied past…present & future 😊. Looking forward to reading the various articles & postings on your site. Will no doubt give me food for (constructive [much needed]) thought.

    Like you, Ive travelled extensively, was in Vancouver recently.

  4. Laurie,
    You are a blessing…feeling alone as another Valentine’s Day looms.
    I resolve to get through all this and keep on believing that there is someone out there who is a good man.
    Blessings, V.

  5. Hello Laurie,
    I would like to ask you a favor please. I left a comment on your Love Blossoms page about my marriage. I am pleased to say my wife and I are ok now, and would like my comment deleted.
    Could I please ask you to remove my post?
    Thank you so much, and I look forward to hearing from you.

  6. Hi Laurie

    first of all I would like to thank you for taking this bold step to talk about yourself and the hurt you went through, made my hurts look like nothing. Your blogs have helped in a big way I was in adultrous relationship for 7 years and finally broke it off this year 2018. At first thought I was ok but I recently I started missing him a lot and didnt know what to do with my feelings. I searched on the internet for help and it took me to your website and I felt encouraged that am here for a purpose and God isnt done with me yet. And also why I enjoy your blogs its because they are guided by Godly principles which is a path am passionate about. My name is Pamela and am from Africa, Zimbabwe.
    I feel blessed thank you so much continue helping women in distress God Bless you abundantly

  7. Thank you so much for your comments! You made my day brighter and happier, and I will return here often to re-read your lovely thoughts :-)

    May you be filled with light, life, love, and peace that surpasses all understanding.


  8. hey Laurie thank you so much for your amazing advice and inspirations that changes my life simply I might not have a lot to say but I know I used to have a lots of things to change in my life and I’m seeing the way thank you so much God bless.

  9. Hello Laurie, as a man, I’ve very much enjoyed tapping into your website. Your observations and insights into the human condition, particularly involving that ‘ol devil called love’, offer compassion and hope, not only to women, but also men, who also need to know how to let go and recover from one of life’s most difficult traumas, and as a man of faith I applaud you for your acknowledgement to God’s work in our lives, and that only He wants the best for all of us. Thank you for your wise and helpful words, keep on trucking!

  10. God bless you Laurie. You’re prayer after a breakup was so beautiful. I would cry but Lord knows I’ve bawled so much over my break up. Yes, I was seemingly in love with this man but he was selfish and confused and I broke it off to possibly spare me a future heartbreak. It was hard letting go and I doubt that I’m in the clear but like him, I have to be selfish too and focus on me. In the midst of it I can only seek and trust God although it is real hard.
    Anyway girl…I love that you love God and your advice is sound, sensible and timely.

  11. Hi Laurie! Thank you so much for your many pearls of wisdom. I am 11 months post a five year relationship breakup and I am humiliated to admit I still to this day like every feel like I am slowly dieing inside. I have done everything to get over him … Even seeing a psych Dr bi monthly for medication and therapy. I am so broken and I feel my life has been destroyed. See my ex was a former drug addict who dumped me after I spent every dime and ounce of energy on him to get him clean. Well he’s clean and dumped me like a pile of crap after getting off drugs and finding someone new. Laurie I would greatly appreciate any pearls you could share with me! I know I’m wasting my life and hurting others… But my pain is not about them! I so feel like doing. Hugs! Lizzie

  12. keep growing strong each and every day as you go through the stages of leaving abusive relationships…
    this is the key and never give up
    believing in yourself

  13. Hey Laurie,

    I came across on some pretty cool academic research that proves that mindfulness makes you more attractive to the opposite sex and that it enables you to deal with breakups.

    The paper by Janz, Pepping and Halford of the University of Queensland and La Trobe University, determined that women prefer men who possess a high level of “dispositional mindfulness,” even to those who are much more attractive.

    If you’d like me to forward that research your way, let me know and I’ll gladly send it over.


  14. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Thanks, Julia – it’s so lovely to hear from you!

    You brightened up my day, and I really appreciate your comments.

    In peace and passion,

  15. Dear Laurie,
    thank you so much for this site! I’ve just posted a comment in one of your forums but simply had to go and see what else is there on your blog. I am currently struggling in my relationship but your words gave me hope. Maybe I just have to be more patient..and if things don’t turn out the way I expected I can still check out your thoughts on “how to mend a broken heart” etc. . Thanks for being there! God bless. All the best from Germany, Julia

  16. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen


    Thank you for your comment – and for your amazing family travel blog! Wow, it’s incredible to see what you’re experiencing. Very cool, thank you for sharing.

