5 Sex Tips for Women With Ulcerative Colitis

These intimacy and sex tips are for women who have an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) such as ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s, and who want more intimacy in their romantic relationship. I’m not a marriage therapist or a gastroenterology expert – but I am a woman with ulcerative colitis and a sexy […]

sex intimacy tips ulcerative colitis

5 Tips for Coping With a Surprise Pregnancy

How to Cope With a Surprise Pregnancy

These tips for coping with a surprise pregnancy are inspired by a 43 year old reader. She commented on my article about having a baby in your 40s – and her experience will help you see you’re not alone. When going through a personal struggle, there’s no better help than […]

Why Women Are Addicted to Love

Women are more likely to be addicted to love than men – it’s in our brain chemistry and wiring. A lot of it has to do with good sex – it is actually addictive to women because of how it affects our brains. “The work of Dr Daniel Amen in […]

women love addiction

How to Improve a Bad Relationship

How to Improve a Bad Relationship

Saying “We need to talk” to your partner isn’t fun or productive. Here’s how to improve a bad relationship without talking about it – these tips may help you fall in love all over again. One of the most popular relationship improvement books on Amazon is How to Improve Your […]

How to Know When You’re in Love

If you’re asking “How do I know if I’m in love?”, you’ll find an answer here. These thoughts on love will help you figure out if you’re in love or if you need to keep looking for the right person. Love is both simple and complicated, comforting and scary. On my […]

how to know when you're in love

How to Get Your Husband to Want You Again

Your husband looks at other women, online and in person. Here’s how to get him to want you again – and it’s not about increasing your sex appeal, losing weight or being a more attractive woman. In Passionate Marriage: Keeping Love and Intimacy Alive in Committed Relationships, Dr David Schnarch […]

Will You Love Me If I Gain Weight?

Weight gain can break up a relationship. Here’s how to cope with your boyfriend’s disappointing answer to the question, “Will you love me if I’m overweight?” These tips are inspired by a reader’s comment about love and weight gain on 10 Signs of a Bad Relationship: “My fiance and I […]

What if My New Relationship Doesn’t Work Out?

Love is risky, and the only guarantee you’ll be happy is if you accept the fact that your new relationship may not work out. Here’s how. These tips are inspired by a comment from a woman who is cheating on her husband, and scared her new relationship won’t work out… […]