A True Love Test – 7 Habits of Happy Couples

Checking off these habits of healthy couples will help you figure out if you’re really and truly in love. It’s a “true love test” with practical signs of happy habits and strong love.

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Happy couples don’t necessarily need a “true love test” to determine if their relationship will last, but a quiz like this can shed light on their interactions and personalities. What I love about this test for true love is that it consists of actual habits of healthy couples, which can help you show your love and connection.

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A True Love Test – 7 Habits of Happy Couples

This “true love test” consists of seven habits of happy couples, to help new partners interact in healthy ways and prepare them for a good, long relationship together.

Create Healthy Habits From the Beginning

One of the most important habits for couples in new relationships is to “start as they mean to go.” That is, happy couples create healthy ways of interacting from the very beginning, and deliberately seek to keep interacting in positive, loving ways. The key is to find the healthiest ways to interact as a couple. For instance, taking love tests isn’t necessarily a habit of happy couples, but checking in with each other daily is.

Enjoy Multiple Shared Interests

Happy couples share common interests in their relationship, such as belonging to a softball team, volunteering together at a residence for seniors, or experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen.

Common interests that both partners enjoy encourage positive communication and fun, and strengthen their sense of connection.

Aren’t Lonely in the Relationship

This is one of the most important tests of true love! If neither partner feels alone or lonely in the relationship, they’re much more likely to make their love last. Feelings of loneliness can occur if one partner works all the time or refuses to discuss “heart” topics, such as feelings, thoughts, and even hopes for the future.

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Maintain a Sense of Individual Autonomy

Though spending time on mutual interests is important in relationships, so is maintaining a strong sense of self-identity. Each partner must have his or her own life, separate from life as a couple. A new couple can test true love by incorporating shared activities and individual interests, and noticing if both partners are still happy and fulfilled.

Let Go of Hurt Feelings

Some couples in new relationships forgive and forget hurts immediately, while others hold on to them. What is one of the best ways to create a happy, healthy, long-term love relationship? Let go of the pain a partner has caused (if the partner has sincerely apologized).

Avoid Love and Relationship Stereotypes From Television

true love test

A True Love Test – 7 Habits of Happy Couples

New couples may be caught up in romantic fairy tale love, and not realize that real relationships go through three stages of love. To create true love that lasts, avoid comparing real-life relationships with the stereotypical images of love and couples in television shows.

Have “Relationship Friends” – Not Just Individual Friends

People in new relationships may not have had the chance to make friends with other couples and create strong “relationship friends.” But, interacting with other couples who have shared interests can help ground a new couple in their relationship and give them a healthy, fun outlet for activities with other people. This isn’t really a test for true love – it’s a sign of a happy couple!

Don’t lose hope in a new love relationship if these seven qualities of happy couples aren’t present! Healthy love like this can be created and nurtured, if both partners are willing.

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Source of this test for true love: The 100 Simple Secrets of Great Relationships by David Niven.

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2 thoughts on “A True Love Test – 7 Habits of Happy Couples”

  1. Thanks for your thoughts, Kelly. It sounds like you and your husband parted amicably, without alot of drama or fighting! That’s good. It also sounds like you still miss him, though. Sometimes that’s what true love is: an enduring love that never goes away, even if you haven’t heard from him in years.

  2. I found that in the time that I was married that there should be some common interest yet I don’t feel that it should hang on that notion.There’s an expression “opposite attracts” my ex-husband was heavily into sports,he was into dirt bike riding,he was into hanging with his buddies.I couldn’t care less about those things yet what time we did have in ourselves was common interest.The fact that there was trust that we got along on the most part was very good.We worked so didn’t spend loads of time together we had to be apart a good portion of the day.I didn’t have a problem with that . It came to me one day that he just wanted out of the marriage.I talked in depth with him it wasn’t that he was cheating or seeing a gal on the side he just missed his independence after 10 years.We didn’t own a house lived in a small rancher that was leased, he took his things I took mine.It was hard for the divorce as nothing terrible had happened between us we weren’t fighting.He was a good man it’s just he wanted to be single again. after 10 years marriage. He has moved out of state haven’t heard from him in 3 years.