    Yes, you may quote me….and send me the link when you do! :-)

    Blessings and safe sailing,

  17. Hi Laurie, I’ve been enjoying your blog, thank you. I am writing a writing book and found something brilliant you wrote on your blog I’d like to quote, with your permission. Please email me. All the best, Michael

  18. Hi Laurie, I like writing and I was wondering if you could give me advice on journalism and such. Thanks.
    Shania, a junior in highschool

  19. Laurie,
    I just found your website and was almost in tears reading your kind expressions of encouragement and prayers for strength for those who are struggling. I came looking for ideas on how to encourage a friend who is in an abusive relationship, but didn’t see anything. Have you written anything for those of us who are trying to help a friend, or perhaps have a suggestion on where to go for resources?

    Thanks for what you are doing. It is a field foreign to me, but I can see that you are impacting so many through this blog.

  20. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Dear Cindy,

    Thank you so much for pointing this out to me! I added the word NEVER to that sentence, which makes all the difference in the world.


  21. Laurie,

    Typo serious
    In: 5 stages of leaving abuse
    These five stages of abuse below are based on research. It’s important to remember it’s a woman’s “fault” that she’s staying in an emotionally or physically abusive relationship.
    Thank you for all you do

  22. laurie,

    I just wanted to say thank you….
    this amazingly wonderful forum on the stages of leaving an abusive relationship
    shows us we are not alone out there….yahhhhhh
    we are all vulnerable…that is ok….
    that is ok…we must learn to
    love ourselves and not be
    afraid to move past victim role
    there are many many great books
    Mothers on Trial
    Trauma and Recovery
    so many more….


  23. Hi Laurie-
    I met a wonderful man, who from the beginning kept saying that he was in love with me. I liked him, but never at the time said: “I Love You”. He would always say you’ll fall in love with me, you’ll see.
    Well, six months later I was obsessed with this man and so in love with him. My world revolved around him. Butterflies in my stomach, just knowing he was coming to see me.
    July, my job layed me off and he stopped calling me and would not return my calls. When he finally called me, his response was that he fell out of love with me and that he’s so sorry that he pulled me into his web. This man has been in the military his whole life and has issues with PTSD. He immediately started seeing another woman, but only sees her one day a week. He said that he doesn’t see her often, because he doesn’t want to hurt her the way he hurt me. I am obsessed over this man. I find myself driving past his house. I even found out who the woman was and went to see what she looked like. I have gone out on a few dates, but I find my thoughts floating back to him. Please give me some advice on how to get past him.

  24. Dear Victoria,

    Thank you for being here – I hope you are surviving this huge change in your life! You’re moving on to a new chapter, and it’s both scary and exciting. At least, I hope it’s a bit exciting for you :-) You are on the road to getting healthy and strong.

    I’m not sure what sort of advice you need about moving out, but I wrote this article for you:

    I hope it helps, and wish you all the best as you move forward. My prayer for you is that you find the right friends to support you and the resources you need to be happy, healthy, and strong. Most of all, I pray for emotional and spiritual strength, so you can face whatever lies ahead. May you find the answers you seek, and learn how to live with the questions.


  25. hello my name is Victoria and ive been dating a guy for 3 years and im in love but we have been fighting for a long Time nonstop its been to the point where im done for good but I need help moving on with my life hes the only I tought of being with but now im moving I did the first step by changing my phone number what do I do now?

  26. Thanks for your comment, Christine. While I wish I could respond to every person who writes in, I just can’t! I agree that I shouldn’t have missed the comment that particular reader made – but sometimes I get so many comments, I can’t keep up.

    That’s why I encourage readers to seek counseling in person, and tell them I can’t offer personal advice. I could make things worse by trying to advise people online, especially when it comes to love and relationships.

    I write articles that give information and try to encourage people to seek help in person. I try to encourage them to get support and guidance, and am honest and clear about the fact that I can’t offer personal advice or counseling.

  27. I read your blog this morning and there is a post from a woman who is wishing she would die. The post was made within the last month. Don’t you think you have a moral obligation to respond to her post or seek the advice of a professional? When you create a highly emotional meta tag site you should have a plan to respond to posts.

  28. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Hello Tiersa,

    Here are my guidelines:

    Guidelines – Writing for Quips and Tips

    Looking forward to hearing from you!


  29. Hi Laurie,

    I have a guest post article ready for your site and was wondering if you could e-mail again, so that I can make sure it conforms to your guidelines. Thanks!

  30. Derek,

    Thank you for being here — I’m glad you took the time to comment! Good luck in your chosen path; I’m sure you’ll be incredibly helpful to people.

    Best wishes,

  31. I just wanted to say that I stumbled upon your website while visiting MyBlogGuest. I’m in awe of the helpful information you provide to your readers and your background and experience. I can see why you are a successful Author, Writer and Freelance Blogger. I hope to one day be able to help people mend broken relationships and better their lives as you appear to be doing through your websites and writing.

    Best wishes,


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