When You Feel Like Nobody Loves You

Even the most popular people think “nobody loves me” – so you’re not alone! It’s normal and human to feel like nobody loves you or wants you around.

I’m writing this for people who think nobody likes or loves them, because I’ve gone through the nobody loves me stage many, many times. I was in three foster homes growing up, and my sister has stopped talking to me. I have no family, except for two cousins who aren’t interested in hanging out and a mom who struggles with a severe mental illness. None of my friends, coworkers, or classmates every comment on my blog posts – even when I post them all over Facebook and their email inbox!

Yes, I sometimes feel like nobody loves me. Even the people who are SUPPOSED to love me (ie, my family), don’t! It’s an awful feeling.

What to Do When Nobody Loves You

The first and most important thing is to learn how to love yourself. If you don’t feel good about who you are – or even like yourself – then it’ll be even more difficult to know what to do when it feels like nobody in the world loves you.

Think of one person who does love you

When you get the “nobody loves me” blues, make a list of the people you know love you. For instance, I know my mom loves me…even though she can’t express it the same was a “real” mom. She didn’t come to my wedding – I’ve been married for almost nine years, and she’s never met my husband.

My sister didn’t come to my wedding, either. I’ve only met my dad a couple times, and he never calls, visits, or even emails. But I know my husband loves me, my two closest friends love me, and my mother-in-law loves me. I wish I had more people who love me, but I’ll take what I can get!

Try showing love to other people

Sometimes I think the best way to cope with the nobody loves me blues is to start showing love to the people in my life. Even if they don’t love me back, I think I should act in loving ways to them.

This means calling or emailing them even if they never call or email me, doing nice things for them, and supporting them. That way, I can go to bed at night knowing that I did the best I could to be a kind, loving person in this world. I believe that the more loving and kind I am, the more loving and kind people will be to me.

Learn why people hurt us

I’m writing this article about feeling like nobody loves you, and I’m thinking of people who are abused by the ones they love. Are you being physically or emotionally hurt by someone who says they love you? Read Why We Hurt the Ones We Love.

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Ask yourself if it’s really true that nobody loves you

Byron Katie is one of my favourite authors; she encourages us to figure out what’s REALLY true.

nobody loves meIs it really true that nobody loves me? No, it’s not true. I know my sister loves me, even though she won’t speak to me. I don’t know if my dad loves me…I’m sure he does, in his own way. Maybe. Actually, I don’t think he does love me. But I can’t expect everyone to love me. So I forgive him for not loving me.

Think about your relationship with God

I strongly, deeply believe in God and Jesus Christ – and I know I am strongly, deeply loved even when I feel like nobody loves me. I believe God made me for a purpose, and I believe you are reading this blog post for a reason. It’s not an accident that you are here — on my blog, and on this earth. How do you feel about God? Sometimes, even if it is 100% true that nobody on this planet loves you, I hope you can tap into the eternal love of God. He loves you more than you know.

Why are you singing the nobody loves me blues? Maybe you’ll feel better if you write about it, here or in your own journal. I can’t offer advice, but you may find it helpful to express your feelings.


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