How to Trust Your Husband

One of the questions I’m often asked: “I don’t trust my husband. Do I stay married or get a divorce?” These tips for wives who don’t trust their husbands might help you move forward in your life.

Tips for Wives Who Don’t Trust Their HusbandsIn I Love You But I Don’t Trust You: The Complete Guide to Restoring Trust in Your Relationship, Mira Kirshenbaum describes restore trust in your marriage, regardless of how it was damaged. You’ll learn how trust and healing go hand-in-hand, and discover how to feel secure with each other again.

These tips are inspired by a reader who doesn’t trust her husband. “I’m a 22 year old with three children and recently found out I am expecting my fourth,” says D. on Why Men Cheat. “My husband and I have been together for five years. We have had many situations with women. Everything he has done I have caught him doing, he never admitted anything. The past year has went well and he seemed truly sorry. We blame it on age and the fast commitment of my first pregnancy. But in the past month or two, some of the same issues have come up again. I’m not sure what to do. We’ve had every problem you can think of. Recently he has been checking out other women, leaving without mentioning where he is going or when he’ll return. I don’t know what to do or how to approach him. Every time I try to talk to him, it blows up into a huge fight. I’m lost and wondering if I should even stay with him because I don’t trust him?”

If you know you could never trust your husband, read How to Support Yourself Financially After a Breakup.

Tips for Wives Who Don’t Trust Their Husbands

I can’t give specific marriage advice because I’m not a marriage counselor and I don’t know your situation. But, I can give you some general tips on trust, marriage, and divorce…

Figure out why you don’t trust your husband

Is your gut is telling you that he’s fooling around, gambling your money away, or can’t be trusted? Your gut is probably right. We pick up on things subconsciously, and we ignore our gut feelings because we don’t want to be right. It’s easier to bury our heads in the sand and hope and pretend that things are fine.

If you don’t know why you don’t trust your husband, you may find Is Your Husband Lying About Cheating? 4 Ways to Tell helpful.

If you know you don’t trust him because he cheated in the past and the same signs are turning up, then you have to decide what kind of life you want to live.

Be truthful about the life you want for yourself – and your children

We only have one life to live, my friends. We have the power to choose how we want to live, where we want to live, and why we want to live. Yes, it’s difficult. Yes, it’s hard to divorce a man after years of marriage – especially when you have children with him.

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how to trust your husband
Tips for Wives Who Don’t Trust Their Husbands

Take a deep breath, and imagine how you want your life to be in one year. Do you want to be in this marriage, with this man you don’t trust? If not, it’s time to start taking steps towards separation and divorce. Do you want to be married to him, but you want him to change? Abandon that hope right now! It’s unrealistic and will harm you.

Also, think about what it’s doing to your children to stay in a home where mom doesn’t trust dad. They pick up on these things, even if you’re not arguing in front of them.

Should you divorce a man you don’t trust?

In Leave Your Cheating Husband, or Stay Married? A Surprising Answer, marriage coach Mort Fertel describes why it’s better to stay married in some situations. His advice does not apply to marriages in which husbands cheat over and over. But, he has some good insights into why some wives should re-learn to trust their husbands after a betrayal.

One of the best ways to rebuild trust in your husband is to go for couples counseling together. Get objective feedback on your style of communication and marriage, and use the tools your counselor provides. Don’t keep flailing around on your own; get help!

What do you think – do you have any tips for wives who don’t trust their husbands? If you’d like to share your story, I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below. I can’t offer personal marriage advice — but often it helps just to write out your feelings and experiences.

My prayer is that you find trust in your marriage, and rebuild your relationship with your husband. May you find peace and joy in your life.

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