How to Propose to Your Boyfriend – Feel the Fear and Ask Anyway

These tips on proposing to your boyfriend will help you say the most romantic, scary words on earth: “Will you marry me?” If I wanted to propose to my husband when he was my boyfriend, I’d do something fun and funny. Nothing elaborate or expensive – but sort of a lighter, more entertaining equivalent of an engagement ring. “We are […]

6 Ways to Solve Problems in Your Relationship

Solving problems in your relationship depends on the type of problems you’re having and how willing you both are to working them out. These tips for reconnecting with your spouse or partner can help you repair your relationship quickly and easily — but you have to remember that building a happy, healthy love relationship takes time, energy, and commitment. I’m reading […]

What is Relationship Closure? Healing Without a Goodbye

Here’s what relationship closure is and why it’s so important, plus tips for healing and moving on after an unexpected loss or breakup. On one of my articles about breaking up (I’ve written many and many of them), a reader asked How to Get Over a Broken Heart when there isn’t relationship closure. She sees her boyfriend at work every day, and asked […]

What to Say to End a Relationship

Breaking up is hard, but you can say good-bye with love and compassion. Here’s what to say to end a relationship, and how to say it’s over to someone you care about. If you’re anxious or overwhelmed at the thought of telling someone you love that it’s over, read Dump ‘Em: How to Break Up with Anyone from Your Best Friend […]

6 Tips for Making Up and Getting Back With Your Ex

Repairing your relationship may not be as difficult as you think, especially if you’re sincerely saying “I want my ex back!” These tips for making up with your ex will bring you closer together. If you believe getting your ex back isn’t as simple as an apology, read How To Get Your Ex Back – A Step By Step Guide To […]

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy – 10 Expert Tips

Here, the creator of Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy describes how emotionally focused therapy works. These “love laws” are both practical and romantic, and can help you build a better marriage. Dr Sue Johnson is the author of Hold Me Tight: 7 Conversations for a Lifetime of Love. She focuses on creating the strong bonds in love, and calls her work emotionally focused therapy (EFT). “Do […]