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7 Easy Ways to Be Romantic

My husband found an easy way to be more romantic at home, and it melts my heart every time. The simple way he shows love is number one on my list of romance tips below — which can help couples of all ages be romantic!

These love tips are great for sweethearts who want to say “I love you” to new boyfriends or girlfriends, or for spouses who’ve been married for years (like my husband and I).

“I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you,” says poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning. “I love you not only for what you have made of yourself, but for what you are making of me. I love you for the part of me that you bring out.”

A simple way to be romantic is to write the above quotation on a piece of paper, and slip it into your partner’s pocket, purse, lunch, or briefcase. Just a little bit of poetry and a note to say “I love you” can work magic.

1. E-mail your spouse photos of your last vacation together

Every month or so, my husband sends me a different photo of me and him on vacation, and I love it! The photos remind me of our travels – Italy, Israel, Turkey, Austria – and show me that he’s thinking of me when he’s at work. It’s easy and effective way to say “I love you”; just paste or upload a photo in the body of an e-mail, say a few words about the trip or what you love about your partner, and hit “send.” Voila!

2. Remember Rumi’s quote “Let there be spaces in your togetherness”

It’s important and healthy to have your own life, separate from your boyfriend or girlfriend. Give your partner space to pursue his or her own interests, and take that time to do what you love. For instance, I volunteer at our local library every Saturday afternoon, in part to give my husband time to be home alone. That’s one way I show my love, by offering space and room to breathe.

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3. Ask questions about the “little” things

The more connected women feel to their men, the more loving and intimate they’ll be. One simple way to be romantic is to ask about your girlfriend or wife’s day – but take it a step further! Follow up on something specific that’s been happening in her office or job, or with her health. Ask how her mom is doing, or how her new exercise routine is going. Be curious about the little things in her (or his) life.

4. Listen carefully to your sweetheart

An easy way to show your love is to listen when your partner talks. According to Gary Neuman, author of The Truth About Cheating, men cheat because of emotional disconnection from their partners. To stay connected, think about what your partner is saying, and respond with questions or observations. If your partner prefers you to just listen, then do that. Building a better marriage or love relationship is about giving your spouse what he or she needs.

5. Compliment your partner in front of others

When my husband says he’s proud of me or mentions my achievements to other people, I feel very loved and cherished. Don’t save your compliments for your private moments — show your love for your partner by expressing what you love about him or her in front of others.

6. Do the dishes or other household chores your spouse avoids

I love, love, love when my husband does the dishes or makes the bed – and he does both daily! It may not seem all that romantic, but trust me…it makes me all warm and squishy inside. A simple way to be romantic is do things that he doesn’t want or like to do: darn socks, clean out the fridge, organize the junk drawer, iron his shirts.

7. Ask your partner how she or he most feels loved

The traditional romance tips, such as giving flowers or chocolate or going out for an expensive meal, don’t work for everyone. To show your love, learn what makes your spouse happy. For instance, if she’s an introvert and you’re an extrovert, learn how relationships can work for introverts and extroverts in love. If your partner feels loved when you give a foot massage, then grab her feet more often!

Here’s another way to be romantic – perhaps not easy or simple, though – plan a Valentine’s Day Getaway to Maui.

If you have any thoughts or questions on these easy ways to be romantic, please comment below…

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1 thought on “7 Easy Ways to Be Romantic”

  1. The best way to be romantic is to find out your lover’s definition of “romance” – and remember that it changes over time! I didn’t used to like to get flowers from my husband, but now I do. I changed.

    Give your spouse room to change and grow.

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