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How to Stop Obsessing About What Happened

You know you’re wasting time and energy, but you don’t know how to stop. Obsessing about what happened in the past is more common than you think – but don’t worry! I have three steps that will help you let go of what’s behind you. I spent the last two days updating and revising How to Let Go of Someone […]

How to Stop Obsessing About What Happened

How to Forget Someone

How to Forget Someone – A Lesson in Deadheading

The hard truth is that you’ll never learn how to forget someone completely. The good news is that you CAN deadhead the past and make room for fresh new growth in your life. Deadheading is life-giving in gardening. It may sound harsh and deathly, but it actually brings life and fresh growth to a plant. To deadhead a “spent” plant is […]

How to Say Goodbye

These ways to say goodbye will help you end a relationship with grace, love, and kindness – whether you need tips on how to say goodbye to someone you’re still in love with or someone you work with (or both!). A symbol of your relationship – a goodbye gift – is often a good way to end your time with […]

How to Say Goodbye

Cant Let Go of the Past

When You Can’t Let Go of the Past

What do you do when you’re stuck and can’t seem to move on? Here’s what to do when you can’t let go of the past – whether it’s a relationship, job, person, or even a pet – inspired by the Parable of the Serene Queen. In The Myths of Happiness: What Should Make You Happy, but Doesn’t, What Shouldn’t Make You […]

How to Forget About Your Ex

Inspired by a love parable and a reader’s comment, these five tips on how to forget about your ex will help you move on. You’ll also learn why it’s so hard to forget your ex – even when you know your relationship was unhealthy and even toxic. In How to Let Go of Someone You Love, I share 75 things […]

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Can God Heal You After a Break Up

Can God Heal You After a Break Up? How Spirituality Helps

If you tried everything to heal after a break up, maybe it’s time to turn to God. Here’s how spirituality will heal your broken heart and revive your life after the end of a relationship. God offers freedom, strength, hope, and healing – but you need to spend time with Him. A devotional such as Jesus Calling: Devotional Journal will give […]