Dr Oz’s Marriage Stress Test

Dr Oz’s marriage stress test involves 20 questions for couples, related to physical and emotional health. Dr Oz gives this test to married couples, and says men and women experience stress – and marriage – differently.

To learn how men and women experience stress differently, read Why Mars and Venus Collide: Improving Relationships by Understanding How Men and Women Cope Differently with Stress by John Gray. Even if you’re not a fan of the “mars and venus” idea, you’ll learn more about marriage stress from the book.

“Couples in stressful marriages are less healthy than couples in happy marriages,” says Dr Oz. “An unhappy marriage can be as bad for your health as smoking.”

Couples in unhappy marriages get sick more often, and are more prone to sickness, high blood pressure, heart disease, and other illnesses. So, if you’re married or in a serious relationship, it’s in your best interests to deal with marriage stress as soon as possible.

After you take this stress test, make sure you find creative ways to reduce relationship stress, so you can relax into your marriage.

Dr Oz’s Marriage Stress Test

Every marriage has its challenges, but stress in your marriage may be affecting more than just your relationship. New studies have revealed that couples in stressful marriages are physically less healthy than couples in happy marriages. According to this research, unhappy couples have compromised immune systems, higher blood pressure and faster heart rates than their happy counterparts. Even more alarming, they could be at an increased risk for heart disease, arthritis and cancer.

The following stress test is comprised of questions that will help you assess your emotional and physical health. Your answers will help you determine the amount of stress in your marriage.

If you already know you’re in a stressful marriage, read my article on creative ways to reduce relationship stress.

20 Questions for Married Couples

  1. When you’re upset with your partner, do you eat more?
  2. Is your blood pressure worse than when you first got married?
  3. Do you keep your innermost secrets from your partner?
  4. Do you prefer to be with other people than alone with your partner?
  5. Do you and your partner fight about money more than 3 times a week?
  6. Do you constantly get colds, and get cuts and scrapes that take a long time to heal?
  7. When you feel there is a problem in your marriage (stress), do you usually keep it to yourself?
  8. Are you embarrassed for your children to see how you treat each other?
  9. Do you resent how much you have to do in your relationship?
  10. Do you feel lonely in your relationship?
  11. Do you lie awake at night worrying about your marriage?
  12. Are you relieved when your partner leaves home?
  13. Since you’ve been married, have you gained a significant amount of belly fat?
  14. Do you wish you could communicate more openly with your partner?
  15. Do you feel like you don’t get enough praise or credit from your partner?
  16. Do you have more cavities than usual?
  17. Do you keep your innermost secrets from your partner?
  18. Are you getting more headaches and stomachaches than usual?
  19. Do you feel dissatisfied with your sex life?
  20. Do you fantasize about divorce or separation?

Add up the number of times you answered “Yes.” If you have more than five “yes’s”, then you have a high stress marriage. Anything above 8 is high stress – and you owe it to yourself to get help.

About Marriage Stress:

  • Some stress in marriage is normal.
  • Men and women express stress differently.
  • Talk about what is going on in your marriage – don’t just assume you know.

Are you stressed about your finances? Read How to Cope With Money Stress in Marriage.

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May you learn to lean on God for strength, peace, and wisdom. May you and your partner turn to your Creator together, as partners and as a team. May you be united in your vision and hopes for your future, and may all your plans include your Creator. Blessings on you and your partner!

I welcome your thoughts on Dr Oz’s marriage stress test below. I can’t give advice on dealing with marriage stress, but it might help you to write about your situation. Sometimes writing brings hope and clarity.


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