How to Know When to Give Up on Your Boyfriend

These three big signs you should give up on your boyfriend will help you see it’s time to stop wasting your time on a guy who doesn’t care about you, and start honoring and valuing yourself for who you are.

If you’re asking if you should give up on your boyfriend, then I think you already know the answer. You deserve better, don’t you?

Here’s what a reader said on my article about lending boyfriends money: “My boyfriend keeps asking me to lend him money. The first time I loaned him $50, then $120, and then $50 again. Now he wants to borrow $200. He says it’s to pay his rent, but I don’t believe him. I don’t think our relationship is going anywhere. Should I give up on him? What about the money I lent him, will I get it back?”

I don’t know if this boyfriend will repay his loan – did she ask him to sign a promissory note? Even a text message that says, “Hey, when will you pay back the $200 you borrowed?” and a reply from him that confirms the loan will back the claim that he owes his girlfriend money.

Watching People’s Court, I’ve learned that many, many women do many, many, MANY things for their boyfriends out of “love” when they should instead be asking this question: Should I give up on my boyfriend because he takes and takes and takes without giving anything back?

How to Know When You Should Give Up on Your Boyfriend

There are many signs of a bad relationship, but if both partners are willing to make an effort, then love can save the day! These signs you should give up on “love” are for women whose boyfriends aren’t willing to make the effort.

Your gut tells you something is wrong

This is the first and most important sign that you should give up on the relationship. If your Spidey senses are tingling and you know your relationship isn’t right, then you need to pay attention to yourself. Stay true to you! Be strong, courageous, and smart.

I already know you’re a strong, smart, brave woman because you had the chutzpah to click on an article called “Should I Give Up on My Boyfriend?” It’s really hard to accept that your relationship isn’t working, and that you have to disconnect, detach, and derail. It’s heartbreaking to let go of someone you love, to break up with someone you’ve been intimate with. It sucks, it hurts, and it’s also embarrassing.

But, it’s better to give up on your boyfriend than keep lying to yourself.

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Your boyfriend mistreats you

It breaks my heart that my most popular articles are often about abusive relationships. I’m astounded by how many men walk all over and even abuse their girlfriends and wives. It’s terrible – and these are only a few hundred women on this Quips and Tips blog! Can you imagine how many women in the world are being badly hurt by men, who we never hear from?

If your boyfriend is treating you badly – and that can range from breaking promises to hitting you – then you need to stop asking “Should I leave my boyfriend”, and start reading articles about finding the strength to end  your relationship.

You feel alone in your relationship

when to give up on boyfriendAre you and your boyfriend a team? Do you love and trust each other? Is he willing to work on his issues and the problems you have as a couple? Does he talk to you about how he feels and what he thinks? Is he honest, dependable, and emotionally available?

Give up on your boyfriend if you feel alone or emotionally disconnected – and if he isn’t willing to try to improve your relationship. Give up if you’re tired of doing all the work, and getting nothing in return. Give up if you know in your heart you don’t want to be in the same place next year, wrestling with the same problems, lies, and disappointments.

How does it feel to give up on something – whether it’s a relationship, school, job, pet, or family member? Sometimes it’s a free-ing experience, and other times it’s painful beyond belief.

Read How to Let Go of Someone You Love.

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.” – William Shakespeare. Where will you direct your destiny?


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