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Men, Women, and Money – 11 Different Ways of Seeing Money

Do wives view money in terms of relationships, and do husbands use money to keep score? Yes, according to these differences in the way husbands and wives handle money! Knowing how men and women approach personal finance can strengthen your marriage — especially if you often fight about money…

Here’s what Lois Frankel says about money and women in Nice Girls Don’t Get Rich: 75 Avoidable Mistakes Women Make with Money.

“What gets women in trouble when it comes to getting and keeping the job they want or accumulating the portfolio they need to live financially independent lives is the tendency to act like the “nice girls” they were taught to be in childhood, as opposed to acting like intelligent, capable, deserving adult women.

Nice Girls Don’t Get Rich is  a fantastic resource for wives who want to learn more about budgets, bills, and brokers in their marriage. So is What Every Woman Should Know About Her Husband’s Money. And, here are Lois Frankel’s 11 differences in the way men and women handle money…Read More »Men, Women, and Money – 11 Different Ways of Seeing Money