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Valentine’s Day Getaway – 10 Tips for a Romantic Maui Vacation

A Valentine’s Day getaway is a great way to say “I love you”! I wrote these tips for a romantic vacation at the Aston Maui Kaanapali Villas on the Kaanapali stretch in Maui.

Before the tips, a quip:

“The most important things are the hardest to say, because words diminish them.” ~ Stephen King.

What do you want to tell your spouse or lover (or both!)? Daily, consistent actions are more important than saying “I love you” in words.

If you struggle to express your love, read 80 Ways to Say “I Love You”. You’ll never run out of ideas!

And, here are ten tips for romance on Valentine’s Day in Maui…

Valentine’s Day Getaway – 10 Tips for a Romantic Maui Vacation

1. Don’t settle for a hotel room – book a condo. This may not seem like the most romantic tip in the world, but believe me, you’ll want to eat dinner or breakfast in your room after your most intimate moments! Most condos have full kitchens, which saves you money on eating in restaurants. If you stock the fridge and pantry when you arrive, you’ll be set for breakfast or dinner in bed. And what’s more romantic than breakfast in bed on Valentine’s Day?

2. Splurge on a condo with an ocean view. It’s more expensive, but looking at the Pacific Ocean is part of a romantic Maui vacation on Valentine’s Day. It’s worth the splurge; you’ll never forget the view because it’ll inspire you to express your love in more meaningful ways. Picture yourself having coffee on your balcony when the sun rises, and wine when the sun sets. Ahhh…I can’t wait for my Valentine’s Day getaway! We went to Maui last year, and will be in Waikiki this year.

3. Consider an all-inclusive getaway on Valentine’s Day. If you stay at an all-inclusive resort, you won’t have to worry about food or cooking in your hotel room. An all-inclusive resort might even be more romantic than staying at a condo with a full kitchen in Maui, depending on your tastes and needs. If you are leaning towards an all-inclusive romantic honeymoon getaway, here are some fantastic things to do in Maui, on my Quips and Tips for Achieving Your Goals blog.

4. Plan a Valentine’s Day surprise every morning. If you really want to make it a romantic Maui vacation, surprise him or her with a new gift every day. Pack a grab bag of romantic gift ideas, such as foot massages, games for couples in love, books, chocolates, or whatever your partner loves and cherishes.

5. Bring your romance “treasure chest.” When my husband and I travel together, he always packs a goody bag of candles, matches, massage oil, and other things we enjoy on our romantic nights together. Your romance treasure chest will help you get and stay intimate on Valentine’s Day.

I also think it’s important to keep attracting your spouse. Just because you’re married doesn’t mean you can stop wooing her!

6. Exercise together. This may not seem like a great tip for a romantic Valentine’s Day getaway, but exercising can connect you to your lover in a whole new way! I love doing yoga DVDs with my husband because it’s fun, motivating, and sexy to sweat and get fit as a couple. There are many ways to exercise on your honeymoon in Maui, such as running on the beach, taking surfing lessons, snorkeling, or scuba diving.

7. Stay healthy – enjoy everything in moderation. Eating or drinking too much, getting too much sun, staying out too late, and overdoing the best parts of your Maui vacation can detract from the purpose of your getaway: love, romance, and connectedness. Drink lots of water, eat lots of healthy fruit and vegetables, don’t drink too much alcohol, get lots of sleep…keep your mind and body healthy.

8. Go to a luau, and take hula dancing lessons together. What’s a Valentine’s Day getaway without a luau? Don’t forget to take hula dancing lessons together — on stage, if you dare! It’s fun and of course you’ll feel goofy up there, but it’s one of those things you’ll never forget you did together.

9. Listen to the whales – don’t just whale watch. I spent some time on the Kaanapali beach today, right outside our Maui condo, and discovered that I could hear the whales when my head was under the water! That was amazing – and it would be such a romantic thing to experience with my hubby (who missed it). The whales are circling Maui in January, February, and March — so if you’re planning a Valentine’s Day getaway, you won’t miss them.

10. My favorite tip for a Valentine’s Day getaway in Maui: talk about ways to show your love. My husband and I didn’t do this on our honeymoon in St Maarten, but I wish we had. It would’ve been so romantic and practical! Take a list of ways to say “I love you” with you, and talk about what works and what doesn’t work for you. For instance, you may find it romantic if your spouse slips a love note in with your lunch…but your spouse may not see it as a loving gesture. Learn how your partner feels and expresses love — it’ll strengthen your relationship for years to come.

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If you have any tips for romantic Valentine’s getaways in Maui or elsewhere, please share below…

1 thought on “Valentine’s Day Getaway – 10 Tips for a Romantic Maui Vacation”

  1. My most romantic trip with my husband was Costa Rica. My least was Waikiki, Oahu. No — my least romantic trip was Turkey and Israel! That was a huge adventure, but not romantic.

    I’ve never traveled with my husband on Valentine’s Day, mostly because I don’t really like that day. I think it’s too commercial – I think every day should be Valentine’s Day!

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